Rama Setu talk by Dr. Swamy on youtube

published on May 31, 2008

Below is a video
link of brilliant talk on Rama Sethu and its relevance to the what is
happening to Hinduism, delivered by Dr. Subramanian Swamy during his
recent visit to US when he released his book on Rama Sethu.  


Every Indian must watch this.  For those who may not know, it is Dr. Swamy’s brilliant arguments in Supreme Court that blocked destruction of Rama Sethu.

Listen to how Dr. Swamy, who is an economist and not a lawyer,
relate how he argued for 8 hours at a stretch with Supreme Court
justices and successfully convinced them to stop destruction of Rama
Sethu.   Listen to why he took up this case because he clearly saw it
as another example of undermining Hindu society.  Hear about the gross
corruption involved, total lack of values and simple decency in the
leaders of current government.




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Rama Sethu book can be ordered from Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation at 908-244-3258.

Synopsis of the lecture

(High level summary)

Swamy started with introductory remarks to show Rama Sethu matter in
perspective. He got interested in the problems Hindu Society is facing
after Kanchi Sankaracharya was arrested on foisted charges and jailed
like a common criminal,  for which Supreme Court of India found no
prima facie charges.   It brought his attention to the forces that are
working to undermine Hindu Society by making them feel impotent and
inferior.   As he looked around, he found the same way the Hindu
society targeted in several areas.  Whether it is the terrorism where
Hindus and Hindu temples are targeted and claimed the number of lives
next to Iraq in last 4 years, large scale religious conversions of Hindus,

rubbishing of Hinduism in history books in India,

explains how Hindus who constitute large percentage can be under
sieze.   He gave example how numbers do not matter, because thousands
of goats can be made to run for life by one tiger.  Strength or
capacity does not matter, because a thin whip master in circus can make
powerful lions obey him.  The problem he says is lack of Hindu
mindset.  What is happening today is mental subversion, unlike physical
brutalities of Islamic invasions of the past.  He says he took up Rama
Sethu because it is just another example of the way Hindu society is
being targeted in subtle psychological way.

What does he mean by Hindu Mind set?  He goes on, it is not about doing Pujas or celebrating Diwali only.  It is the corporate psychology that is needed.  When 500,000 Hindus were driven out Kashmir
by Islamic terrorists and living in squalid camps since 1989,  we need
to feel annoyed, upset and take action.  We worry about one Masjid
broken, every day Hindu temples are broken in Kashmir and outside India like Malayasia.    When Hindus and Hindu temples are targeted by terrorists, we need to stand up against it. 

What are forces against Hinduism?   He gave examples of Christian fundamentalist Pat Robertson
openly declaring that he would convert 100 millions to Christianity. 
Money does not matter. He gave example of christian CM of Andhra
Pradesh YSR.   As for Islam, he says they are more clearer than
Christian fundamentalists in their objective.  He explained how the
Islamic scriptures (Koran, Sira and Hadith)
drive the behavior of Islamists and how Islam sanctions terrorism.   He
showed it is not just in Kashmir where Hindus are targeted,  it is
happening in district level in India. 
He detailed how in every single Panchayat in Tamilnadu (40 of them)
where Muslims gained majority,  they stopped providing civic services
such as water, school, garbage cleanup to Hindus for last 10 years with
notices in Urdu that they need to convert to get those services. 
Failing which, they destroyed their agriculture by directing the water
from their tanneries into their fields.   He related how he
successfully fought this in High Court of Tamilnadu that ordered
Governor to take action.  He explained the concepts of Dar-Ul-Harab and
Dar-Ul-Islam, where this mentality comes from.

he does not blame Islam or Christian fundamentalists.  He says they are
clear in their mind what they want to do and they go about doing it. 
But it is Hindu who are confused about what he(or she) is and what to
do.  That confusion he was trying to remove by placing the whole
conspiracy behind destruction of Rama Sethu. 

given this perspective he goes about the Rama Sethu’s significance in
our history.  He detailed how there were committees since 1860, nine of
them before independence and six after the independence and not a
single committee ever recommended the route that destroys Rama Sethu.  
How the current Government took on its own to destroy at the behest of
Karunanidhi and his chela Baalu.   Why so many alternative routes not
considered and why every clearance required by law was simply
ignored?   Why the precedent where Governments in India
always changed project plans in order not to hurt religious sentiments 
would not be followed in finding alternative to the proposed route that
would hurt the sentiments of one billion Hindus

(e.g, Government in 2001 rerouted Delhi Metro at cost of 500 crores and
delay of 1 year,  because of simple complaint from a Muslim NGO that
the Metro route can cause cracks to three graves near Qutub Minar)

Why did the Government ignore 35 Lakhs verifiable signatures requesting
not to destroy Rama Sethu and the protest of 5 lakh people?   The same
Government that will bend backwards for even slightest dissent from
their vote banks, has decidedly chosen the path of breaking the back of
Hindu society.

He showed with detailed calculations how it is the greatest
economic disaster and the only beneficiaries are TR Baalu who owns the
shipping company with ships of the size that can go thro’  the proposed
route thro’ Rama Sethu and his son who has company that needs to clear
the sand that will be thrown by sea into the dredged area every year,
worth multiple crores.   

Listen to the talk to become
aware of the extent of corruption, debasement of our current political
leaders and the conspiracy going on to destroy Hinduism from India.  
Listen to how he brilliantly argued with justices with wit and humor
and made the defense counsel eat their words.  Hear the options he has
to offer to revive Hindu society and create a stronger India. 

Dr. Swamy’s book on Rama Sethu also provides all the details.

 Rama Sethu book can be ordered from Kanchi Kamakoti Seva Foundation at 908-244-3258.

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