Second day of the All India Hindu Convention

published on June 8, 2013

“O Hindus ! Elect Dharma-based rulers !” – Swami Kumaranand, Dharmaguru, Malaysia

Ramnathi, Goa, 7th June (Vidyadhiraj Hall) – “Two thousand years ago, the Hindus in Bharat were fighting against the Buddhist and Chinese invaders and today also the same situation prevails. Today’s Hindus are fighting against the Christians and Muslims. The Hindus themselves are responsible for their condition. The Bharatiya rulers created Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka. The state of affairs in Nepal which is a Hindu Nation has also become tragic due to election of communist rulers. The
pitiable condition of Bharat is also due to her rulers. As is the karma so is the fruit. This is the theory of karma. The Hindus in Bharat themselves can establish the ‘Hindu Nation’, that is, Ramrajya. To achieve this, the Hindus should awake and elect the Dharma-based rulers”, appealed Swami Kumaranand, priest from Malaysia and Srilanka. He further criticised, “The minority Hindus in the foreign countries fight for
their rights; however, the majority Hindus in Bharat do not fight for their rights. This is a strange riddle.

The Bharatiya rulers can take prompt decisions on matters related to cricket, films and wealth; however, they do not take decision on Hindu problems.” On the second day of the All India Hindu Convention, prominent Hindus expressed their views in a session on ‘Condition of foreign Hindus and remedies thereon’. Swami Kumaranand was speaking on this occasion. All the Hindus demanded that the Hindus from Bharat should become active for the foreign Hindus.

“Hindus in Bangladesh on the verge of extinction !” – Mr. Ravindra Ghosh, Bangladesh

The account of atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh was presented by Mr. Ravindra Ghosh of ‘Bangladesh Minority Watch’ through slide-show and video-audio cassette. The fanatic Muslims are heaping inhuman atrocities on the minority Hindus in Bangladesh. The Hindu girls are kidnapped and converted. The fanatic Muslims force Hindu girls into marriage. The girls are also raped and killed. He narrated some examples. While the Hindu houses and temples were razed, the rulers, the Police and
the administration cannot stop these atrocities. The Hindu population of 28% at the time of Partition is now 8.5%. He expressed anguish that despite taking the issue with the UNO, no one takes cognizance of this. He feared that in future the Hindus in Bangladesh will be wiped out.

“Bangladesh Hindus need a Homeland !” – Upanand Brahmachari

“The three and a half crore Hindus in Bangladesh have been displaced and migrated to Bharat. Now there are only 2 crore Hindus in Bangladesh. Both do not get necessary facilities in Bharat and Bangladesh. No one addresses their issues. The Bangladesh Hindus who constituted 29% of population at the time of Partition should their own Homeland,” demanded Mr. Upanand Brahmachari, editor of website ‘Hindu Existence’ while giving the review of the mission of ‘Nikhil Bangiya Nagarik Sangh’. He
said, “The number of Rohingya Muslims displaced from Myanmar is counted; but the displaced Hindus in Bangladesh are not counted.” He demanded that the Hindus be declared displaced and given rights as per international law.”

“Nepal was, is and will remain a Hindu Nation only !” – Jagadbahadur Thapa, Nepal

“Nepal, where the Hindus are 81% has been declared a secular nation by the 62% communists in the interim Constitution. To oppose this, the Hindu Rashtra Nepal Vedic Samyawadi Sanghatana will stage ‘Nepal Bandh’ agitation from 26th to 28th June. If the Government failed to take cognizance of this, we will stage agitation of Bandha for an indefinite period. The Hindus in Bharat should help us for this. In every temple in Bharat, the bell should be run for one hour. We will never accept the secular
Constitution. Nepal was a Hindu Nation earlier, is so now and will remain so in future also,” said Mr. Jagadbahadur Thapa of ‘Hindu Rashtra Nepal Vedic Samyawadi Sanghatana’. The office bearers of this organisation are taking world tour to provide information about Hindus in Nepal for declaring Nepal as Hindu Nation. He said, “In Goa too we have not come for tourism purpose, but to work for the cause of
the Nation and Dharma.”

“Tamils in Srilanka are Hindus only !” – Mr. Arjun Sampath

Narrating the problems of Tamil Hindus in Srilanka, Mr. Arjun Sampath, Founder of ‘Hindu Makkal Katchhi’ in Tamilnadu said, “The Tamils in Srilanka are not only Tamils, they are first Hindus. However, the media mention them as Tamils and create misunderstanding. Srilanka is not only anti- Tamil Hindus, but Bharat’s enemy also. Srilanka has been consistently helping Pakistan. In a war of Pakistan against Bharat, Srilanka had helped Pakistan. The Pakistani planes were allowed to refill petrol
on Srilanka soil when the Tamil Hindus rushed to the runway of the airport and prevented them because Bharat is their motherland. Now China is rendering economic and military help to Srilanka. Bharat also provides military help to Srilanka. The Hindus should now help the Tamil Hindus in Srilanka.”

The New Delhi Police Superintendent Mr. Nahar Singh furnished information on the pitiable condition of Hindus in Pakistan. Mr. Ashwinikumar Chrungu of Panun Kashmir Sanghatana expressed his thoughts about the problems of Hindus in Kashmir. Bharat is signing a treaty with Pakistan (which beheaded Bharatiya soldiers) on providing electricity to it. Mr Chrungu has opposed it. He demanded that we should tell in strongest words to Pakistan that unless it does not stop terrorism in Kashmir and
atrocities on Hindus in Pakistan, there can be no discussion or friendship with Pakistan.

The Convention was attended by 200 invitees.

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