Religious angle to YSR fans’ death

via P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice ([email protected]) published on October 3, 2009

P. Deivamuthu, Editor, Hindu Voice ([email protected])

“128 YSR fans die”
screams a Tamil Daily. A survey by an NGO, released by the AP State Congress, has put the figure at 60 suicides and 402 heart attacks!
Nowhere in the history have we ever heard that such a large number of people died or committed suicide at the sudden demise of their hero. Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, MGR, NTR, etc. and many more were more popular than YSR. But when they died, no one committed suicide nor did any one die of heart attack, although the entire nation mourned their death. Even during Indira Gandhi’s death, none of her fans died of heart attack. On the contrary, they came on the streets and butchered innocent Sikhs. Then, what is so special in the case of YSR’s death, which took away so many lives? Here comes the religious angle.

Y Samuel Rajsekhar Reddy is a Hindu converted to Christianity. He wanted to convert the entire Andhra in to a Christian land, ostensibly behaving like a Hindu, with a big tilak on his forehead. His son-in-law, Anil Kumar, is an evangelist. YSR as the Chief Minister of AP was overtly and covertly helping him in converting Hindus. Even AP Govt. machinery was misused for this purpose. This way, lakhs of gullible Hindus have been converted by fraudulent and deceitful means.

All evangelists especially in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Orissa, etc. create high hopes in the minds of people that if they start following Jesus Christ, all their problems will vanish into thin air; Jesus Christ will never let them down; Jesus Christ will make miracles in their lives; Jesus Christ will make deaf hear, dumb talk and blind see; they will have prosperity and happiness for ever; Miseries can never come near them; Satan can never touch them (It is a different matter that they also preach that all their present problems are due to Satanic worship); they will go on achieving success after success in all spheres of life; etc. etc. In effect, they make the converts live in a fantasy world. Thus, all the converted Hindus (now Christians) feel exalted after their conversion, and start living in delusion. With blind faith in Jesus, they become fanatics, not amenable to logic and reason.

As a proof for all this, the converted Hindus (now Christians) looked up to Samuel Rajsekhar Reddy. Yes, YSR has never been defeated in elections; he was the CM of AP and has now been reelected. All these successes are attributed to the miracles of and his belief in Jesus Christ.

In the case of YSR, having won the Chief Ministership for the second time, he became invincible in politics. He made ‘secularism’ and our constitution irrelevant and went overboard to make Andhra into a Christian state, treating Hindus as second class citizens of the State. Christians were given special status and facilities, to the chagrin of Hindus. He was instrumental in demolishing the 1000-pillar Mandap at Tirupathi. His government ordered that only two Hills belong to Tirupathi Balaji and not Seven Hills as Hindus believe. (However, the GO was quashed by the AP High Court). He freely allowed Mosques and Churches to be constructed on temple lands. He, with his entire family, recently made a thanks-giving trip to Jerusalem.

Now look at the way the death came for such a staunch Believer in Jesus Christ. Suddenly one day he goes missing in his helicopter. For nearly 24 hours, he could not be traced, although the entire national security forces were pressed into searching him. Then his charred and decomposed body is found at a hill top in the Nallamalla forest which he was planning to develop like the Vatican city. His body had gone in to pieces. All his body parts were to be put together and tied as a bundle. We even do not know whether there was any mix-up of body parts with the other four people who died in the same Helicopter crash.

For the brainwashed Hindus (crypt Christians) who considered YSR as their icon – an invincible one because Jesus Christ is leading him – seeing all these scary pictures in TVs was unimaginable. They were awestruck. All along they have been boasting to their friends and neighbours that believing in Jesus Christ has made them merry and joyous. ‘Look at YSR and how Jesus Christ is leading him to the height of glory’, they used to brag. And a fatal end to such a role model is just incomprehensible for them. Their hopes are shattered. Their belief in Jesus Christ has been proved wrong. If this can happen to YSR, what about us, they shudder. Humbled by fate, they are shocked and frustrated at the sudden, untimely and fatal demise of their Cult leader. The result is, they get heart attack or commit suicide.

Our ‘so called’ investigative journalists – who cover farmers’ death, dowry death, bride burning, etc. to tarnish India’s image abroad and get foreign awards – will never bother to investigate the bereaved family members as to how it all happened. In the name of secularism, the media tries to hide the religious angle to these deaths. Strangely, it even hesitates to term YSR as a Christian, as though it is a crime to do so according to their secular dharm! Naturally, if Hindus would have been involved, the media would have blown it out of proportion and talked of Hindu fanaticism.

There is no other logical explanation for the number of people dead, hearing the sudden demise of their Cult leader, when his family is not affected. If someone can refute me, I welcome him.

P. Deivamuthu
Editor, Hindu Voice

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