Replace Secularism with Hindu Rashtra

via Chand K Sharma published on December 14, 2010

We wanted to free our country from the British and made many sacrifices, because we wanted to govern ourselves, according to the ethics of our own ancestral values. We could have otherwise continued with British rule, which was also secular to proclaim.

The concept of secularism is colonial. The colonial powers initially converted the natives to Christianity, which often sparked violent resistance from them. Thereafter alien rulers discovered a way out. They detached themselves from missionaries, and posed secular to legitimize their hold on colonized countries. Thus secular governments were established to mask political control over
different faiths and lands.

Dictionary meaning of the word “secular” implies, not being committed to ethics of any religion. To Hindus, governance devoid of “Dharma” (ethics) is nothing but “Adharma”. In more explicit words it means unethical and opportunist pursuit of power. A government that is non-committal to the ethics of the population of the country is nothing but an autocrat mafia in power.

Even constitutionally, secular governments across the globe in advanced countries are also slanted towards the faith of the land. Even as back in fifteenth century, when Christianity was at its zenith, England restricted the interference of alien Pope into national affairs of England. That resulted in
emergence of Protestant Church, known as the Church of England. United Kingdom is a secular monarchy, but Monarch of England is titled “defender of the Faith”. All customs and traditions concerning the state are Christianity oriented.

Where is the necessity for India proclaiming to remain secular country when Hinduism it self is most secular to the spiritual needs of the mankind?

Hinduism itself is secular

Hinduism itself is secular in true spirit. Hinduism has always been open to introspection, adoption, and tolerance towards dissent. All those who came to India were assimilated within the framework of Hinduism. It is a religion of fine synthesis of faith and Science. It has its own culture and civilization of most refined tastes. India had exported advances made in every field of human

There are no fatwas or dictates from the clergy. Hinduism never indulged in destruction of non-believers, or conversion of others to its fold. It has been the religion that preferred religious identity of a person on the basis birth, but its doors are open to all those who volunteer to assimilate. It is a faith that propagated Vasudeva Kutambkum and treated entire universe as a large family, much before various nations actually knew the existence of each other. Hinduism is not restricted to any particular geographical area, period or time.

Why we chose to have 1869 born politician declared as father of the nation? Our ancestral lineage starts with early man, Rishies and sages of wisdom par excellence.

Magnanimity of Hindus

It was due to liberal and large-hearted attitude of Hindus, that even after having been profusely bled and destroyed; Hindus offered a brotherly hand of equality to live in India to those who had been responsible for the Hindu genocide.

Hindus were prepared to make a fresh start on a clean slate. They had even de-linked themselves with the scary memories of the past. It was not only a mere gesture, but the sincerity was fully demonstrated by bringing back the post independence migrants to India and rehabilitating them with special treatment. What more was required to be secular from Hindus?

Did we accept partition of the country to re-accommodate fundamentalists and keep them amused at their terms?

Fraudulent Secularity of Non Hindus

Our experience has once more taught us that any faith that has its ideologies, religious leaders, pilgrim places and literature originated beyond India; certainly do not come within the framework of secularism, as for as Hindus are concerned.

To what extent Christians and Muslims in India have adopted the concept of secularism to live with Hindus – the local majority in India?

It is pertinent to say that even after providing full protection to Christianity under minority status, the clerics emphasize on their religion rather on nationalism. They say,

 “When we talk of Christianity, our first allegiance should be to our Master  Jesus Christ and after wards to our motherland”.

As religious affinities always over flow political borders, it will be detrimental to the security of India to have alien religious settlements with political rights.

About Muslims, the less said is better. They have now intruded in to the individual life styles of Hindus. Today Hindus cannot celebrate their festivals, worship, built temples; educate their children safely in their own home land. Hindus paid and are now also paying Jazia for pilgrimage jaunts of minorities.

Islam and Christianity do not accept any common grounds with Hindu religion. They believe in killing of non believers and conversion of Hindus to their fold through deceitful means.

Can we “Indianize” Islam or Christianity in today”s secular environment? If not, why Hinduism should give up its place to accommodate other faiths in India that are hostile down to its roots?

Reckless Indulgence in Secularism is suicidal!

In the guise of preserving secularism, the forces actually propagating and practicing communalism have emerged as powerbrokers against Hindus. Politicians have been vying with each other to flatter minorities, by bartering the interests of Hindus to seek their electoral support. Secularism is being grossly misused as a cover, for sectionals and anti-national activities. There no other
secular country on the surface of globe that indulges in similar self-destructive appeasements! After independence it has come to be the duty of every Hindu to keep minorities happy at every cost.

Our national resources are already sinking under the weight of population. Additional numbers add further to the strength of poor, under-nourished, illiterate, and unemployed citizens of this country. While Hindus have adopted smaller family norms, minorities, in spite of living on the verge of poverty line, have been averse to family planning. They have formed this attitude to increase their numerical strength for bargaining special rights and benefits for their community, and ultimately, converting India to an Islamic through ballot strength.

Hindus have been foolish enough to regard boom in Muslims population as a credential for our secularism, without foreseeing its adverse implications. Though we claim to be the largest democracy in the world having largest population of Muslims, we have absolutely no say at any of the Islamic international forums. There we are cold shouldered as a Hindu and anti Islamic country, and are always accused of committing atrocities against minorities.

There are some unpatriotic Hindus, who have been advocating opening of borders with Pakistan and Bangladesh, to facilitate unchecked flow of their nationals that separated from India out of hatred. While no Hindus would be allowed to settle in Pakistan and Bangladesh, Indian Muslims in the name of Islamic Brotherhood will shelter migrants. Once they grow up in numbers, Hindus will be living as they had lived during Muslim rule, because there is no change in their mindset. The stage will be set to re-enact Arab and the Camel episode.

Pakistanhas followed the strategy of infiltration not only in Kashmir, but has now widened its scope to cover entire India, by establishing support bases in Muslim dominated areas. Our security forces, though capable of repulsing overt attacks, suffer causalities in home territory, because the militants can mingle with local Muslim population comfortably.

Unless Hindus get united, and make concentrated efforts to cope with the environment, Hinduism might be fading away form India in the near future. Political problems cannot be solved through spiritual discourses, but require timely political actions. Social and economic factors are subsidiary to that. Remaining indifferent is nothing, but suicidal escapism.

We do not require our secularism to be certified by others. As a sovereign nation, we have every right to re-interpret our secularism in the manner we like. There is nothing for Hindus to feel apologetic or concerned about. We are fortunate and proud to be Hindus! As custodians of this great human heritage, we have a sacred duty to preserve it for the generations to come.

We need to replace secularism with Hindu Rashtra to restore Bharat Swabhimaan. Only then India will be a free country.

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