Sangh Parivar .vs. Nehru Parivar

published on December 22, 2010

Indian democracy is very fast emerging into a direct tussle between two political fronts of clear-cut differences. Very soon all Indians will be forced to align with one of the two viz. Sangh Parivar or Nehru Parivar. While Sangh Parivar has a distinct and transparent ideology, program and leadership, all those who are opposed to it will have to crowd under the Nehru Parivar. In a way this was bound to happen after the Indian subcontinent got divided purely on religious grounds and Pakistan was formed only for Muslims. The convenient argument of having a Pakistan only for Muslims and a ‘secular’ India for Everyone will not hold for a very long time. All people cannot be fooled for all the time. After all, Hindu (incl. ex-Hindus) need at least one nation in this world and it has got to be India.
It is very difficult to judge what was in Mahatma Gandhi’s mind when he finally agreed to a partition on religious basis in 1947. But for his agreement, however reluctant it may be, India ’s partition would not have taken place. However, we can easily judge Nehru’s intentions in 1947 and our worst doubts have been fully confirmed by what happened in the last 60 odd years. His own version of secularism has damaged the nation’s social fabric beyond all imagination. No attempt has been made whatsoever to bring in social justice and economic upliftment for those in Hindu society, who have been pushed to the bottom during the preceding 1000 years of Muslim and Christian rule. Instead, the entire focus of Nehru Parivar continues to be vote-bank politics by consolidation of Muslims and Christians.
Quite in contrast, the Sangh Parivar has successfully withstood the test of time against all odds. It is a universal law applicable at all times that ‘one can draw pictures only if the wall remains”. The very existence of Hindu society (the picture) is solely dependent on the survival of Indian nation (the wall). Whatever be the criticism leveled against Sangh Parivar forces, by Hindu-haters, pseudo-secularists and even some well-meaning Hindu intellectuals, India has survived as a Hindu-majority nation so far, only because of Sangh Parivar. Their relevance and efforts will only intensify further in the face of strengthening Arabian Islamic forces and evil agenda of Vatican , which are represented by the Nehru Parivar. If all Hindus and ex-Hindus can realize this basic reality, we can easily defeat the grand designs of anti-India forces represented by Nehru Parivar and bring India back to the centre stage among world nations once again.

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