Real Agenda behind Islam bashing websites

via HK published on November 5, 2010

Australian Islamic Monitor’s website ( proclaims in it’s goals and objectives as scrutinizing Islam and awaking the west against the growth of global Islam.
The website had exposed it’s true colours that , rather than exposing Islam their prime agenda is to evangelize the world and any other Christian missionary they have scant respect for other religions apart from Islam which they clubs under the term ‘Pagan’.

Christianity’s hatred for Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi has been well marked and whatever the differences we have with Gandhi’s policies – He was one of the stumbling block which prevented Missionaries from indulging in largescale conversions.

In one of the recent article published in the so called ‘Islam Scrutinizing Website’ by a Christian zealot , they slam Mahathma Gandhi for his outspoken views against Christianity.
No so called ‘Nationalistic Christians’ from Kerala who stroll in the web were seen there in marking their protest and those who questioned and reasoned with them have been even banned by these ‘Missionary Cowards’.

Hindus who align with such various forums in the west aimed primarily at exposing the Islam should keep distancing from them if their hidden agenda is Evangelisation.

Reproducing the experience of, one of our Readers with Australian Islamic Monitor.

Dear friends,

Sorry for this spam, but I didn’t know where [or how] to post my experience with respect to a ‘watch” forum (namely the which claims to do the monitoring and discussion of various terrorist activities carried out by islam cult.

There was an article about Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, “exposing” his double standards. I originally liked the post with a sincere hope that they are doing a critical analysis of Gandhi for his follies, without getting abusive or character assassination.

However to my astonishment, eventually I found that their grudge on Gandhi was not about his blunders committed during partition, but it was more due to the fact, that Gandhi refused to convert to christianity. There were other points too ofcourse, that dealt with his siding towards muslims in preference to Hindus, etc.

I tried to correct them, challenging them to show, how their missionary idealogy was different from islamic cult, citing the examples that both have been ‘spreading religions’ albeit with differences in the approach to the goal.

Then, I tried posting examples from Sitaram goel’s excellent work on Gandhi, which shows blow by blow account of examples of how the cunning Jesuit missionaries persuaded him throughout his life, and what had been his reaction each time.

A couple of my postings for this article, before this one, could make through the comments. But from this posting onwards, the name calling and abuses started pouring in.. My IP was blocked, user name was blocked. Now if I try to access their site “”, I get forbidden error.

Actually, I don’t support or oppose Gandhi. He is a man of both good and bad points to his score. I was trying to reason with these bigots about my view point, by quoting practical examples.

If any of you can access this site, you can search for Gandhi, and find an article by one Mr.Timothy. My replies can be found in the comments section with the name ‘Ravi’.


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