SIMI recruting female terrorists

via HK Correspondent published on June 5, 2006

The history of Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) is written with blood, terror, riots and violence. The stories behind SIMI is tragic and rarely known. Ideologically, SIMI believes in establishing a Dar-Ul-Islam in India. Mass agitation, violence, terrorism, bombing, riots, bus burning, and kidnapping are some of the strategies employed by SIMI to intimidate and coerce the public. Alarmed by the violence and terrorist techniques, Government of India banned SIMI few years ago. With the escalation of Pakistani influence in India under the present Congress government at the Center and Marxist state government, SIMI has emerged as powerful force in India.


Intelligence Agencies in Kerala has reported that SIMI is now recruiting Muslim females and sending them to Pakistan and Bangladesh for Jihadi terrorism training. Muhamed Amir Shakil, who was hiding from police has been traveling across Kerala and freely recruiting Muslim youths for Jihadi terrorism training in Bangladesh and Pakistan according to Central Bureau of Investigation.


SIMI has been recruiting female Muslims for several reasons. Women seem to have several advantageous over men when it comes to carrying out terrorist attack. Women are less likely to be suspected of engaging in terrorist activities. Moreover, they are more effective at persuading security guards and women can also carry more explosives on their person by carrying them around their waist which can give the appearance of being pregnant. Also, male guards are less likely to submit Muslim women to rigorous body searches. Thus, women are generally more likely evade suspicion or detection compared to men. Because of this, they can pose even greater danger.


SIMI’s recent plan also underlies, something that the government already knows but don’t always focus on. Female Muslims are recruited for Jihadi terrorism not because they believe they will be granted entrance to paradise because Allah will reward them with beautiful virgins, but because of their commitment for the Jihadi ideology.This is a religious war, and bombings are being carefully planned as a part of Jihad war. Even though most Jihadi terrorists are men, SIMI is increasing recruiting of women. Women have also been participating on a strategic level, planning and facilitating a large number of attacks. Recently Abdul Nasser Madani’s wife was involved in the passenger bus burning in Kochi. She was questioned and detained. The state police was reluctant to prosecute her for political reasons. The police predicts that the number of women engaging in such terrorist activities will increase significantly.


SIMI has planted specially trained Muslim females in women’s welfare organizations, Human Rights groups, state government agencies and other voluntary organizations. In Malappuram district several specially trained Jihadi Muslim female teachers are working as teachers in government and private schools. State and central police and intelligence agencies are alarmed over the increased activities of SIMI in Kerala. A thorough investigation is on the way to find their recruitment strategies and funding stream and training locations

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