Ramsethu – Rajnikanth’s advice to Karunanidhi

via Vedaprakash published on October 18, 2007

Sethsamuthram Project smoking in the North: Rajini’s bold talk during ther film awarding function! (Dinamalar 17-10-2007).


During the TN State Film award function, the speech of Rajnikanth has been revealing:


“Phone calls, letters were received from many quarters pointing out that it was wrong on my part to appreciate certain aspects of Periyar film. It was a film of feast. In feast, there would be ten types of eating items served. Everyone would eat what one wants. Atheism / denial of God, untouchability, abolition of caste and such other issues were dealt with. I did not like atheism or anti-God propaganda. I left it and took other items.


“as a citizen, I want to tekll one thing. An emotional / sensitive issue has been raised in the case of Sethsamuthram Project. Its impact might not have been felt in Tamilnadu, but in North India, it has been smoking. Certain acts are committied to blow up the smoke to flare up. Karunanidhi has been the eldest political leader of South India. AllNorth Indian leaders are friends of? Karunanidhi. I would be happy if he could negotiate with them to find a solution through discussion“, thus, he spoke.


In response to Rajini, Karunanidhi retorted:


“To complete the sethu samuthram Project, Rajini has suggested an idea. Rajini has more opportunities and facilities to travel around in North India than me. If he wishes, he could even go to Himalayas and meet Samiyars (Sadhus / Sanyasis) there. At that time, kindly tell them: “Karunanidhi is an atheist only. Karunanidghi does not hate the name `Rama’. The name of his leader is `Ramaswamy’. This fact should be told to them. If those Samiyars change or correct themselves (thirunthinal), country would change. Religion, concept of God, Itihasa should not come in the way of Sethusamuthram Project. Welfare, future, coming future only should be encountered in the (implementation of the) Project. Rajini should take the responsibility of telling this to the people. Award is not given to Rajini, this request is made to him”.




The arrogant, senile and incorrigible Karunanidhi’s crooked mind could be seen here. He says that he is not against the name `Rama’, but does not accept that he has not been against `Rama’. He started the smoke to get flared up only in the name of “Rama”. It was only Karu and Balu started the political game of “Rama” for their autocratic political bossism threatening the Congress. Otherwise, where is the controversy or the entire exercise of calling scientists, geologists, and aquatic experts together? Why all talk about history, science, myth, politics, faith, fusion etc., all in the name of “Rama”. 


ð     Interestingly, the historians and archaeologists have been conscious mentioning as “Rama”, the scientists are mentioning “Adam”!


ð     Every illiterate, vagabond, street-walker, onlooker and all know who is Rama. When Karu called Rama a “Kudikaran”, everybody knows that he called only that Rama as a “drunkard” in Tamil. Otherwise, why he should now give an explanation for the name “Rama”. Is there any difference between that Rama and the name Rama?


ð     This troublemaker would always claim that he has been only against “Brahmanism”, but not against “Brahmins”. But what happens every time, when se sends a signal to attack “Brahminism?


ð     Only the method of attack has changed from hand to wooden rod to weapon (aruval) to petrol bomb. Few months back, the innocent Brahmins at Ayodhya Mantap were attacked with lethal weapons cutting them with the throw of petrol bombs! Above all, they are tortured mentally day in and day out with vulgar jokes, abusive language, body language and so on. One glaring example has been here in the HC, a posting of one “Tamizh”.


ð     Can Karunanidhi or anybody say that he has been only against terrorism / fundamentalists and not against Muslims, Islam etc?


ð     Has he ever attacked Osama-bin-Laden, A-Aquida and other jihadi groups?


ð     Can he say that he has been only against Churchianity / caste-ridden Church / untouchability promoting Vatican and not against Christianity, Christians, Pope etc?





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