Social Injustice & Backwardness By Reservations

via B.R. Haran published on December 15, 2006

In the last 1000 years of the pre-independence era, our country was under the siege of Muslim Invaders for 700 years and British rulers for 300 years. While the Muslim invaders destroyed the “Gurukul” system of education & the “Guru Sishya Parampara”, the British brought in the “McCauley” system of education with a motive of imposing the English culture, tradition & language on us, with distorted & deliberate misinterpretation of our history. After independence, the learned & knowledgeable fore fathers of our nation debated & deliberated for long hours and framed our Constitution, with a sole aim of “eradication of poverty & casteism”.


The reservation system was recommended by the constituent assembly only for a limited period, that too only for the depressed classes namely Schedule Castes & Scheduled Tribes. Probably, those learned souls might have anticipated a situation like the present scenario and hence opted for a limit of 10 years, while emphasizing the importance of strengthening the primary & secondary level education and merit based system, which alone could have made the dream of development come true. But unfortunately, the successive governments have forgotten the spirit & objective of our forefathers and indulged in extending the reservation benefits to many other castes & communities, apart from increasing the quotas. Many regional politicians played spoil sport in order to project themselves as the champions of social justice & secularism. The various state governments also played havoc within their capacities, in spoiling the system, then & there. While all the Prime Ministers, from Nehru to Rajiv, have been advocating the importance of merit and limitations of reservation, the selfish V.P.Singh struck the first blow through the ‘Mandal Commission’, which saw hundreds & thousands of students taking to the streets, some even attempting to set themselves ablaze.


Moreover, in the present system, we can come across instances of communities with similar living styles having different names in different states resulting in different categorization. Also this system does not have any protection for economically poor sections of the society irrespective of castes. It helps & facilitates only the economically sound OBCs & MBCs to usurp the benefits of the poor & weaker sections, thereby depriving of their opportunities. The political class, whose only aim is to remain powerful, adopts the two pronged strategy, one keeping the primary education inaccessible to the rural masses and the other showing them the reservation benefits. If the poor & downtrodden get the basic education, they will start questioning the politicians and throw them out of power. So, in order to remain in power and at the same time keeping their vote banks in tact, these politicians use this ‘carrot & stick’ policy, exploiting the innocence of the marginalized sections.


The inference we derive from the practice of the present system so far is that, neither the country nor the intended people were benefited. If the SCs, STs & the MBCs are still in the same status, even after five decades, then it clearly shows that there is something seriously wrong with the system. If the political class is really worried about the social discrimination and truly has the intention of uplifting the oppressed classes, then they should take steps at the basic & primary levels of education apart from developing the educational infra structures & facilities in the village & rural areas. But sadly, their intentions are different as evidenced by their unwillingness to make a study & review the efficacy of the system practiced so far.


The present UPA government led by the Congress Party has thrown the opinions & values of its predecessors from Nehru to Rajiv and followed the footsteps of Spoiler V.P.Singh. The Human Destructions Minister Arjun Singh, as per the instructions of his ‘alien’ boss, had come out with the 27% OBC reservation policy to divide the Hindu society along caste lines. This not withstanding, the government is contemplating to have exclusive reservations for entire Muslims & Dhalit Christians, which is yet another objective of dividing the society on religious lines. The government is also planning to bring in reservations in private sector, so that, the development of the country takes a big beating. LJP President Ram Vilas Paswan, who is also a minister, has come out with a super plan of congregating the Muslims & Dalits together under one roof, in the name of social justice, with a sole aim of separating the Dalits from the Hindu fold, for his selfish benefits. We are at a scenario, where in, the OBCs are craving for more than 27% and if the government brings in Muslims & Dhalit Christians also within the ambit of the same 27%, then the country will be in chaos witnessing riots & arson.


The fact that the Courts of Law have been approached many times and the parliament has amended the Constitution equal number of times, itself shows that the system is flawed. Now, at present, the Judiciary has asked the government some inconvenient & embarrassing questions with regards to the promotion of SCs & STs in public sector, 27% reservations for OBCs in higher education, 50% limit, creamy layer issue, 9th schedule’s validity, etc. In this backdrop, the parliament has passed the OBC quota bill yesterday, which has made December 14, 2006 as a “black day” in the history of education in India. The entire political class had come together and assassinated ‘merit’ & murdered ‘democracy’. We have to congratulate the only Biju Janatha Dal MP, who was ‘man’ enough to protest against 27% reservations in the parliament. Despite the suggestion of the parliament committee to do away with the ‘creamy layer’, and without heeding to the amendment on Minority Institutions, as suggested by the BJP, the parliament had passed the OBC quota bill. One wonders the strategy behind passing the bill in a hurry, when the matter is ‘subjudice’. As things stand, the SC is expected to give a verdict against the government and the government is in turn expected to amend the constitution, under the presumption that the Constitution has not specified any sections as ‘non-amendable’. Moreover, since the validity of the 9th schedule is also under question, the Supreme Court may strike the bill as unconstitutional on the grounds that the bill had affected the ‘basic structure’ of the Constitution, and in such a scenario, what would be the future course of action from the government? When the government can constitute a committee (Rajinder Sachar) exclusively to find out the present status of a particular community, why can’t it constitute another committee to take a survey & make a review on the efficacy of the reservation system so far, based on which, a new reservation policy could be framed for the benefit of the society irrespective of caste & creed?


Now the “Youth For Equality” movement has started its protests and it will certainly spread through out the nation and the Human Resources Destruction Minister will watch everything gleefully as he has achieved his objective of dividing the society on caste lines. December 14 should be mourned & observed as the “Merit Burial Day” every year in future. In the last two and a half years, the Useless Pathetic Alliance government led by a Super Prime Minister, who is not officially & Constitutionally accountable or responsible, has resorted to all sorts of anarchic actions, which are going to prove disastrous for the entire Nation. Nowhere in the world, one foreign individual, followed by a big bunch of spineless creatures & sycophants and supported by another bunch of double standard hypocrites, could take a country to ransom & destruction.


May God save this Nation!                                                                         


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