“RAMLILA” has begun ! – ‘MK’ scripts his own end!

via HARAN.B.R published on September 27, 2007

 The statement “Rama is a myth and an imaginary character” is an opinion and entitles the so-called ‘freedom of expression’. But, the questions “Was he an engineer? If so, in which Engineering College he studied?” and the statement “Rama is a drunkard” are sheer ‘blasphemy’. Hurting & insulting the faith of the majority community with a deliberate intention, even after their protests, is unconstitutional. It invites the legal actions on Defamation, Disqualification, Disenfranchisement and De-recognition. Calling for a bandh over an issue, which is ‘sub-judice’, amounts to contempt of court. The Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi is caught on the wrong foot with regards to his bandh call and is in a catch-22 situation with regards to the SSCP and his insensitive remarks on Lord Rama. Cases have been filed in the Courts of Law against his bandh call and his remarks on Lord Rama and many more cases are in the offing at almost all the states in the country.


 He has not only landed himself in trouble, but he has also pulled his allies along with him. ‘Vanniars’ are ‘Vaishnavites’ (Vanniar Sangam has already warned the CM) and the PMK, a predominantly Vanniar dominated party, has its Chief named after Lord Rama as ‘Rama Das’ meaning ‘Ram Sevak’. The Congress leader G.K.Vasan, following the footsteps of his father Late G.K. Moopanar, inaugurates and conducts the Thyaga Brahmma Aradana Festival every year in Thiruvaiyaru in remembrance of the great musician Thyagaraja, who has composed hundreds of devotional songs on Lord Rama. Most of the DMK party men, baring the motley crowd of ‘DK-Black Rats’ are ‘believers’ and they have felt bad within, even though they have not come out openly. Even the moderates belonging to Christianity and Islam have felt bad about his diatribes against Lord Ram. After all, their ancestry is Hindu and they have been coexisting with the majority, with almost similar culture, baring the style of worshipping. The whole country is seething in anger and the Congress party will realize its folly of having DMK as an ally in the coming election.


 Right from the day the dredging was started, the DMK patriarch has witnessed major untoward incidents, at the dredging site, within the party and within the family. The Chief Minister has been under a wrong impression that the Tamil people would support his stand on Rama & Rama Sethu and the lack of visible physical action from the people has made him to believe so. But, what he has failed to recognize is the fact that theism and faith in God have increased in manifolds in the state. Also, the Tamil (Hindu) Culture is that the people generally do not resort to violence and they have shown tolerance on many occasions and treated the people from other states with love & friendship even when their brethren are attacked in other states. It is only the small section of Dravidian turned Tamils, who indulge in mindless violence as per the instigation & instruction of their leaders and the same had been unleashed against the offices & residences of the leaders of Hindu organizations a few days back. The Chief Minister is still thinking of the Tamil Nadu of the late sixties or early seventies, but he has not understood the transformation, which has happened in the last forty years. The people of the state are expected to teach a lesson to the DPA led by DMK in the coming election. The AIADMK has taken the Rama Sethu issue very seriously and started statewide protests apart from filing cases against the Chief Minister. DMDK Chief Actor Vijayakant and AISK Chief Actor Saratkumar have condemned his remarks on Lord Ram and questioned his bandh call. MDMK Chief Vaiko had visited the BJP office after the attack and condemned the violence unleashed by DMK. The rank opportunist PMK chief might also switch sides at the time of election. In the inevitability of the Congress led UPA shelving the Sethusamudhram Ship Canal Project due to various reasons, all the Tamil Nadu parties including his allies will squarely blame Karunanidhi for the non-implementation & the project’s failure to take off. Karunanidhi, after having projected the SSCP as a super developmental project, owes an answer to the people of the state.


The much-hyped worthless project has brought him and his party to a stage where his pet project itself might prove to be his political nemesis. The protest demonstrations under taken by the Hindu organizations have been magnificent, particularly in Ramanathapuram & Rameshwaram. The Congress leader M.S.Bitta had visited Ramesharam and taken an oath (Sankalpam) to sacrifice even his life to protect the Rama Sethu. His visit is seen as a proof for the recordings on Lord Rama in Sikh religious texts and the support of the Sikh community to the Rama Sethu Protection Movement. The Chief Minister is terribly worried now. The Supreme Court’s stay order and the consequent withdrawal of the affidavit by the center were his first setback. The expected order, striking down his bandh call, from the Madras High Court will be his second setback. The inevitable defeat in the coming election will be the third & final setback, which will mark the end of his political career. The career that started with “Rama Dwesham” (Rama hatred) will end because of the same!


The concept of Dravidianism had


  • Its first setback, when Annadurai, the founder of DMK accepted the principle “Onre Kulam; Oruvane Devan” (One Race; One god).


  • It had its second setback, when M.G.Ramachandran visited Kollur Mookambiga Temple and openly exhibited his faith in God.


  •  It had its third setback, when J. Jyalalitha removed Atheism from the fundamentals of her ‘Dravidian’ party.


  • It had its fourth setback, when the family of Karunanidhi openly flaunted their ‘faith’ showcasing his double standards.


The motley crowd of ‘Black Rats’ called DK (Dravidar Kazhagam) led by K.Veeramani will die its natural death after the political exit of Karunanidhi.  Karunanidhi, who started his life as a scriptwriter and became successful, would have never thought of a situation like this, where in, he would be writing the script, or rather the screenplay, for the end of Dravidianism. “DMK” means “Dravidam Mannai Kavvum”, that is, “Dravidianism will bite the dust”!  


Questions & attacks on faith will get replies only by means of faith and those replies will make the unfaithful to realize the faith. That is the history of ‘Rakshasas’ from Hiranyakshan to Ravanan, and, ‘Rakshasis’ from Thadagai to Boothagi, as proved by the various Avatars of the Almighty God.


 Lord Rama has begun his “Ramlila” and very soon the Dravidians will realize that Lord Rama is not an imaginary character, but the ‘Avatar’ of the Almighty God!


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