Some gems from Cong Motormouths

via K Vijayan published on August 16, 2011

Yesterday (16-8-11) was really something else. The Visual Media out-performed itself, and one would almost think that they are pro-Indian, Indian-owned, Nationalistic, Patriotic channels. For one thing Barqah the Bad Woman was missing. Wise move. For another, all the Usual Anchors were hurling awkward questions and practically Ragging the Government-side spokesmen/neuters, and allowing Opposition views to be heard without butting in or fading out.

“One of our friend” who is a Teevee insider, tried to tell us that in their personal lives most of these anchors and commentators were pro-Hinduthva, but due to pay-check & perks compulsions they posed like anti-nationals. We told him to go suck an egg – an unfertilised mechanised poultry farm one. Well we do have all sympathy for prostitutes, and will vote for any State Measure to rehabilitate them, but we certainly will not vote to legalise the profession.
A famous writer of bull-crap, the Learned Soli J Sorabji, ex Addl Solicitor General or something, came out with a real Legal Gem in defence of the Sircar. About the Anna Hazare arrest and after he said “The BJP would have acted in the same way had they been in power.”
Real Application of the legal Mind. Not at all irrelevant, immaterial, incompetent in the context. (Not our own – Erle Stanley Gardner’s.) Perhaps he might have gone on to Advise us that the BJP would have done the same Looting Nuclearly, Howitzerly, CWGically and Spectrally, and that justifies Sonia corruption.

The post-Mainmoona-Radiated Begum Glow-ball Phenomenon.

The other Gem was from the mouth (as far as we could make out) of the elephant-bottomed, Pink Panty-distributing lady (who also sells Russian Guns (or tries to), Renuka Chowdery. She says she is afraid that “undesirable elements” in Anna Hazare’s Crowd will try to create “disturbances”.

Like her Congressmen of old who set Sikhs on fire in Connaught Place? Or those Congress Mohammedans who set fire to a train load of Hindu Karsevaks in Godhra? Or that lone Jihadi Congress ex MPee, (Jaffrey?) who fired on a crowd and got his arse burned off in exchange? Or the Kashmiri Stone-pelters, and their Merciful Elders who killed three lakh Hindus, and hoist Pakistani flags on I-day? Or like today’s very desirable Dilli Police and Sheila Dig-shitted authorities who switched off the Power Supply to the Chattersal Stadium after dark, and after railroading thousands of men women and children into it?

Is she a wee timorous, cow’ring rat or another Stupid Cong C…, like Ambika Pedda-pottu Soni?

Neither Sonia’s Number Two, nor Imbecile Son have dared face the Parliament these last few days.

And NO ONE is heard blaming Sonia even after Tsunami upon Tsunami of Corruption has swept over the Parliament. Honest Injun Manmohan too has blamed everything and every one else which made us Tweak this Olde Poem into an Incredible India Commemoratory Verse for I-day 2011:

The Incredible Manmo bird
Manmo is a funny bird, Who sits in Dilli grass,
With his wings neatly folded, And his beak up his ass.
In this strange position, He can only say, “pissed!”
‘Cause it’s hard to name “Sonia” With a beak full of shit.

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