Religion, not caste, hides behind reservations

via Radha Rajan published on March 17, 2009

is a measure of the success of the Christian propaganda machinery that
idiot Hindus have no threat-perception of their own. How else can we
explain that notwithstanding the barbaric Crusades, Atlantic slave
trade, White Christian European colonialism, the near-total
extermination of the native peoples of North and South America, and the
total destruction of the faiths and cultures of Native Americans,
Africans and growing sections of Asians, uni-polar or bi-polar world
order, the poles are always located in the Christian world, Hindus see
the sword of Islam clearly but do not see or sense the Christian cancer
eating into the vitals of the Hindu nation?


senior advocates of the Madras High Court who read my Plainspeak column
‘Madras High Court lawyers’ mutiny – the church’s first big step’( )are
pressing the panic button. The idea that the Bar and judiciary has been
brought to its knees by a section of lawyers espousing Tamil Eelam and
that Eelam will be a Tamil Christian state, has jolted their grey cells
into feverish activity. While no immediate decisive result of the brain
activity is expected, at least a beginning has been made towards
kindling awareness within this self-absorbed community about the
simmering Tamil chauvinist political cauldron.


all government and government-aided institutions, including
institutions of politics and administration and institutions of higher
learning, elevation to top posts at any level or grade is simply a
matter of emerging as the senior-most worker at the right time at the
end of the assembly line; unless the post happens to be a political
appointment – like the Rashtrapati Bhavan, NSA, Governor of a state,
Vice-Chancellor of a university or Director of the CBI. For some posts
like Chief Justices of High Courts and the Supreme Court, Commissioners
and Directors-General of Police, Vice-Chancellors, Directors, and
Deans, a person must not only be ready at the delivery point in the
assembly line but must also be on the right side of the ruling
dispensation. Needless to say, stakes are very high because these posts
come with power, privilege and pelf. Needless to say again, what goes
into the assembly line determines what comes out of it at the end and
at the top.


writer was present at the Judicial Academy last month to depose before
Justice Srikrishna who was appointed to look into events leading to
February 19 in the Madras High Court. The writer and her friends were
intimidated by a menacing group of lawyers who demanded that we be
evicted from the premises and that we should not be allowed to depose.
It is besides the matter that we refused to be intimidated but the
writer had been carefully observing the hordes of lawyers who had
thronged the venue; the bulk comprised Christians and anti-Hindu
dravidian Tamil chauvinists (as distinct from Tamil Hindus). This
triggered the question ‘why’? Why were RC Paul Kanagaraj and a
dravidian Tamil S Prabakaran heading the Madras High Court Advocates’
Association and the Tamil Nadu Advocates Association? How did they
become Presidents of these organizations?


question demanded an urgent response because these two individuals are
credited with the dubious distinction of getting the Madras and Tamil
Nadu Bar to espouse a foreign policy issue (which is not the domain of
the judiciary), besides celebrating a notified Christian Tamil
terrorist’s birthday in the High Court premises; they are singularly
responsible for paralyzing the Tamil Nadu judiciary which has worked
for only ten days in this calendar year. The answer to the ‘why and
how’ the state’s advocates’ associations slipped into their control is
rooted in the peculiar reservations policy of successive dravidian
Tamil Nadu governments, both DMK and AIADMK. Reservations which stand
at 69%, is way above the national policy of 50% reservation quota for
the socially and economic non-forward castes. So far, attempts to
challenge this abnormality in the courts and bring it on par with the
national numbers have met with ferocious opposition from all dravidian
Tamil parties.


Brahmins and other non-Brahmin forward castes, even if the families
live in penury, are kept out of the reservation quota in higher
education and government jobs. Children of economically backward temple
pujaris who earn a pittance, children of socially and economically
backward Brahmins who carry the dead in their community to the
cremation ground, children of poverty-stricken vaidikas who do not eat
two full meals in a day, are also kept out of the reservation quota
regime. If a section of the Hindu forward castes are kept out of the
quota regime, it would be expected that those brought into the quota
spectrum would belong to the socially and economically backward
‘castes’. But is that the case? How many of us know that the ‘c’ in the
OBC and MBC is not caste but ‘class’ here and ‘community’ there.
Economically backward Hindus are kept out of the empowering quota
regime because of their ‘caste’ but Christians and Muslims are brought
into the fold in the guise of ‘class’.


The hidden face of religion behind reservations




Let me cite the much-acclaimed Sachar Commission report, Table 10.3

Around 40% of all Muslims are already enjoying the benefits of reservation under the OBC quota

percentage of Muslims and Christians who are cornering the benefits of
reservation in the BC and OBC quota vary from state to state

West Bengal
– 2.4%

Uttar Pradesh – 62%

where the Muslims constitute 25% of the total state population, 99% are
classified as OBCs and are claiming reservation quota

Tamil Nadu 93.3% Muslims have been notified as OBC by the state
government in 2004-2005 whereas in 1999-2000 83% of Muslims were
notified as OBC – a steep increase of 10% in just five years!




All-India population as per 2001 Census – 2.3% or 24.2 million

1/3 of all Christian population is tribal. Of the remaining 2/3, around 70% claim backward status

– 5.3 million tribal Christians which is 1/4 – 1/5 of the total
Christian population. The North-east Christians are all tribal people

Orissa – 8 lakh tribal Christians

and Jharkhand – 1.1 million tribal Christians

·  Of
the remaining 16 million Christians, 60-70% of all Christians in the
southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Orissa are
notified as OBCs with percentages varying from state to state as
indicated earlier

10% of all Christians in the country are not availing of any kind of
reservation and these would be largely the Goan and the Syrian


Now let us look at some hard facts about the politics and religion behind reservations.


reservation – total 50%. ST 7.5%, SC 15%, OBC 27.5%.

All-India tribal population stands at 8.2% while all-India SC population is 16.2%

constitute only 10% of the total tribal population but they corner 90%
of all ST reservation quotas in higher education and government

J&K has 11% tribal population but they probably get nothing.

Around 70% of Christians and Muslims have been brought into the quota regime as backward communities or backward classes


is no category called Scheduled Caste Christians or Muslims. When the
church demands reservation for so-called dalit Christians and God
forbid, that it may ever happen, then the church will de-notify large
segments of the OBC Christian population and re-classify them as
Scheduled Castes so that they can corner all the benefits of SC
reservation just as they are cornering all the benefits of the ST
reservation quota.


cornering is made possible only because of the constitutional right
provided to minorities to start and run educational institutions. There
is a move now afoot to equate degrees obtained from Muslim madarasas to
the CBSE board so that the Muslims in the OBC spectrum may be enabled
to corner another major chunk of the benefits of reservation just as
the Christians are doing now.


the Gandhi-Nehru inspired secular political dispensation, Hindu OBCs
and Hindu STs are being systematically disempowered economically just
as the Hindus of the country are being disempowered politically. The
economic and political disempowerment of the Hindus is directly
proportional to the empowerment of the two most-well-organized
so-called global Abrahamic minorities.


get back to how the likes of Paul Kanagaraj and S Prabakaran have
ascended to the powerful positions they now hold, we will have to look
at the face of the religions behind the Tamil Nadu reservation quota
regime. Paul Kanagaraj and S Prabakaran were elected Presidents by the
advocates of the Madras High Court and Tamil Nadu courts respectively.
These advocates have only to be registered in the Bar; it is of no
consequence that they may not have made a single appearance in the
court to argue a case. The bulk of these advocates enter the courts
directly from law colleges where admission to the courses is governed
by Tamil Nadu’s distinctively anti-Hindu reservation policy.

is true of admission to law colleges is true of medical colleges,
engineering colleges, IITs, IIMs, and admission to all under-graduate
and post-graduate courses in the Sciences and Humanities. Let us now
look at the reservation quota regime in Tamil Nadu


Tamil Nadu total 69% reservation


50% BC + MBC – 30% BC, 20% MBC

18% SC – 15% + 3% exclusively for Arundhatiyar community

1% for ST

About 90% of all Muslims and Christians have been included for reservation under the 30% BC category

70% of all Tamil Nadu population is considered BC, a very unusual and high percentage.

50% of the 70% BC population is qualified for reservation.


let us see how this works in real terms by taking admission to medical
colleges as an example. There are altogether 3000 medical seats of
which 30% or 900 seats are allotted to the BC. 600 seats or 20% of the
total are allotted to the MBC.


constitute 6.5% of the total Tamil Nadu population while Muslims
constitute 5.5%. Of the total 6.5% of Christians, 6.1% or around 80% of
the total Christian population have been classified as BC. This is 1/9
of the total population. BC Christians were cornering 300 seats out of
the 900 medical seats every year; that is 1/9 of the population was
claiming 1/3 of the share of seats. And that is why
Christian politicians and the Christian clergy met the Tamil Nadu Chief
Minister to ask him to rescind the order granting 3.5% reservation for
Christians. The Tamil Nadu government promptly rescinded the order and
allowed the Christians to come back into the 30% BC quota segment which
was getting them phenomenal returns.
Christians must be removed
from the 30% BC quota unless we want a situation someday in the near
future when they may rampage across the entire BC spectrum. Giving
this super-forward religion even 3.5% quota is bad enough but allowing
them to occupy the elephant’s space in the BC quota segment is willful
betrayal of the cause of Hindu backward classes.    


same would be true of all professional colleges and in admissions to
all under-graduate and post-graduate degrees too. We must not be
beguiled into thinking that the remaining seats go to Hindu BCs and
MBCs. If we consider the possibility that
preference in reservation is given to anti-Hindu, irreligious dravidian
Tamils with marked political affiliations, then we begin to understand
what is happening in the Madras High Court and in all other courts of
Tamil Nadu.
Reservation benefits are being hogged by the minorities and anti-Hindu dravidian Tamils. Tamil Hindu SCs, BCs and MBCs are being increasingly marginalized and alienated from the mainstream.


of February 17 and February 19 in the Madras High Court are only a
violent expression of what has been happening for more than a decade
now in Tamil Nadu’s educational institutions of higher learning. The
Tamil Nadu government had announced 3.5% exclusive reservation for
Christians and Muslims. This 7% minority reservation quota was supposed
to have been hived off the 30% BC reservation quota. In the beginning,
the church welcomed the move but soon beat the retreat when it realised
that under the 3.5% exclusive quota, Christian BCs were eligible only
for 105 seats as against the 300 seats it was snatching from the mouths
of Hindu BCs.


let us look at the last government deception which is proving fatal to
Hindu Backward class and castes. According to the 2001 Census report
which for the first time was collecting such data on the basis of
religion, if we consider urbanization and literacy as indicators or
indices of forwardness, then in Tamil Nadu –


Male literacy is Christians 90%, Muslims also 90%, Hindus 81.5%

Female literacy is Christians 82%, Muslims 76%, Hindus 62.5%

Urbanized percentage – Christians 56%, Muslims 73%, Hindus 41%


we have to avert a social bloody revolution, then Indian polity must
begin to define forward and backward and also address the anomaly of
the ‘c’ in FC and BC. Keeping Hindus out of reservation on the basis of
caste but bringing in the Christians and Muslims into the quota regime
with the fig-leaf of class is disempowering more and more socially and
economically backward Hindus. Classifying Christians as backward is
akin to classifying the Brahmin caste as backward class just to enable
them to corner the empowering benefits of affirmative reservations in
higher education and government employment. This is perversion and
anti-Hinduism of the most shameless kind. The
Sachar Commission Report and the Tamil Nadu reservation policy rest on
some fuzzy all-India misconceptions and deceptions whereas the truth of
the backwardness of the Hindus, if one goes by the 2001 census indices
of forwardness, is more acute and visible. Hindu caste, religious and
political leaders must wake up to this appalling truth.
The silence had to be broken yet again.   


Radha Rajan,

17th March, 2009


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