Secular Viruses in India

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on September 3, 2009

Phony secularists act like mind viruses. They are deliberately selected and planted and behave in our society like a virus does in a body. They are all around us. They infect, they reproduce and they can even have vectors. These bogus secular viruses have been successful in mutating for several years, and successful at reproducing and spreading because it is artfully and skillfully alters our society.
What accounts for the wild success of these secular viruses? Every country has a center of gravity that is the key element. In India’s case Hindutva is the key element, the center of gravity. The key Hindutva elements determine how the citizens of India mature, live, and develop their beliefs. These are the focal point secular viruses are asked to attack. These secular viruses are carefully selected, nurtured and planted to destroy the country from within. Their goal is to attack and control the mind of Hindus. The secular viruses shape the mind and control their direction. Why control the mind and control their direction? The secular perverts can lead Hindus down a pathway to hell.
Our enemies are skillful and cunning. They intend to destroy the country from within. The secular deviants are required to destroy our political philosophy, our future and our future generations. How? By controlling the influential people and planting secular deviants in influential positions. To shape and misdirect Hindus, secular virus are planted in the media. Most people absorb what they know about life from the media these days. The media paints the picture for all Hindus to see. These secular viruses are trained to distort truth, spin and concoct, distort and influence using the public forums such as newspapers, television, internet, and radio. They deliberately control the mind of the vast majority of Hindus. These secular virus are skillful in fermenting social problems, insurgency and putting one group against another in order to foment internal discord. This is a much easier task in India since the majority of Hindus are unthinking and apathetic.
The manner in which mind viruses (meme complex) is able to infect its host is through mind games. These mind games are subtly designed to influence thinking and behavior. the current behavior and pronouncement of our political leaders clearly shows that mind viruses are working effectively. Mind viruses deliberately make the individual weak.
Our enemies are planting secular viruses into office at all levels-in judiciary, administration, police, military, educational institutions, political parties-so they can sway the directions of the country. Within a few short period, the country will become full of zombies. They will act like a bull without horns or a tiger without claws-defenseless and vulnerable.
Hindus, wake up. be active rather than a victim of mind viruses.

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