Shenanigans of Girish Karnad

published on November 12, 2012

I was shocked at the vituperative tirade and disgustingly ignoble attacks in Mumbai the other day by Playwright Girish Karnad on learned Nobel Laureate V.S. Naipal for being anti-Muslim and tone deaf.

His assertion that the Islamic period of Indian history was rich and glorious period is based on false assumptions. It is devoid of factual data, motivated by a malicious design to obscure and falsify Indian history, mislead public opinion, and is just a preposterous nonsense.

In reality, the Islamic period of Indian History was a very dark and dismal period so far as the Hindus are concerned. It was a period of resistance, suffering and suffocation for Hindus. Islamic vandalism was so stark in its evil, so barbarian in its nature and so enormous in its magnitude that it demands eternal condemnation. Mr. V.S. Naipal has rendered a yeomen service to Hindu Samaj and deserves our kudos for telling the truth and enlightening us about the murder and mayhem perpetrated by uncivilized brutes on hapless Hindus.

For the information of readers and Mr. Girish Karnad, I give below some factual accounts of savagery and barbarism provided by Islamic/British chroniclers.

Babur was a beast. He used to derive sadistic pleasure by watching heads of slaughtered Hindus. “I ordered that a tower of Hindu heads be set up on the ground.” (Babur Nama, translated into English by A.S. Beveridge, p. 370)

Akbar was the slaughterer of Hindus. Jahangir, whose earlier name was Salim, wrote in his autobiography “Tarikh-i-Salim Shahi” that under Akbar and Jahangir “five to six hundred thousand (500,000 to 600,000) Hindus were killed.” (Tarikh-i-Salim: Trans. By Price, pp. 225-6).

In relation to Akbar’s conquest in Chittor (Rajputana), Abul Fazl recorded that “following Akbar’s order, eight thousand Rajput warriors were first disarmed and then slain and along with them forty thousand peasants were also slain.” (The Islamic treatment of PoW, Surah 8, Ayat 67, the Quran) (Akbarnama by Abul Fazl translated into English by H. Beveridge)

Abbas Khan Sherwani in his chronicle Tarikh-i-Farishtah recorded: “The Hindoos were pursued and slain by (Muslim) allies with such success, that the river was dyed red with their blood. It is computed by the best authorities, that above one hundred thousand (100,000) infidels were slain during the action and in pursuit.”

It is a well-known historical fact that during the Jahangir’s rule in India, our fifth Guru Arjun Dev was made to sit on a hot iron plate. Hot sand was poured over his body. Our tenth Guru Gobind Singh`s two young sons were bricked alive by Islamists. Many Sikh saints were sawed alive. Guru Teg Bahadur Sahib was put into a cage and his head was chopped off because he refused to convert to Islam.

In recent history, the Indian Muslims were responsible for the partition of our Motherland in 1947. Muslims forced Hindus to cede Sind, West Punjab, Balochistan, North West Frontier and East Pakistan. They gleefully warned Hindus: “Has ke Liya Hi Pakistan, Ladke Lenge Hindustan.” After the creation of Pakistan, a reign of loot, murder, rape and terror was unleashed against Hindus and Sikhs. Muslims drove out 10 million Hindus from Pakistan. Thus, they reduced the Hindu population in Pakistan from 23% in 1947 to 1% now. In Bangladesh the, Hindu population was reduced from 35-40% in 1947 to 8-9% now.

After consolidating their position, the Muslims turned their eyes on Kashmir. They tortured Hindu to such an extent that more than 400,000 Hindus fled their homes and hearths there. Now, the Muslims want to get rid of Hindus living in Jammu also.

In 1971, more than 3 million people were killed in Bangladesh, out of which 80% were Hindus. More than 30 million Bangladeshi Muslims have already illegally infiltrated into India. Muslim population in Assam is increasing with leaps and bounds. The situation has reached alarming proportions, and soon a Kashmir-like situation could arise there too.

Mr. Karnad seems to be a totally disingenuous and biased person. A feeling has crept in my mind that the guy is either suffering from cognitive disorder or from Stockholm syndrome – a tragic psychological phenomenon in which the hostages express empathy and have a positive feeling towards their captors.

In face of such a voluminous and irrefutable evidence about the Islamic brutalities, Mr. Karnad has an audacity to state that Islamic period of Indian history was rich and glorious. Before putting his foot in his mouth, Mr. Karnad should have acquainted himself with the true History of India. By his idiosyncratic behavior, he has lowered his stature, exposed his abysmal knowledge about history and made himself a laughing stock in the eyes of all learned people.

Narain Katraria
Indian American Intellectuals Forum

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