Reading and understanding Gita! A Christian sister advises a Hindu brother in secular India!

via Vedaprakash published on March 24, 2009


The Hindus have been immature fools and inexperienced idiots and they do not read their scriptures and understand properly.



If at all, any Hindu is reading his scriptures and understands them is entirely different question.



tendency has been crept into their veins that they should be told,
advised and tutored by others to know about their scriptures.



Remember, Max Mueller had to translate “Sanskrit scriptures” into “English” without coming to India, without knowing India or without understanding anything about India.



But the bloody Hindus have to read his translation to understand their Sanskrit scriptures or literature.



naturally a Christian Catholic sister comes and bolds asserts that the
Hindu brother who swears by Gita should read Gita properly and
understand it.



, Kasab tells judge, with a smile

A monstrous Mohammedan, the most heinous bomber and atrocious killer of
hundreds of Hindus and others, knows that he should address the kafir
judge with “Namaste”[1]. Alakkum salam. But the idiots Hindus do not know that the momin judges should be addressed with “Alaikkum salam“!
How does the secular judge know the meaning and significance of it?
Perhaps, K. G. Balakrishnan would depute Hussain to teach them theology
by drawing nude pictures of Saraswati, Sita, Bharatmata etc., to make
them understand. The Islamic terrorist has been “baby-faced killer”,
“milk-sucking kid”, “kindling-bitch” and so on. They brainwash to
forget the Odious, terrible, shocking, evil and devil that is inside
Kasab, the Pakistani that killed hundreds of Hindusthanis.


Baby-faced killer and killer-like baby

: The secular media has been portraying Kasab Kasai, the killer as “baby-faced killer“!
But note, how the “real baby” Varun is portrayed by CBN-IBN as
child-lifter, terrorist, and what not with the sound blaring, “unko hath katunga” (I shall cut off of his hands“)
that too, raising hands with big kumkum on his forehead excelling
Brinda Karat! But Bribda Karat has never been viewed or thought of
differently! All Tehelka video editing, sound mixing etc.


Oh idiot Hindus, read and understand this!


Smiling Kasab and cruel Varun

Note how the secular media has been glorifying the heinous Islamic
terrorist. Immediately, he may be booked by the Mumbai cine-producers
for future films. Or just like Sanjy Dutt , he can come out and acxt in
such movies, because Pakistanis and middle-eastern Mohammedans like
Hindi movies and love Hindi actresses, as they have been so liberal to
show their breasts completely or partially, if required. No haram in
sex please.



Mohammed Ajmal Kasab kept smiling during his first court hearing opened to the public eye



Kasab was smiling throughout the hearing and said he was from Pakistan

,” special public prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said of the lone Mumbai gunman caught alive after last November’s strike.



The 21-year-old, dubbed the “baby-faced killer” after being caught on camera with an AK-47 on the night of November 26, flashed his smile at least thrice during his brief appearance before special court judge M.L. Tahilyani through video-conferencing from Arthur Road jail.


The session ended with his remand being extended till next week. Kasab smiled once and did a namaste when Tahilyani told him he would conduct his trial. When asked where he was from, Kasab grinned and said “Pakistan”,
possibly realising the importance of his answer before an Indian court.
The young man is also said to have smiled when he was asked whether he
had received the chargesheet.

Kasab has been very attractive, but Varun is the Devil, the Satan

: The media has been describing in detail about his dress, his facial expression etc., making the killer Kasab as hero!  But see, how Feroze Varun is depicted – the devil, the real evil, the representative of RSS, the candidate of BJP and so on.


is the first time Kasab, wearing a grey T-shirt and a light stubble,
has admitted before the special court that he is a Pakistani national
from Faridkot village in Punjab province.



had repeatedly denied the Mumbai suspects were its nationals before admitting it under international pressure.


question about his origin was asked for the first time today since the
remand hearings began. Earlier, a magistrate and a prosecution lawyer
conducted hearings in his crime branch lock-up.


The media does not reveal the secret that whether he swore by Quaran or Gita.

A closed-door hearing, through video link, was done from Arthur Road
jail. Because of threats to his life, Kasab has been physically
produced in court only once, on November 27. This was the day after his
arrest while the rampage by his nine associates was still on. Over 170 people died[2] in the siege
from November 26-29. Kasab agreed to be represented by a government
lawyer when the court asked him if he would like one. He had earlier
written to the Pakistan high commission in Delhi to provide him consular access and legal representation as a Pakistan
citizen. He has not got a response yet. The Mumbai attack trial was to
begin today. It has been delayed after the prosecution last week sought
a postponement till fortification work at the jail — to prevent attacks
on Kasab — is completed. The public works department, which has been
carrying out the construction, has told the court it will need time
till April 12.

Tahilyani remanded Kasab in judicial custody till March 30. He said he
would rule on the prosecution’s application to push back the trial and
on the appointment of a government lawyer for Kasab on that day. The
court accepted a prosecution plea to impose a gag order on airing and
publishing transcripts of telephonic intercepts tapped by investigating
agencies, and on revealing information related to the evidence and

Threat to Kasab and nothing to Varun!

: “There
are serious threats to Kasab. We suspect he is a Lashkar member. That
is why any maps or site plans of jail premises where Kasab is lodged
should not be public in the print or electronic media
,” Nikam
said. The prosecutor clarified the threats were not specifically from
the Lashkar, but refused to divulge details. However, Varun has been
roaming here and there, that too, shouting that “unko hath katunga” (I shall cut off of his hands“) swearing on Gita.

Priyanka jab: read the Gita

The Telegraph’s report has been under this caption “Priyanka jab: read
the Gita”. Really, I could not understand the meaning of “jab”! The
Thesaurus gives the meaning as – poke, prod, stab, punch, thrust, dig
etc.Yeah, the cousin deseres it.  Priyanka Vadra today asked Varun Gandhi[3] to “properly” read the Gita he swears by, possibly making one of the sharpest comments ever by one Gandhi against another[4]. Referring to Varun’s alleged hate speech against Muslims, Priyanka said: “What
Varun had said clearly goes against all principles the Gandhi family
stood for… lived and died for. It is really sad to see him saying all
these things on television


Catholic can offer prayer to Hanuman, the Monkey God!

As Obama has been reportedly liking Hanuman, this Catholic Vedhera has
so much interest in the bachler God, that too, monkey God. Sonia
Gandhi’s daughter, who had just offered prayers at a Hanuman temple in
her mother’s constituency of Rae Bareli, added: “I would advise him to read the Gita properly and try to understand it.”
Varun, BJP nominee from Pilibhit, had allegedly told a rally that if
anyone lifted a hand against Hindus, “I swear on the Gita that I will
cut off that hand”.

Gandhi versus Gandhi

The media hysterical headlines, debates and suggestive reports with
“westernized women reporters” singing the song like this. Perhaps, we
may forget who is “Gandhi”! To Congress sources in Delhi,
always curious about how close the children of Sonia and Maneka Gandhi
are, Priyanka’s comment has apparently clarified matters “to an
extent”. Still, asked about the Varun camp’s claims about the two
cousins’ rapport, Congress sources cautiously said they thought the
remarks were “far-fetched” but declined to speak on record. The word
from Varun and those close to him is that “Priyankadidi” keeps in touch
with him and that the cousins always greet each other on their
birthdays. Varun was last seen at 10 Janpath at Priyanka’s wedding.
These sources have also spread the buzz that Priyanka didn’t want the
Congress to field a candidate against Varun. The Congress has asked
Maneka’s cousin, B.M. Singh, to contest from Pilibhit.

Nehruvian legacy of secularism and RSS

The media has the capability of twisting the issues and confusing the
facts, but the poor “communal BJP” does not know anything, but do only
salam to “Dwaja” that is disliked by Feroze Varun Gandhi. How is that
Priyanka is forgetting the legacy of Ferozh? Priyanka, however, had
until today been guarded in her comments about Varun. “He is my brother and I wish him well,”
was all she said a couple of years ago. Congress sources refused to
comment also on the claims that Sonia and her children had asked Varun
to reconsider his decision to join the BJP. Varun had told some
reporters in 2005 that when Sonia heard of his decision, she told him: “But darling, whatever came over you?  To the Gandhis, Varun’s visit to the RSS headquarters to meet then sarsanghachalak
K.S. Sudarshan apparently amounted to a family member spurning the
Nehruvian legacy of secularism and inclusiveness. Varun always insisted
he did not take the RSS salute at a shakha he attended at Nagpur, but this did not cut much ice with the Gandhis, sources said. The Pilibhit speech apparently aggravated matters. “Priyanka
Gandhi made a pertinent point when she said Varun should take lessons
from the Gita to understand the Hindu religion rather than make
comments against other religions
,” Congress leader Digvijay Singh said. “We would never imagine a person belonging to the Gandhi family could say such things.”

Ferozh’s legacy and Nehru’s legacy

: Remember the letter head of the communal BJP candidate? He mentioned his name as Feroze Varun Gandhi, just like Indira Priyadarshini Nehru Gandhi. So they can go on add their legacy-suffixes and prefixes like this. Nehru Feroze Gandhi
and so on. Feroze has been mentioned as Mohammedan or Parsi, who
married Indira Priyadarshini to gave his legacy of Gandhi and not that
of Mahathma Gandhi.




h Nandgaonkar,


, Kasab tells judge, with a smile

, The Telegrah, 24-03-2009.


Note how the facts are twisted.


The Telegraph, 24-03-2009, OUR BUREAU.


The Mohammedan trade and business establishments and organizations have
these prefixes just to fool Hindus. Of course, the Government of
Undertaking companies have such prefixes to indicate that they are

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