Singur exposes chameleons, Crocodiles & Vultures!

via B.R. Haran published on December 28, 2006

No one can deny the fact that both agriculture & industrialization are necessary for the development of a Nation, apart from education, health and other aspects. The concept of having “Special Economic Zones”, shortly termed as SEZs, is certainly a good move, which is going to pay a lot of dividends in the long run. But, while procuring lands for the establishment of the SEZs, the concerned governments should apply their mind with utmost sincerity & responsibility in respect of redress & rehabilitation of the concerned landowners. The opposition should also approach the issue of SEZs with an open mind, so that, the government is tempted to arrive at a consensus across the negotiating table.


The “Singur” issue has brought in to focus the importance of political consensus when it comes to developmental projects. It is said that the 900 odd acres given to Tatas are fertile land and even without the help of rains the lands can yield three varieties of crops twice a year. It is also said that, with the proposed ‘small car’ plant, Tatas can generate excellent employment opportunities, apart from increasing the soundness of the state’s economy. Hence, the people expect a sort of sincerity & responsibility from both the government & the opposition, in terms of negotiations with regards to the establishment of the car factory and the rehabilitation of the farmers. As against the expectation of the people, both the government & the opposition, which have played ugly political games & dramas, did not approach the issue properly. While no one can doubt the yeomen service rendered by the Tatas for the development of our country, Ratan Tata’s remarks that Mamata Bannerjee’s Trinamool congress has yielded to the nefarious designs of his competitors to scuttle the project, is unfortunate. Also the response from the central government & the Prime Minister in this issue is naïve & pathetic and Signora Sonia is as usual keeping mum, as the issue involves her ‘outside’, or rather ‘outright’, supporter, the Communists. However, the issue has exposed & brought to the limelight, the “Double Standards” of the three main ‘anti national’ groups.




The anti national attitude of the communists is well known to us, since the time of freedom movement. After the independence, the communists have got different yardsticks for the states ruled by them, vis-à-vis, the states ruled by opposition parties. With their ‘unionist’ mindset, they always create problems in opposition ruled states by scuttling the developmental projects through laborers’ unrest or farmers’ riot. But in West Bengal, they are alleged to have grabbed the lands of farmers by force and still they have not rehabilitated them properly. They are also behaving like capitalists, without showing any concern on the democratic protests being carried out by Mamata Bannerjee. They have not shown the willingness to come to the negotiating table.




In our country, we have a group of anti national gangsters in the name of NGOs, Human Rights Groups & self-styled social activists, who are supported by certain 5-star activists like Medha Patkar, Arundhati Roy, Aruna Roy, etc. These people have the habit of scuttling any kind of developmental projects undertaken by only the BJP / NDA ruled states. The steel industry projects of Orissa and the Narmada & Sardar Sarovar projects of Gujarat & Madhya Pradesh are best examples for that. These people are backed & funded by foreign agencies, with the sole aim of de-Hinduising our Nation and that is why they concentrate only on BJP / NDA ruled states. These organizations & people, who have played havoc in the above said projects, have just not bothered to go to Singur & serve for the causes of Singur farmers, only because of the fact that Communists rule West Bengal




We are aware of the fact that more than 90% of the media houses (both electronic & press) are anti Hindu & anti National and we have also seen their biased approach & reporting, on the various developmental projects undertaken by the BJP / NDA ruled states. These ‘left’ oriented media houses always have the habit of running behind NGOs & activists like Medhas & Arundhatis and glorify their protests, there by creating a bad impression in the minds of the general public about the BJP / NDA ruled states. But with regards to Singur issue, the media has totally ignored the interests of farmers and indulges in ridiculing the actions of Mamata Bannerjee & the support, which BJP extends to her.


As far as we are concerned, let us hope that the issue is settled amicably for the benefits of both Tatas & the displaced farmers, at the earliest. However, the Singur deadlock has clearly exposed the “double standards” of the three anti national groups. First, the capitalist intentions of the communists in a state ruled by them; second, the attitude of the so-called human welfare groups (NGOs) & self styled 5-star activists like Medha Patkar & Arundhati Roy, who have not bothered about the farmers of West Bengal; and third, the hypocrisy of left-oriented media. If the same Tatas were given the same measure of lands, say in Gujarat or MP or Orissa, all the above said groups would have been up in arms, hammer & tongue, against the concerned state governments trying their might to scuttle the project. If the people of this country understand this ‘double standard’ of the communists, activists & the media, it will do a lot of good for the country.

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