Sanatan inquiry to detract people from Congress’ corruption

published on October 8, 2011

Dedicated to Righteousness, that is worldly and spiritual progress of living beings and the well being of society

-  Sanatan spokesperson Abhay Vartak

Mumbai, 5th October – National Investigation Agency (NIA ) team investigated Sanatan’s
ashram at Ramnathi, Goa right during Navratri. The team headed by the NIA Assistant
Superintendent consisted of a hundred police personnel including officers. Sanatan had
to face repeated inquiries by the State as well as National level investigative agencies in
the last 3 years. Nothing objectionable has been unearthed so far from these investigations.
This proves Sanatan’s innocence again and again. Yet, the government repeatedly press
inquiries on Sanatan in response to appeals by Hindu-haters based on the false information
given by them.

The NIA is executing its duty. Sanatan has always supported all the investigation agencies.
However, due to this Sanatan seekers are suffering mental distress. Also, Sanatan is
needlessly defamed in society. Despite government’s effort to stigmatise Sanatan, the
Sanatan mission is getting increasing response from society. Government is trying to
sabotage this increasing mission of Sanatan through the medium of these inquiries.
Congress government is steeped in various allegations of corruption. Ministers and elected
representatives are in jail. Hence, the image of the Congress is pretty tarnished. To detract
people from this, the government is torturing a spiritual organisation like Sanatan through
the medium of the investigating agencies.

The Sanatan ashram being searched by the NIA, which comes under the Central
government, to find an alleged accused in the Margao blast case coming within days of
the letter by the America based ’Indian American Muslim Council’ to Congress supremo
Sonia Gandhi and the Prime minister raises doubts about the objectives of the government.
We wonder if this inquiry is meant to appease a few Hindi-hater elements in society.
Undeclared ban on Sanatan by the Congress Government through the medium of Police
The serious aspect of this issue is that the Congress Government is trying to put a
stop the activities of the Sanstha through the medium of Police. Given ahead are some
examples ?

1. Police denied permission to Sanatan Sanstha for a spiritual discourse, to be delivered
in a program organised by Navaratri celebration group in Jalgaon, Maharashtra. The local
Police denied permission to the group to display some posters too under the pretext that
they carry the name of Sanatan Sanstha. These posters were meant to educate the
attendees on Dharma. The topic for the discourse too was ?Dharmashikshan and
Dharmacharan? (Education on Dharma and abiding by Dharma). The list of the posters
has been given ahead, for your information. The Congress administration, has never ever
over the past 60 years, taken an initiative to give Hindus education on Dharma. Now, when

Sanatan Sanstha is taking the initiative in that direction, the same Congress Government is
raising an objecting it. Today these anti-Hindu rulers and Police are putting a ban on the
displaying of Dharmashikshan posters. Tomorrow they may even put a ban or ritualistic
worship by the Hindus and to be able to lead a life as a Hindu.

Quran says, ?Kill the kafirs (Non-Muslims). This teaching of Quran is taught in all the
Masjids and Madarsas and yet, the Congress Government has not banned the Quran;
however, it has banned the Sanatan Sanstha from imparting Dharmashikshan to Hindus.

2. Presently, the seekers of Sanatan are facing inquiry in a lot of places. They are being
pressurised by asking a whole lot of confusing questions. Police are presently collecting and
compiling information about who all participate in the mission of Sanatan Sanstha, who all
help the Sanstha. Over and above, the Government is trying to terrorise the well-wishers
who help Sanatan Sanstha.

3. At some places Police themselves have initiated the process of closing down the mission
of Sanatan Sanstha. Police are pressuring the owners of the premises from where Sanatan
conducts its activities, to stop hiring the premise to Sanatan Sanstha. As a result the activities
of Sanatan from such places are closing down. In a way a situation has arisen where the
Government has imposed an undeclared ban on the Sanstha.

List of posters that were displayed in the pandal for Navaratri celebrations by a local
Navaratri celebration group and which were objected to by the Jalgaon Police

1. Science underlying the act of offering flowers to a Goddess
2. How to offer an oti to a Goddess ?
3. Importance of chanting the Name of Family Deity
4. Why is a akhandadeep lit during the festival of Navaratri ?
5. How to sing an Arti ?
6. How should the clothes be and how should they be not /
7. How should women comb their hair ?
8. What should be the arrangement of temple at home ?
9. Importance of Vatapournima
10. How to have the darshan of Deity in a temple ?
11. Correct way of performing Aukshan
12. How to offer oti to a woman ?
13. How to circumambulate in a temple ?

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