Republic Day – Is there any cause for celebration?

via P. Deivamuthu - Editor. Hindu Voice published on February 8, 2011

We have just celebrated the 62nd Republic Day. The Preamble of our constitution says: “We, the people of India …. do hereby adopt, enact and give to ourselves this Constitution.” Did the people of India adopt the constitution? Was there any referendum? Without ratification by the people, how can it be called “adoption”? Then, is this not a fraudulent statement in the constitution?

In the preamble, the Constitution talks of Justice, Liberty, Equality. Is it Justice when Hindus are taxed and Muslims given subsidy? Is it Justice (or Equality) when the PM declares that minorities should have the first claim on our resources? Is it Liberty when you can’t hoist the national flag in Srinagar? Is it called Liberty or Justice when the train you take to go to Srinagar is returned midway during midnight? When the Leaders of Opposition in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha are not allowed to go to Srinagar and are arrested by the State Govt., is it Liberty or Justice?

Where is equality? – when there are Articles 29 (Protection of interests of minorities), 30 (Rights of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions) and 370 (Temporary provisions with respect to the State of J&K).

While Article 29 & 30 are dividing the people into minorities and majority creating inequality, Article 370 separates Jammu & Kashmir from the mainland. Are these Articles not against the very essence of ‘Equality’ mentioned in the preamble of the constitution? As long as these Articles remain in the constitution, can there ever be Equality?

In order to show that J&K is no different from other states and to effectively integrate J&K in to the mainland, the Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha planned the Ekta Yatra from Kolkata to Srinagar, to culminate in the hoisting of our Tricolour at Lal Chowk in Srinagar on 26th Jan. But the J&K and UPA Govts. have used every force within their command to foil this attempt. By doing so, the State and Central Govts. have once again told the world that J&K is not an integral part of India.

One can understand the compulsions of the Omar Abdullah government. But what about the UPA Govt.? Sky would not have fallen if the BJYM activists were allowed to hoist the national flag at Lal Chowk. Or why can’t the UPA Govt. itself hoist the flag and take the winds out of the sails of BJP. Just for vote bank politics, can they stoop so low to even surrender before jihadis, separatists and secessionists?

Anti-nationals, jihadis, separatists, terrorists and their supporters in the garb of pseudo-intellectuals and liberals are leaving no stone unturned to dig the grave of the nation, proclaiming open sedition and going to the extent of fuelling anti-national campaigns openly across the country. Yet they are treated as guests of honour by the State and the Central Governments, while Tiranga carrying Nationalists are thrashed by the security forces.

The UPA Govt. owes an explanation to the people of this country. The Tricolour cannot be held hostage to the whims of a Chief Minister, who holds the position courtesy Congress. Neither can it be held hostage to terrorists, secessionists and jihadis. By standing with the secessionists (who shout anti-India slogans and burn Tricolour) and beating, arresting and jailing the nationalists (who shout Bharat Mata Ki Jay and Vande Mataram), the UPA Govt. has insulted the people and the brave soldiers who live and die for the nation.

This pampering of secessionists and separatists and arresting nationalists can happen only in India. The whole world is laughing at us for becoming a banana republic.

Under the UPA Govt. the decaying standards of every institution – President, Governors, Prime Minister, Ministers, Election Commissioner, Justices, Chief Vigilance Commissioner, etc. are apparent, not to mention about the misuse of CBI, NIA and SIT. The ex-CJI and the present Chairman of the NHRC is also under a cloud.

As though this is not enough, even some upright judges are being intimidated by our media and the so called secularists and human rights activists. The revision of the judgement in the Graham Staine’s murder case is a case in point. What made the judges to come out with a clarification a few days after the judgement was delivered in the open court? Can their clarification be legal? Have they not done an ‘Injustice’ to justice?

The judges seem to have buckled under pressure from the media, social activists (NGOs) and extra-constitutional entities. This is a dangerous portent. How can the judges expunge their own remarks, when no one has petitioned or prayed for that. By bringing out Press Statements signed by ‘eminences’ and arranging panel discussions in their obliging TV channels, this secular gang has ‘intellectually’ terrorised the judges, forcing them to expunge their own remarks.

These are the same people who, while asking for death to Dara Singh, clamour for the release of Binayak Sen, who has been sentenced to Life imprisonment by a Raipur court for helping Maoists and Naxalites who have brutally killed hundreds of our security personnel and ordinary citizens.

One fears that in a similar way, this anti-national gang of Pseudo-secularists, Maoists, Christian Missionaries and Jihadis may also try to intimidate and influence the judges when the Ramjanmabhoomi case comes up for hearing in the SC, which may force the judges to even revise the Allahabad High Court decision in their favour.

After 62 years of Republic, we find that every institution is defiled by the present UPA Govt. Plunder, not corruption, has become the rule. False cases are foisted against Nationalists. The UPA Govt. has subverted the constitution and has almost made it irrelevant. Just to keep a few traitors happy, it has broken the hearts of crores of Nationalists. Then, is there any cause for celebration?

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