Secularism or Sickularism ?

published on January 26, 2010

Why ‘Secularism’? They say, “We need to be a tolerant society with no discrimination on grounds of religion. State should not interfere in the affairs of religion! Religion and state are separate! “.

All right, have a look at the list please

Bharat Mata painted nude by M.F. Hussain,
Ethnic cleansing of around 500000 ‘Kashmiri’ pundits from the valley,
Article 370 of our constitution,
Reservations to minorities (All are equal but some are more equal than others),
No common civil code,
Government’s control and interference in only temple affairs (not mosque or church),
Ram is a Myth but not Allah and Jesus,
an attempt to erase ‘Ram Sethu’.
Hold On! By the by, did you know that Undivided ‘Bharat’ was partitioned into ‘Islamic’ Pakistan but only ‘Secular’ India?

The effect “ today ‘Secular’ India has 160 Million Muslims next only to Indonesia (200) and Pak (170). Some may interrupt here to say that Jinnah created politics and that Indian Muslims are good by nature. Bet you put on an Indo-Pak cricket match and start blaming Pakistan openly in front of the ‘Good’ Indian Muslim.
The ‘Good’ Indian Muslim –
will not accept a uniform civil code,
will ask subsidies to Haj yatra,
will make all the possible hurdles in ‘Amarnath yatra’ or ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’ processions every year
will ask the president or PM to speedily implement the ‘Sachaar’ committee report.

Poor Hindus do they know what in the world that report is?

 In layman’s terms it says that only Muslims are the poor and need help though you may find countless Hindu beggars outside temples and on railway platforms. Remember our weak PM roaring like a lion, “Muslims have the first right in the country’s resources.”

Does the Indian Muslim identify himself with Gori, Ghazini, Sultans and Mughals? Yes or No? I fear they do, pray they don’t!

Well ‘Ram Mandir’ at Ayodhya is still pending because of Babur’s Babri. 

Indian Muslims protest when Israel attacks Palestine and not when there is a ‘Hamas’ missile strike on Israel.

An exhibition on ‘Aurangazeb and his atrocities’ conducted at Chennai (2008) had to be withdrawn because of some local Muslim Goons who found noble virtues in him.

Cricketer Mohd. Azharuddin on the match fixing issue said that he was targeted because he is a Muslim. What about Ajay Jadeja then?

We might have heard to Shabana Azmi or Omar Abdullah. Judge yourself. No need to mention the separatists.

In a nut shell – Is ‘Haj’ holier than ‘India’ to an Indian Muslim?

Is India becoming Christian nation (if not Islamic!) with the mask of ‘Secularism’?

Even ‘Secular’ Gandhiji talked only on Hindu  Muslim unity. He even had a constant suspicion in the motives of the Christian missionaries. Today, though Christians claim to be only 2-3 % of the Indian population, one suspects the figures.

Many of my own Christian friends write their religion as ‘Hindu’ while applying for public sector jobs. Someone said he does it so as to claim the SC/ST benefits like application free of cost.

A Cross had replaced ‘Bharat’ Mata in the Two rupee coin minted in 2005. This was withdrawn later but today seems to take its place in the proposed Ten rupee coin!

No need to repeat that though minorities Christians have an immense authority in governance viz, Ambika Soni, A.K. Antony, Antonia Maino (Sonia) “ the Italian empress of India & Late Andhra CM Samuel Reddy.

 There is Mourning in India after the demise of the former Pope of Vatican.  A foreign Pope would interfere in India’s affairs in the name of protecting Christians.

Is ‘Jerusalem’ holier than ‘India’ to an Indian Christian?

If this cannot be precisely answered then there is a pinprick somewhere.
Be it Godhra or Kandhammal the root cause of ‘Communalism’ is ‘Secularism’.

 ‘Secularism’ is so elastic that we have today a list of poster boys of ‘Secularism’ viz.

Manmohan Singh, Sonia, Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, Laloo, Mulayam Singh, Amar Singh, Azharuddin, Deve Gowda, Ram Vilas Paswan, Somnath Chaterjee, Naveen Patnaik, Chiranjeevi & Vijayakanth. The list is endless. Even Afzal Guru and Kasab are becoming Secular in the eyes of public, thanks to Human rights activists and ‘Secularism’.

Naturally the other side RSS, VHP and BJP are called communal by the ‘Secular’ English media. Is there any connection between ‘Secularism’ and ecosystem?

News reads that cows are illegally carried from India to the slaughterhouses of Pakistan and Bangladesh in the late night through the borders. The ‘Secular’ media would focus day and night on whether the terrorist Kasab has been fed with Basmati rice at Jail. It won’t care about a cow being slaughtered. What a pity?

This makes sense and justice only when people know the real face of ‘Secularism’ that they dismiss the ‘Secularists’ as ‘Sickularists’ and find a solution to the problems ‘Bharat’ is facing. 

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