Save 500 Pak-Hindu Pilgrims seeking refuge in India – IAIF Appeal to UN

published on May 7, 2013

Excellency Ban Ki-moon
Secretary General
United Nations Organization                                                                          May 6, 2013
New York, NY 10017
          Sub: Suppression of Religious Freedom & Human Rights in Pakistan
          Ref: Save 500 Pak-Hindu Pilgrims seeking refuge in India.
            In view of the extraordinary situation created by some 500 Pakistani Hindu pilgrims now seeking citizenship/asylum in India this Forum is compelled to approach you and the World Body for immediate intervention to save their lives and restore their long lost human and religious rights.
Pak-Contribution to Instability:
            Your Excellency in a nutshell here is what during her entire life Pakistan has contributed to the world peace: 1) In association with People’s Republic of China (PRC) occupied half of India’s J&K State; 2) engaged in three unprovoked wars against India; 3) set up 25,000 Madrassas for building an army of Mujahideen, terrorists and infrastructure for global Islamic terrorism; 4) built and provided homes to multiple contingents of Taliban for occupying Afghanistan and enslaving women; 5) provided home, protection and training grounds to Al Qaeda; 6) Hid Osama bin Laden from the United States and the free world for over a decade; 7) continued providing protection to Al Qaeda High Command in Pakistan to conduct and inspire Islamic Terrorist explosions in various parts of the world; 8) handed over physical control of the J&K territories (Gilgit & Baltistan) to PRC in return for her support against India; 9) Expelled, converted and/or murdered 29% out of 30% of her non-Muslim ethnic minorities for making Pakistan a perfect Wahabi Islamic State like Saudi Arabia; 10) Conducted total ethnic cleansing of Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Jains and others from Pak Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and Indian ruled Kashmir Valley.

Indian Govt. & Pak-Refugees:
            Scores of State & Federal Ministers of India have been the people who were bona fide citizens of the undivided India but they escaped from the newly formed Islamic state in time thereby saving themselves from the Islamic tyranny of Pakistan. The recent notables amongst them are Dr. Man Mohan Singh (the present Prime Minister of India) Lal Krishan Advani (Ex-Deputy Prime Minister of India) and the late Inder Kumar Gujral (Ex-Prime Minister of India). Like these personalities enjoying high visibility and power the 500 odd pilgrims from Pakistan now seeking refuge in India also enjoyed equal citizenship rights in the territories of the undivided India. “Their forefathers obviously were unable to escape the murderous stranglehold of Pakistan, as the Islamic fanatics had made the entire landmass of the undivided India under their control, as a “slaughterhouse” of ethnic minorities”.
Being Hindu A curse In Pak:
            As long as the religious complexion of these ethnic minorities remained Hindu and Sikh, considered to be a major curse against them, being law abiding citizens of the newly formed Islamic State was not enough. Accordingly they were subjected to the worst form of suppression, oppression and extreme degrees of discrimination primarily because of their religious orientation. 
 Imposition of Sharia on Hindus:
            In Pakistan, Sharia is the law of the State. Under the authority drawn from this law the Muslim Religious Police (Mujahideen) recognized also by the State, imposes and collects from the “non-Muslims” a special tax called “Jaziya” under the pretext of protecting their lives and for living in an “Islamic” country. Clearly even though these ethnic minorities were born in Pakistan but the Sharia, the Quranic law, gave the Mujahideen the authority and power to charge tax from them as non-citizens. In case of reluctance, refusal or delay in paying this highly discriminatory and objectionable tax their very survival would be in jeopardy. Their liberty to observe and celebrate Hindu and Sikh festivals and rituals is simply denied. Violent, coercive even torturous means are used to convert them to Islam. In order to break their spirits, belittle and humiliate them their places of worship including the temples are routinely looted, vandalized, desecrated and burnt to ground in their presence. To demonstrate Muslim contempt and power to destroy the Hindu religion and desecrate its holy places cows, considered holy by Hindus, are slaughtered in temples. Abduction, raping, and conversion of the ethnic minority women as also their forcible marriages with Muslim men is considered a Quranic deed for which Allah is supposed to reward them.
            Advocate Amarnath Motumal, a symbolic Hindu Member of the official Human Rights Commission of Pakistan confirmed that a minimum of 25 Hindu girls were abducted every month. They were gang rapped, converted forcibly, married to Muslims, sold or forced to become prostitutes. According to estimates, in Karachi alone, a large number of Hindu girls are being kidnapped on a routine basis,’ Motumal told media. “The persecuted families of the victims can hardly risk registering cases against the influential perpetrators as death threats are issued to them in case they raise their voice. So, the victims choose to remain silent to save their lives,’ he said.
            The living standards of non-Muslims in Pakistan are not only kept at subhuman levels but are made like living in hell. They live and are kept like slaves. The periodic ethnic cleansing, acts of dehumanization, genocide and massacres of the left over minorities has become order of the day. Not only the aggressive Wahabi society but also the entire executive, military, legislative, judiciary, police, education and economic systems are pitched against them. Under these conditions their educational, professional and economic progress is unthinkable. Constitutionally the minorities, particularly the Sikhs and Hindus, who are designated as Kafirs, are barred from holding what Muslims term to be the responsible positions in the Government.
            The oppression against Hindus and Sikhs does not end with their death. Even after death the Wahabis do not allow them to cremate the bodies of their loved ones. Even this last rite is not allowed to be performed. The discriminatory and anti-Hindu indoctrination in Pakistan’s Wahabi society is so deep and so intense that even the policy makers have become incapable of thinking or acting rationally. In their rigid and uncompromising conduct for creating a pure Muslim society of their perceptions they have declared Ismaili Muslims as “non-Muslims” and have spearheaded massive assaults throughout the country against Shiia Muslims without any regard to the fact that Mohd. Ali Jinnah, the creator of Pakistan, was himself a Shiia. 
 Bangladeshi Muslims Infiltrators:
            According to some estimates more than 15 million Bangladeshi Muslims have crossed over into India and the Indian Government has graciously facilitated their settlement in Indian territories. They have been given ration, identification and voter cards for drawing food supplies and participating in the electoral process. Consequently they are very nicely settling down in various parts of India – Indian North East, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kashmir and other places included. 
Myanmar Muslims Refugees:
            Similarly nearly the entire population of Muslim refugees from Myanmar, which has crossed into India, has been given shelter and facilities by the generous Indian Govt. They too have spread all over India and are finding places and assistance to settle and the Indian administration is supportive of this process.
Pakistani Muslim influx via Kashmir:
            Muslims of Pakistan and PoK who manage to get into India via Kashmir are given special facilities for making India their home. The Indian authorities are more than happy to give them all official, non-official and financial assistance for building a new life in India. So much so even the Kashmiri Muslims who years ago slipped into Pakistan for receiving terrorist and Jihadi training against India are being given millions of Indian rupees to return and resettle in India. Actually the Indian authorities welcome them back. 
Hindu Refugees of Pakistan:
            We hereby request your Excellency to ask the Indian authorities for using the same humanitarian approach and yardstick in granting citizenship/asylum to the above stated nearly 500 Pakistani Hindu pilgrims now waiting in the Indian national capitol. To escape the Islamic tyranny of Pakistan they have requested permission for staying in India permanently. However, the Indian authorities have yet to take any favorable steps towards assuring a future to these stateless people. Sending them back to Pakistan will be tantamount to sending them in to the valley of death. The depth and intensity of Pakistani hatred for Hindus and Sikhs can easily be measured from the recent murder of 49 year old Sarabjit Singh by six Muslims in Pak-jail of Kot Lakhpat even though he was languishing in Pak-jail since 1990. If Pakistanis use such criminal behavior towards the Hindus of neighboring India imagine what their treatment for the Pak-Hindus, who are already languishing under the servitude of Wahabis, could be like.
            The inhuman scenario of sending these helpless and stateless people, who have been tortured all their lives, back to suffer Pakistani gallows will be against the traditional humane, tolerant and liberal policy of India. Taking into consideration the criminal and unjustifiable anti-Hindu policies of the Pakistan Govt.; the animosity of Wahabi Islam against non-Muslim ethnic minorities, the context of relationship of these refugees with Indian political class and the national majority, these Hindu refugees have a greater right and a stronger case for the grant of citizenship in India.
            We hope your Excellency will find a way for taking up this important humanitarian issue with the Indian authorities on urgent basis.

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