Reservations to Muslims and Christians will lead to civil unrest

via HK published on April 4, 2010

Secularists in India across the board want to give reservation to Muslims and Christians for their votes….

What they donot envision is that for 15% of the country, they are directly sowing the seeds for CIVIL UNREST… and the most likely outcome of this will be the initiation of the biggest struggle post independence and the declaration of India as a Hindu Nation.

Islam and Christianity are two religions that have been claiming converts from Hinduism, Buddhism and for that matter from every non Abrahamic religion in the world citing their so called “EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO GOD” and “CASTE/CLASS LESS INTERNAL FABRIC”.

and, therefore begging for Reservation in India for Islam and Christianity is the HEIGHT OF HYPOCRISY and the biggest ANTI SECULAR ACT EVER CONCEIVED, something that has no parallel in world history.

Because of MONEY AND MUSCLE, these Evangelizing religions have succeeded in converting about 40% of the world into their religions over the past 1000 years.

Now there is a stalemate………

People DO NOT CONVERT so easily…….Science, Strong Family bonds, Reason, Media, Internet and most importantly frequent interactions between competing religions has lead to a complete LULL in the bloody history of Abrahamic Religious and Imperial Conquests.

Islamic hegemonists and Christian Bigots perceive INDIA,CHINA and AFRICA as the final frontiers for their conquest before they both engage in a FINAL WAR between themselves…………or so they think…

What they cannot digest is that Indian, Chinese and Native pagan/animist religions are slowly and steadily making a comeback into the mainstream public lives around the world. Now, more than 55% of the world follows non Abrahamic religions and that in itself is quite a spectacular comeback….

But in India, the Secular brigade aided and abetted by the powers to be are constantly devising strategies to divide and rule India. They cannot accept the fact that discrimination exists even in Islam and Christianity. DALITS and TRIBALS who embrace these religions in search of Equality are OFTEN faced with more brutal conditions in their adopted religions.

In fact, REVERSE conversion is on the upswing all around the globe…..Europeans are reverting to their pre christian religions, Africans are going back to Animism/Nature based religions, South Americans are rediscovering their Mayan, Aztec, Incan heritage and Indonesians are seeking the days of the Majapahit kingdom……

and Indians, Chinese and Koreans who embraced Abrahamic religions are reconverting to their ancestral religions in DROVES……


Civil Unrest is undesired and should be prevented at all costs….But if you keep pushing a large community to the wall and continue taking advantage of their happy go lucky nature, there WILL BE A FULL STOP somewhere…..

Reservations to Muslims and Christians in INDIA are Unacceptable……Educational privileges and Equal Employment Opportunities are needed but pushing it so far and trying to bypass the Indian Constitution is something that will boomerang on the perpetrators.

No Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Parsi is given ANY SPECIAL BENEFIT or Reservation in any Islamic and Christian country in the world. If anything, they are treated as FREE FODDER to their evangelical brigades.

India HAS SO FAR BEEN VERY TOLERANT and ALLOWING OF Non Indian Religions at the cost of its own social fabric.

Pushing it too far only results in 2 things———WAR or PARTITION……..

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