Ram exists, Ramayana exists, but Rama Setu does not!

via Dr. S. Kalyanaraman published on July 24, 2008

It is Rama leela; now even the atheists accept Rama, while denying Setu.

All for a few crumbs from offices of profit held and bogus, disastrous projects dreamt. Why try to defend the indefensible? Why deny the rashtram, the nation, for the sake of a few individuals’ prestige and Self?

Now the Union of India is arguing: Ram exists, Ramayana exists, but Rama Setu does not.

It is jurists’ versions of lies which are delivered in sophisticated judicial jargon indulging n suggestio falsi, suppressio veri. Without Rama Setu, Narimaan, there is no Ramayana, no victory over adharma, asuric forces. Why this display of casuistry to pamper to the coalition atheist partners? And, don’t teach us how to pray, ok?

Narimaan, who replied in positive to the Bench’s remarks that issue of faith has to be accommodated in going ahead with the project, however, was not in agreement with the opponents that alignment number 4 (from Rameswaram to Dhanushkodi) was a viable alternative.

“The suggestion to go for alignment 4 is a self-defeating argument. Alignment number 4 has been suggested as an alternative. If it will be so, there will be no way to go to worship near alignment number 6 (Rama Sethu),” he said.


This argument of Narmaan is specious. He should be reminded of


bridge, Pamban bridge,

San Francisco

bridge which are cantilever bridges which allow ships to pass through while allowing people to cross over to the other side of the land-based canal or backwatersl.

NO alignment is viable according to the petitioners. The mid-ocean channel project itself should be scrapped.

However, for the sake of argument — alignment 4 which does not destroy Rama Setu will NOT deny access to Dhanushkodi to offer prayers. All that is needed is a Pamban or Howrah-type cantilever bridge for people to cross from Rameshwaram to Dhanushkodi.


So, Narimaan’s is a self-defeating argument that pilgrims cannot go to Dhanushkodi. If there is a will, there is a way, Narimaan. GOI can build good roads and bridges as needed for pilgrims to go to worship Rama Setu. Check with scientists, they will find answers if only the right questions are asked.

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