Shabari Dham to become a Centre for pilgrimage in the country

via VSK - Gujrat published on February 13, 2006

Inauguration of the much discussed first Vanvasi Shabari Kumbh took place in the afternoon around 4’o clock on the 10th Feb, at the hands at of P. P. Satyamitranand Maharaj Giri. Present on this auspicious occasion where Pujya Asaramji Bapu, Pujya Morari Bapu, Hon. Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendrabhai Modi etc


The opening session commenced with the invocation of the “Ishta Devatas” by the Vanavasis brothers. The 5 Dangi Rajas were on the dias while various types of tribal dances, songs and crafts proved to be great attractions of this session.


In his inaugural address Shri Jagdeoram Uraon, All India President of Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram, Clarified the background of the Shabari Kumbh, Threee years back Swami Asimananda – thought of it but it was P. Morari Bapu who made its announcment. This is getting transformed into reality today. Shri Uraonji emphatically told that the Vanvasis are an integral part of Hindus. This will be clear message of the Kumbh.


During his speech P. Shri Satyamitranandji Giri Maharaj told that it is a great crime to alter somebody’s religion. It is not good thing to fall a pray to allurations from others and to get converted to other religion. Through their propaganda they are blaming us of religious aggression. This kumbh should lend wisdom to such people. Apart from religious awakening each village should have a school and a gymnasium. Even today, requirements of the Vanvasis in their life are very few. This itself is a thing to be learnt. It is necessary that the society should be ready to guard itself. Let the tribals gain strength and become powerful so that nobody could play with their religion. It is essential that we bring about that stage. Kumbh will render adequate help. It is our duty to spread the message of the Shabari Kumbh from village to village.


Following this, when the Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Narendrabhai Modi rose to speak, there was a big applause by the crowd. The intellectuals normally do not tend to trust the words of saints, but the Shabari Kumbh is exemplifying their words. Their mantras have adopted the tantra and the Shabari Kumbh came into being. As the Chief Minister, I am most delighted since this is Gujarat’s tourism year which began with the Shabari Kumbh. This Shabari Dham will become a place of pilgrimage for the whole nation and each of the Vanvasis would aspire to visit the Shabari Dham. This will bring about all round development of Dang district. The world will start appreciating and will develop attraction for tribal arts their valor and their Dharma. This is not only a religious ceremony but it is likely to give a different turn to the entire event. The kumbh has come up to respect the sentiments of the hither to deprived, neglected part of the society. This kumbh offers a glimpse of radiant Bharat. There after, in his typical style Shri Narendrabhai took his opponents to task. He said the well planned propaganda carried out against Shabari Kumbh by Shri Arjunsigh, the congress party and those who are out to blemish the culture of this country through the use of foreign aids, have actually greatly benefited the Shabari Kumbh, Perhaps it may not have been possible for the Shabari Kumbh Samiti to carry out such a propaganda so much as has been done by these people. Conversion is considered as a crime as per the constitution of India, but when I say that, people want to hold me in the docks.


It is the duty of the state Government to honour the constitution and we are very well carrying it out. Even Mahatma Gandhi has opposed convertion, but, he said, the trouble with the opponents actually is something different. Because of the Kumbh, the vanvasis will cling to Ram and Ram is their life; but these sons of Lord Mecaulay do not wish to recognize this glaring history. The Shabari Kumbh Samiti has brought the urban people in contact with the vanvasis. The Shabari Kumbh Samiti deserves to be commended. Some people consider that only their religion is the greatest, but it is only Hindu Dharma which preaches respect for all and hence is the greatest. Through the Shabari Kumbh we have started our journey towards Ram Rajya.


P. Morari Bapu said during his speech that the declaration made three years ago was not by any person or an organization but is was by all those on the dias hence it brought this magnanimous Kumbh into being. The poverty, illiteracy and helplessness of vavasis was exploited to convert them, but now the berries of Shabari have brought all of them together. Shabari Kumbh represents happiness. When words get translated into action, they produce greater effect. Good effects come out, and Shabari Kumbh itself is one such.


Shri Shambhunathji Maharaj of Janzarka Gujarat, said that it is a great crime to deprive one of his religion, trust, and belief. The subsequent discourse of Pujya Asaram Bapu was greatly applauded. During his more than an hour long speech he reminded people of the glorious history of the Hindu Dharma and criticized heavily the practice of conversions by the Christians. Finally he welcomed the Shabari Kumbh. 

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