Reverse Discrmination against Hindus

via G Vijayalakshmi published on July 17, 2010

It has ultimately dawned on the Congress party that its minority-appeasing, votebank politics is taking the nation throttling down. Instead of empowering the deserving people, the crude divisive politics of the Congress has only served to strenghthen the separatist and anti-national forces in the country. There is minority-induced/perpetrated insurgency and crimes all over the country, most of which are not even reported in the media. The Congress has realized that its regressive, biased and short-sighted policies have proven to be disastrous for the nation. Hence its attempt to accuse the highly-disciplined, nationalist RSS, which is proving to be a great source of inspiration to patriotic Indians by its value-based social services.

The Congress has realized that it is accountable for the increasing number of local terrorist modules, even as the UPA Govt is making half-hearted attempts at peace talks with a rogue Pakistan, which is supporting the ‘jihadis’ in India. The erstwhile peaceful state of Kerala, known as ‘God’s own country’ has now become ‘devils’ own country’, with islamists ruling the roost there. It should be remembered that even though religion-based reservation was illegal according to the Constitution, both the UDF and LDF of Kerala practised brazen ‘minorityism’ to garner minority votes en masse. With such illegal reservation, the so-called minorities have gained the upper hand in Kerala politics and public life, relegating hindus to being almost non-entities in their own land. Right from the time of the Marad mass murders, it was obvious that islamists were powerful in Kerala, but both Congress and Marxists turned a deaf ear to the complaints of hindus.

It was reported that ‘love jihad’ was rampant in Kerala, where jihadis lured innocent Hindu girls and trapped them. but the ‘secular’ politicians and the Police kept denying the truth, till a christian police officer’s daughter became a victim of this ‘love jihad’, and then the police and the judiciary woke up. The enquiry does not seem to have progressed due to the ‘influence’ of these ‘minorities’. Recently, a christian professor’s hand was chopped off by islamists in Thodupuzha, Kerala for hurting Muslim sentiments by framing a ‘blasphemous question in a college exam. Despite the official action taken against him, islamists preferred a ‘shariah’-type punishment and chopped off his hand. It was then that Police got cracking and huge caches of arms, ammunition etc are being unearthed, apart from jihadist literature and conspiracies against certain individuals and places of worship. One man accused in the ‘Marad murder case’, who escaped to Saudi Arabia is reported to be sending funds for terrorist modules in Kerala.

On 25th June, three teenaged hindu girls were molested and raped by muslim boys in a muslim locality in Shantipur, West Bengal, when the girls were returning from school. The girls are still in a semi-conscious state in the hospital, but none of the rapists have been arrested by the Police, despite written complaint. About three million Bangladeshi refugees and Pakistanis have infiltrated India, and nothing has been done to identify and deport them. . This is the way the Congress party and the CPIM have strengthened the ‘minorities’. It is common knowledge that most of the insurgents are funded by the christian missionaries.

The Congress is guilty of practicing reverse discrimination against the Hindus for the votes and notes of the ‘minorities’. The rich and powerful ‘minorities’ have been getting richer and more powerful,while the poorer sections and the middle-class are reeling under the price-rise, general The rich and powerful ‘minorities’ have been getting richer and more powerful, while the poorer sections and the middle-class are reeling under the price-rise, general inflation and the discrimination due to partisan Govt policies.

Non-muslims in Pakistan and Bangladesh are not safe in those Islamic countries. Many of them who have escaped into India do not want to go back. It is time to consider an exchange of population,which was advocated by Dr.Ambedkar and a few other leaders. Those who do not accept India as their Motherland should be given a free passage to the country of their choice. But the inept and corrupt Congress will never deal efficiently with these problems, because it has always been guided only by votebank politics. Since most people have veered towards the RSS, the unprincipled Congress, like the CPIM, wants to tarnish the image of the venerable RSS and hence the frivolous allegations against it.

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