Shanti Comes From Shakti

via Dr. Babu Suseelan published on July 25, 2007

As a people, Hindus are indoctrinated to be passive, tolerant, fair-minded,subdued, pluralistic and spiritual, As Hindus, we pride ourselves on our acceptance of pacifism, religious tolerance, Sarva Dharma Samabhava,Vasudeiva Kudumbakham and the concept “all religions are the same”.


It is our central laboratory, the primary testing ground for much of what we call reality. As the reality of the outside world has become increasingly complex and hostile to Hindus, we are still fascinated with the unreality of illusion, denial, avoidance, apathy, unrealistic expectations, irrational defense mechanism, pacifism, tolerance, and political correction, that is virtually psychopathic.


The Hindu leaders are proud of their unhealthy fascination with pacifism,appeasement and avoidance and they are pleased to hide behind a thick wall of denial. They refused to admit dangers posed by enemies from within and without. The ultra intolerant Islamofascists, Communists, missionary soul snatchers and subversive agents are posing a real threat for the survival of Hindus. They trash at us for our naiveté, pacifism, tolerance and pluralistic values. Our children are indoctrinated with the pseudo-secular-communist credos from crib to college. They are conditioned that anti-Hindu leaders must triumph our Hindutva.


The biggest threats facing Hindus are the rise of Jihadi terrorism and coercive religious conversion. Our secular leaders encourage tolerance for Jihadis precisely at the same time many Imams from the “religion of peace” were assailing Hindu infidels.


From Kerala to Kashmir extreme Hindu hatred has grown disturbingly pervasive. The press has a morbid fascination for Hindu hatred. Hindus are marked by an off-the charts level of venom, a scandalous parade of mistaken assumptions, an endless font of suspicion, mistrust and the promulgation of outright, wilful lies. The viciousness of commentary of Hindus is breathtaking.


The venomous left, the intellectual mafia, jihadi terrorists, the conversion gang and the pseudo secularists have ratcheted up their attacks upon the fabric of society unlike anything in the past. Like the pit vipers that they are, they’re injecting their poison into the backbone of Hindu society.


For centuries, Christian missionaries have tripped over one another to convert Hindus-they are still running the show in India. It is about power, dominance, and intolerance. The evangelists do not stop with religious conversion, however. They are increasingly involved in politics, subversive activities with potentially catastrophic consequences in areas at risk.


The crisis Hindus face is so severe and Hindus must think the unthinkable and move beyond the kind of traditional denial, appeasement, tolerance, apathy, indifference and appeasement policy that has failed us miserably up to now in our battle against organized fanatic  and fundamentalist groups with totalitarian, rigid and closed systems  and divisive ideologies.


For too long Hindus have lived in a cage where Sarva Dharma Bhava, pacifism,and tolerance are expressed. Hindu tolerance of intolerance is actually a reflection of our loss of clarity, our tolerance of virtually everything and our “anything goes” attitude is not a mark of healthy tolerance, it’s a mark of the degradation of our ability to judge anything.


How this can occur in otherwise well-educated and intelligent people? This can only be understood through analyzing our mental aberrations.  Criticism of parochial, fanatic, totalitarian and divisive ideologies of Islam, Christianity and Communism is anathema for Hindus. Such evasion, denial and avoidance would erode our liberties and jeopardize our hard-won freedom. Given the growing concerns, it is time for Hindus to re-evaluate the balance between Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava and the collective security of our country, our culture and our freedom.  As more clear thinking Hindus embrace the savage truth about this disorder of denial, irrational tolerance, apathy, appeasement and indifference, we may see the complete demise of denial, the failed ideals of tolerance and appeasement finally assigned to history’s dustbin.


Hindus are reminded of the words of George Orwell “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”  It is time for Hindus to come out of the sleep, break the wall of denial, and awaken to the reality that our country is being compromised from without and within. Can India be saved? Can Hindus be  freed from the mental slavery?  If we fail to act and pursue a strong, assertive Hindutva, we will fail to exist as a cultural entity.


A few of the impediments standing in the way for a new Hindutva include the inherent inability to confront our enemies. Our good intentions and noble ideologies of tolerance and appeasement are not good enough. The pseudo secular political leaders and intellectual mafia are out of touch with reality, out of touch with the heart and soul of the Hindus. By refusing to admit and fight against fanatic, totalitarian and dangerous ideologies, our political leaders nourish and encourage it. Indeed, the greatest threat to Hindus today is the political secularism-and selfish opportunism of the political parties. They are ideologically inclined toward appeasement,toward dismissing or understating threats.


The lessons of history are clear: we cannot hide behind a wall of denial, we cannot negotiate with destructive, fanatic ideologies, we cannot sweet-talk it. We cannot compromise with it. We can only defeat it, or it will defeat us. But blurring the lines of good and evil, spiritual culture and fanatic ideology, our secular leaders have rendered our society more vulnerable to evil influence of Jihadi terrorists, missionary soul snatchers and Communist trouble makers.


Hindus are increasingly ill equipped to recognize, much less respond to,evil forces that threaten us. The anti Hindu intellectual mafia has become the “gate keepers” of Hindu minds. Their ideology of appeasement and political corrections, and bogus secularism has corrupted our ideology, language and thought.  They have overhauled our ideas, language, words and phrases that hinder Hindus in dealing with reality. Ordinary Hindus, however, are largely indifferent to, or ignorant of, this intellectual tendency that threaten the very survival of Hindus. For secular politicians, political corrections is a way of avoiding, ignoring or acknowledging real issues that threatens the very survival of Hindus. Mindless universalism, pacifism, denial, avoidance, phony secularism and political corrections have completely changed thinking of Hindus and emasculated Hindu language and manners, and have reduced us incapable of any collective action against hostile groups and their fanatic ideologies. If Hindus may not or will not notice the negative-hostile characteristics of our enemies, their rigid ideologies or evil intention, then how could Hindus defend themselves from hostile groups?


Hindus must realize that all faith systems, ideologies or lifestyle are not equal. Our “Sarva Dharma Bhava”, pacifism, denial, apathy and mindless tolerance has a deep flaw, which probably renders pacifist Hindu mindset unstable. The fundamental flaw is that the concept “all religions are the same”, “Sarva Dharma Same Bhava” is premised on falsehoods about human nature and divisive, closed, totalitarian faiths that promote hostility and conflict. One should not entertain the idea that “all religions are the same” when there is something terribly sick in dogmatic ideologies that permanently divide people and determined to vanquish or exterminate unbelievers. The dogmatic and morally aberrant ideologies have the infinite capacity to inflict harm to Hindu society.


Hindus must do all that they can to survive. India needs Hindus. The world need the universal philosophy of Hinduism. Hindus are living proof that the dark forces of dogmatic faiths and totalitarian ideologies didn’t win. Our history has taught us that if we stand together as a people, we will not die but live. We need a message of unity and strength. Our history also teaches that physical survival is not enough. Hindus need to be proactive with the manner at which we achieve the desired outcomes. Our defences should not hamper our offensive abilities. We must be on the offensive regardless of world opinion. If we continue to tolerate on a belief that we can achieve peace , harmony and coexistence with rigid, hostile ideologies and fundamentalist faiths, we will not achieve anything.


The best way for Hindus to achieve peace and tranquillity in this dangerous world is to remain strong. Who desires peace and liberty should be strong and must be willing to fight for the noble cause. To be prepared for fight is one of the effective means of preserving freedom, peace and progress. If we desire to avoid insult, we must be strong enough to repel it, if we desire to secure our sacred heritage and freedom, we must always be strong and be vigilant against hostile groups and even willing to fight against intolerant groups. As Horace says “ In peace, as a wise man, he should makesuitable preparation for war”. Always remember “Shanti Comes From Shakti”.

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