Silence is not always golden

via HK Correspondent published on May 28, 2006

Either the Hindus are being too timid or they don’t wish to rattle their brains on things that don’t hurt them personally. I wouldn’t personally call them ignorant. Some varied and unclear history makes the Hindus not want to see what they don’t wish to comprehend. But then aren’t we all like that. We don’t wish to study or realize the apparent dangers looming ahead of us until we are personally hurt by it,


The month that went by and the months preceding it has brought about so many incidents of direct and indirect attacks on Hindus. But sadly there seems to be no reaction from the public. The quota protest can just be seen as a panic reaction by the professionals on their education being degraded.


The Pope being the highest representative of a country had the audacity to comment on the internal politics and laws of India. We will not call it a cry of protest from a religious head as his comments were made when an official representation was being made by the ambassador of India. This is not the first time it has happened. The earlier pope on a state visit to India stood on Indian soil and openly called for all out conversions. Then the Hindus kept quite. Now also we keep quite.


For years the Sangh parivar has being crying foul over the ethnic cleansing in J&K. It was always set aside as communal frenzy. Last month over 32 people were killed in J&K, The Hindus didn’t respond and kept quite. When the congress rally was attacked, the media flashed gory pictures. The congress workers were up in arms. The PM has made loud statements to tighten security, The Hindus are keeping quite.


Ever since inception the Sangh parivar has been calling for equality of citizens and for the removal of caste based reservations. It has continuously attacked the minority politics played by the congress, The Hindus kept quite. The Hindu kept quite when its own family has been split into splinter groups on caste basis. It kept quite when a wedge has been put into the Sangh’s work to unite the Hindus. The over all Hindu community kept quite and watched. As the quota agitation spreads across India by the medicos, the Hindus are quite. The government is now proposing the quota system in the private sector too. The government is also offering sops to industries for setting up industries in areas where OBC’s are residing, not realizing the negative threat of caste based community areas being demographically created inside India,


The government has started splitting the Hindus and using the lure of reservations has started terming communities as minorities. When it is very clear that the Kashmiri pundits were driven out of Kashmir, the government has gone ahead and declared them a minority in India giving a clear signal that they will never return to the valley again. They has also declared the Jains as minority, next it will the Buddhists. The Hindus will keep quite,


Protests against the Hussain drawings, the fire and girl friend movie has all been called zealous Hindu propaganda. But protests by the Catholics saw the government actually bend its knees and offer the clergy a free show to decide if the movie can be released or not. Hindus have been most quite on the issue,

Violence against RSS workers started the day it was confirmed that the communists would come to power in Kerala. When senior functionary Sunil Kumar was killed in on the street in day light the Hindus simply chose to ignore it. The congress government has chosen to ignore the intelligence reports on terrorist activities in the state. They are yet to bring out the Marad Commission report as there are senior politicians involved. Lot of news about explosives being seized in the northern part of Kerala is also being totally ignored by the Hindus. They are silent again. When the Sankaracharya was insulted and arrested the Hindus simply kept quiet except for a few usual suspects. At the same time the representatives of these very Hindus cut across party lines and passed a legislation asking for the release of a culprit accused in the Coimbatore blasts and whose life threatening speeches and cassettes are widely available in Kerala


The recent violence supported by political parties and ideology in India and China saw the change of the Hindu state of Nepal to a false secular state. The Maoists have been threat for India at all times. They have become all powerful and unstoppable after the present UPA government came to power with communist support. The congress has become handicapped by its love for power and cannot react against the Maoist violence. Again the Hindus are mute spectators.


A recent court order allows Christian priests and nuns to enter the judicial system as lawyers. These are the very people who have taken oath to serve Jesus and to work to spread his word. What effects this will have on our system and the society in general is yet to seen. The Hindus are sitting on the fence and waiting. Imagine what would have been the debate if the Sabarimala tantri or the high priest of the Gurvayoor temple was to take the law profession. We would have had the secular Hindus crying foul!


When the Banerjee report was brought out, secular Indians celebrated a fake moral victory against their so called enemy Narendra Modi. The decision and the report was hailed as the protector of the innocent Muslims and minorities of Gujarat and India. The Hindu kept quite and watched as the drama unfolded and the Godhra train burning incident was called an accident. Today, the Interpol has issued a red corner notice around the world to arrest the culprits of the Godhra tragedy. As the Hindus watch silently the UPA government has clearly caught them napping.


As we keep watching silently without reacting the anti-Hindu forces are slowly building a huge tidal wave that will completely destroy the Hindu race once and for all. The Semitic religions have understood they have no other way to demolish this religion that has withstood the test of time and countless attacks. Their countless attacks have made the Hindu men mere silent weaklings. And now is the time to attack, a complete attack on the Hindus, economically, morally, socially and religiously.


Question is can we fight and withstand it or shall we die silently? It’s better to die on your feet rather than live on your knees.

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