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Sevabharathi Thiruvananthapuram was started in 1982 under the leadership of Dr.Prasannamoorthy and was inaugurated by Kerala Governor Sri.P Ramachandran . Sevabharathi has spread the services to a wide range of sectors – Health,Rural upliftment,Bala-balika sadan,stayhomnes,hostels,Tribal upliftment,Education,medical camps,Blood donation,Ambulance service,self Help Groups,Deaf school,Onam Sadya,Annadaanam,…the service never ends

Ananthashayi and Poornasree

The Ananthashayi Balasadanam for Boys and the Poornasri Balasadanam for Girls are two shelter homes that have been functioning under the auspices of Sevabharathi. Children who have lost their parents, and those who have been denied a proper education on account of financial constraints find sanctuary in these homes. There are about forty children in the Ananthashayi Balasadanam at Kaithamukku and about twenty children in the Poornasri Balasadanam near the Sreekanteswaram temple.

Mookambika School for the Deaf and Mute

A special school for deaf and mute children has been set up by Sevabharathi on a sprawling two acre location at Narasimhapuri near the Thiruvallam Parasurama Temple. The school is dedicated to the aurally handicapped children and those with speech disorders and seeks to integrate them into the societal mainstream.

Sevabharathi Balasamskara Kendram

The Sevabharathi Balasamskara Kendram at Muttathara is a school that has been set up for children from socially and economically backward classes, who are deprived of a proper education. Hundreds of children have gained access to free education in the school till date. The school that was started in 1984 has become a self-sufficient structure in a matter of twenty five years.

Ananthakripa Sevagriham

Thiruvananthapuram city is home to several hospitals and medical centers like the Trivandrum Medical College, The Regional Cancer Centre and The Sree Chitra Medical Centre. Sevabharathi has organized several programs for the impoverished patients who visit these medical centers from different parts of the state. Accommodation for patients and their kin and free food have been made available at Ananthakripa Sevagriham that functions near Trivandrum Medical College. The institution has today turned out to be a blessing for hundreds of destitute people in the state who come to Thiruvananthapuram, seeking medical aid.

Annadaanam Mahaadaanam

The free food program for patients and relatives has been termed Annadaanam Mahaadaanam. Around 2000 people from different parts of the state who come to the Medical College complex are provided food every day, as part of this humanitarian program. It is with great pride that we proclaim that we have been able to provide wholesome food every single day for the past SEVEN years

Raktadaanam Jeevadaanam

Raktadaanam Jeevadaanam is a voluntary blood donation program set up by Sevabharathi. Efforts are made to update the list of volunteers periodically and to enroll new donors to the pool by conducting group determination camps in the suburbs of the city

Ambulance Service

Two ambulances have been made available for the public by Sevabharathi. The ambulance service has made significant contributions, be it the natural calamities like the Tsunami of 2004 or major religious gatherings like pongalas at Attukal & Karikkakam Temples to name a few. Special care is taken to maintain a subsidized rate for all those who avail the service
Sevabharathi Thiruvananthapuram

Medical Camps

Sevabharathi often organizes Medical Camps in slums and tribal settlements that have proved to be a boon to people who would not be able to afford quality health care. A team of dedicated doctors visit these backward areas and conduct free medical checkups regularly and provide medicines as part of these programs.

Agasthya Balasamskara Kendram

The Agasthya Balasamskara Kendram has been developed by Sevabharathi at the Agastya Forest to offer a helping hand to the tribals who have been struggling with poverty, illness and a lack of proper education. The Sreekrishna Balasamskara Kendram serves as a primary education centre to about one hundred and twenty five children from about eighteen settlements around it, where midday meals are also provided to students. Enthusiastic young teachers from across the state have made the jungle their home and have committed their lives to the betterment of these unfortunate children. Sevabharathi aims to bring in the light of education into their lives thereby enabling them to join the rest of the society as self-sufficient individuals, all the while ensuring that their glorious culture is faithfully preserved.
Sevabharathi Thiruvananthapuram

Medical Guidance

Medical Guidance Centre has been set up by Sevabharathi at Kappil Lane on the Chalakkuzhi Road near Medical College. The centre that is open twenty four hours a day provides aid and guidance to patients who come to Thiruvananthapuram from distant places.

Ananthasree Womens Hostel

The Ananthasree Womens Hostel provides accommodation for women who stay in Thiruvananthapuram for educational and occupational purposes. This hostel that is currently run by a group of dutiful women, is located in the Ananthapuram Bank building near the Sree Varaham temple. A secure stay in a homely atmosphere is what the hostel offers.

Self-help Societies

Hundreds of self-help societies under Sevabharathi help to find solutions to unemployment and offer financial support to small scale industries. Small scale production units, Handicraft centers, Sale Centers and Savings initiatives come under the purview of these self-help societies. Scores of despondent people all over the state have benefited from these organizations

Thiruvona Sadya

Every year, as Kerala celebrates Thiru Onam, Sevabharathi organizes a Thiruvona Sadya for the patients and their bystanders at Trivandrum Medical College. Sevabharathis Thiruvona Sadya becomes especially significant since all shops and restaurants remain closed on Thiru Onam day and when all keralites have Sadya with their families, our selfless members toil in the midday sun to make his brethren happy.

Attukal Pongala

Special arrangements for devotees of Attukal Amma, who reach the capital city to offer Pongala at the Attukal Temple, are made by Sevabharathi every year .Ten Medical centers are set up along the whole radius of the pongala, fully equipped with emergency drugs and with twelve ambulances in service we are easily the major provider of healthcare that day for all the devotees.

Environment Conservation Programs

Sevabharathi sees environmental conservation as a serious issue and has organized several programs to build awareness among people regarding this matter of grave concern. In addition to planting saplings, the organization has of late, extended its activities to more diverse areas as the preservation of medicinal plants, horticulture, livestock farming and pisciculture, to mention a few.

Future Programs

Health care expenses have sky rocketed in recent times and the divide between the rich and poor have widened the underprivileged are finding it extremely difficult to access standard healthcare and medications. With this in mind Sevabharathi has embarked on a dream project to set up a drug bank .No life should be lost due to poverty  and the drug bank aims to provide free drugs to the ones who really deserve a helping hand

How can you contribute?

Initiation of friends, relatives or other dedicated personnel to any of the programs mentioned above

Creative contributions to the programs through proposals and suggestions

Physical and mental involvement and input to the programs

Provision of knowledge and technical skills in the service sector to any of the programs mentioned above

 Donations to any of the programs mentioned above Cheques/Demand Drafts to Sevabharathi are to be sent to the following address:

Sevabharathi, Thiruvananthapuram
Kappil Lane, Medical College

For further details, feel free to contact: 0471 – 2448593

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