Raja Spectrum Fraud outshines and outclasses (Asatyam) Raju Fraud -I

published on May 17, 2010

Raju of aSatyam Fraud when he was caught red-handed in January 2009 would never have imagined or dreamt of his gigantic mega-fraud being outclassed and smashed into smithereens in May 2010 by the Global Grand Himalayan Spectrum Fraud of a supremely fraudulent DMK Union Cabinet Minister A. Raja. Our surrogate Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh could never have stopped the aSatyam Fraud of Satyam Raju in January 2009. Our weak, impotent, colourless, tasteless and yet malodorous and shameless, Prime Minister is playing the role of Chief Master of Ceremonies for the Sonia Congress Party / Government by successfully conducting and completing the Spectrum Fraud of the Union Communications Minister A. Raja in an orchestrated manner today. The Hindu-baiting, Brahmin-hating, Islam embracing and Christianity coveting Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Dr Kalingar Karunanidhi — one known for his sage like purity, unimpeachable integrity, right from the days of Justice Sarkaria Commission till today— has brazenly attacked the detractors of Union Communications Minister A. Raja by openly declaring that he is being targeted only because he is an ‘oppressed’, ‘suppressed’ and ‘helpless’ dalit. This Honourable Chief Minister Karunanidhi is the same worthy who merits an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the WORLD RECORD FOR UNDERTAKING AND COMPLETING THE SHORTEST FAST-UNTO-DEATH PROGRAMME IN WORLD HISTORY IN A MATTER OF FOUR VERY LONG AND EXTENDED HOURS AFTER BREAKFAST AND BEFORE LUNCH IN SEPTEMBER 2007.
Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi paid his tribute to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi’s ‘fast unto death’ drama in these words: “Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi vowed a fast unto death, just for four hours! Karunanidhi has broken a world record for shortest fast unto death. Entire world saw the fast unto death of such a short duration. Karunanidhi’s fast started after breakfast and ended before lunch.”

With all the earnestness, sincerity and decency, I can command, I would like to refer to a very noble and soul-elevating Indian Express Report dated September 29, 2007: “Pleased with Karunanidhi’s recent remarks questioning the “engineering qualifications” of Lord Ram, a group of backward and scheduled caste sadhus and mahants of Ayodhya have decided to honour Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, M Karunanidhi with the title of ‘Shudra Samrat’ (Emperor of Shudras!!!). Mahant Jugal Kishore Sharan Shastri, Convenor of a social movement forum called Ayodhya Ki Awaaz said, a delegation of sadhus of the Shudra community from Ayodhya will go to Tamil Nadu after Gandhi Jayanti to felicitate Karunanidhi.” How can a small and trivial matter of no national significance such as the Rs 100,000 Crores Spectrum Fraud ever come in the way of ‘Shudra Samrat’ (Emperor of Shudras!!!) expressing his heart-felt camaraderie to his able lieutenant Dalit Raja?

‘Shudra Samrat’ Karunanidhi thinks he can fool the country by talking about the ‘Divine’ Dalit-hood of A. Raja. To say that many people are making much of Spectrum Fraud only because A. Raja is a Dalit is not only foolish but also patently absurd. Luckily for the people of this country Nira Radia is not a Dalit, else Karunanidhi would have raised the same self-serving claim of Dalit-hood in respect of Nira Radia’s case too. Just as Raja and his DMK team in Chennai are for maximum corruption in the shortest possible time, without getting caught by the Police or the CBI, the Telecom Companies are pro-profit (maximum profit) and are neither pro-dalit nor anti-dalit.

All the Dalit organizations in India by choosing to remain silent on the Spectrum Fraud of A. Raja and the politically filial comments of Karunanidhi on the Dalit-hood of Raja, have covered themselves with everlasting disgrace by giving a permanently wrong signal to the country as a whole that all the ‘Dalit’ Ministers in India are as a rule and by convention and habit, thoroughly corrupt

In this context I fully endorse the following acidly apposite comment of Dr Subramanian Swamy:

“The absurd and ridiculous claim of the DMK leader Mr. Karunanidhi that action against telecom minister Mr. A. Raja on corruption charges is being sought by those of upper castes on the ground that Raja is a dalit, deserves to be condemned as typically hypocritical of him. When I was pursuing corruption cases against Ramakrishna Hegde and J. Jayalalitha, Mr. Karunanidhi had praised me. He did not raise the caste issue then. In fact he invited me to dinner once to congratulate me for pursuing Jayalalitha by filing cases. Mr. Karunanidhi’s real fear now is that his family members are also on the take in this scam.”

“Mr. Raja has committed the most monumental corruption in the history of the world in the allotment of 2g spectrum. It has cost the nation Rs. 100,000 crores which is now confirmed by the recent auction going on in 3g spectrum. Once convicted for the corruption in 2g spectrum allocation raja’s name will find a place in the Guinness Book of World Records.”

“I demand that the Prime Minister as designated authority under the Prevention of Corruption Act grant me the necessary sanction to prosecute Raja under Sections 11 and 13 of the act, and before the Delhi High Court hears my writ petition on the matter on may 18th. If the PM does not do so, he could become culpable as an accessory after the fact, which is also a crime under the IPC. I also demand that the corrupt 2g spectrum allocation be cancelled, and an auction be held as in the case of 3g presently.”

In my view, Raja being a dalit has nothing to do with the issue of Spectrum Fraud. The most monumental corruption of the world has occurred under the 2nd UPA Government. Even the most supine government of PM Hon’ble Manmohan Singh has to act immediately and effectively to prevent Hindusthan from becoming a laughing stock in the comity of nations. The cry of the common people of India today is: “Weak-kneed, soulless, honourless, listless, invertebrate and THOROUGHLY CORRUPT PRIME MINISTER! SACK your disgraceful Minister Raja forthwith!!!”

The carefully promoted and organized Sonia Congress POLITICAL FICTION of private incorruptibility of Dr Manmohan Singh gets drowned in his own blatantly known and publicly recognizable foul stench of public corruptibility emanating from the disgraceful office of the Prime Minister of India.

NOW LET ME DEAL WITH THE DECEITFUL DUBIOUS NON-EXISTING HONESTY OF DR MANMOHAN SINGH — THE MOST CORRUPT PRIME MINISTER OF POST INDEPENDENT INDIA.  For him private security of Sonia Gandhi and the members of her Italian family are more sacred and important than the security of India’s citizens and territorial integrity of India. Sri Atanu Dey, a well-known economist, has given a hair rising account of Dr ManMohan Singh’s Himalayan, unimpeachable integrity (!):“Give a man a reputation as an early riser, and he can sleep until noon.” Mark Twain’s pithy remark is illustrated most forcefully in the case of Dr Manmohan Singh and his integrity. In his case, give the man a reputation as an honest person, and he can rob the country blind with impunity.”
The veteran journalist Sri Chandan Mitra wrote in The Pioneer as follows:

“Given Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s unimpeachable record of probity even his own party leaders are dumbfounded by his palpable helplessness in acting against a Minister who is lampooned day in and day out by the Opposition and media with hard evidence of brazen corruption. It is widely known that Mr Manmohan Singh made an attempt to rid himself of this man when constituting the UPA 2 Cabinet around this time one year ago. Mr A Raja’s shenanigans had been exposed much earlier and it seemed the Prime Minister had decided to use the opportunity of restructuring his team in the wake of the Congress’s enhanced strength after the 2009 poll. Cabinet formation was delayed by at least three days apparently because Mr Singh insisted on giving the telecom portfolio back to Mr Dayanidhi Maran who held it till he fell from Mr M Karunanidhi’s grace mid-way through UPA 1, although he made a comeback after the pre-election patch-up in the Kalaingar’s family.”

In the context of the cold and calculated silence on the part of Dr ManMohan Singh on the now fully exposed Spectacular Spectrum Mega Fraud of his Minister A. Raja, it will be a cruel joke to call this defiantly corrupt Prime Minister as a great public servant with an “unimpeachable record of probity”.  His “unimpeachable record of probity” can at best excel the “unimpeachable record of probity” of one New Delhi-based Italian ex-escort girl and daughter of an ex-KGB agent!!! (For more details – see Dr Subramanian Swami’s website)

Any ordinary man with an ordinary sense of decency, public probity, fair play and self respect would have resigned his post as Prime Minister if one of his Cabinet Ministers was continuously defying his constitutional authority and behaving like an arrogant Dravidian Satrap, cheerfully taking his orders on every issue relating to his Ministry from a regional party boss like Karunanidhi. The best Bernard Shaw political joke floating in the National Capital is this: “Dr ManMohan Singh has said: ‘I am not even afraid of death. I am only mortally afraid of Sonia Gandhi and no one else’.”

I fully endorse the following view of Sri Atanu Dey on Dr Manmohan Singh:

“PM Manmohan Singh is a dishonest man and is a disgrace to the proud and noble Sikhs, a disgrace to India, a disgrace to the worthy economics profession. He lacks pride in his own self. He’s a toady — one who flatters in the hope of gaining favours. A sycophant. He is what we call in Hindi is a horse for hire. Granted that he is basically a civil servant and is trained to follow orders. But surely, he could have been his own man after being appointed the prime minister. Or perhaps he was appointed precisely because of his flexible morality and his ability to follow orders. I wonder how long it will take before the average Indian voter understands this critically important fact that Mr Singh is as THOROUGHLY CORRUPT as it is humanly possible to be. Would a person with even the least bit of honesty continue to hang on to his position — where he was placed by his masters — despite repeatedly being called out by the media month after month, year after year? … Now if you will excuse me, I have to go throw up — I do every time I read that Blue Turban is an honest man.”

We are now condemned to have a KNOW NOTHING Government in New Delhi coupled with the National Disaster of a DO NOTHING AT ANY COST PRIME MINISTER. Here is my comically topical and topically comical on our dismal, nay abysmal Prime Minister.

We have a ‘powerless’ Prime Minister
Who often declares
I know nothing about Spectrum Scam,
I do nothing about Spectrum Scam,
I do not know that I do nothing,
I do not want to know,
That I Know Nothing and Do Nothing,
I do not want to know,
That I do not want to do what I am not doing.

Why should I know anything,
When my supreme ‘Secular’ leader,
Omnipotent Omnipresent Omniscient,
Mother Superior Super Star
Anoints everything,
Announces everything,
Applauds everything,
Approves everything,
Knows everything,
Detects everything,
Directs everything ,
Does everything.
For you and me and all
Is she not EVERYTHING?
Pleads the Prime Minion Blue Turban.

When the entire pseudo-secular, anti-national mafia of mass media –– both print and electronic –– has been coldly neutral and indifferent towards the spectacular Spectrum Fraud of DMK Union Minister A. Raja, the English daily newspaper called THE PIONEER published from New Delhi covered itself with great glory when it published an article by the fearless journalist Sri J Gopikrishnan on April 28, 2010 titled ‘TAPPED and TRAPPED’ which completely exposed the transcendental and treasonable spectacular Spectrum Fraud of DMK Union Minister A Raja. THE PIONEER NEWSPAPER IN NEW DELHI IS THE ONLY ENGLISH NEWS PAPER IN INDIA WHICH IS TOTALLY COMMITTED TO THE SACRED CAUSE OF UPHOLDING PUBLIC INTEREST AT ALL COSTS WITH OUT ANY FEAR OR FAVOUR.

Sri J Gopikrishnan in his article has brought out the following solid facts relating to the Himalayan misdeeds of corruption of the DMK Union Minister A. Raja with the full knowledge of our supremely corrupt surrogate Prime Minister and no-less surrogate Union Home Minister P. Chidambaram.

1. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has gathered clinching evidence showing that a high-profile woman public relations lobbyist called Ms Nira Radia acted as powerbroker in the mutli-crore 2G spectrum scam and that she was in regular touch with Telecom Minister A Raja carrying on continuous telephonic conversations with him.

2. Radia is an NRI, who landed in India in early 2000 for some liaison work for aviation companies. Ms Nira Radia, who runs several public relations and consultancy companies — like Vaishnavi Corporate Consultants, Noesis Strategic Consulting Services, Vitcom Consulting and Neucom Consulting. All these companies are filled with retired bureaucrats, who openly and brazenly lobby with the Government on behalf of different companies. Of the nine (9) companies that benefited from the dubious spectrum allocation by Raja, the CBI found that four (4) companies were “serviced” by Radia.

3. A communication between the Income Tax Department and the CBI reveals that the telephone lines of several other influential businessmen, politicians and advertising professionals were tapped by the Income Tax Department’s Investigation Wing. Sources said that the conversation tapping exposed the parking of ill-gotten money from the spectrum scam in the form of real estates holdings, company shares and financial derivatives within the country and in tax havens like Mauritius.

4. The Pioneer is in possession of public documents which show that Central Bureau of Investigation DIG Sri Vineet Agarwal had on November 16, 2009, sought call detail records of Ms Nira Radia from Director General of Income Tax (Investigation) Milap Jain. Sri Vineet Agarwal in his letter to Sri Milap Jain stated: “It has been reliably learnt that certain middlemen, including one Ms Nira Radia of M/s Noesis Consultancy, were actively involved in the above-mentioned (spectrum scam) criminal conspiracy”.

5. On November 20, 2009, as per Sri Milap Jain’s instructions, Joint Director of Income Tax Sri Ashish Abrol provided the details of conversation between Ms Nira Radia and key players in the spectrum scam, including A Raja. Sri Ashish Abrol in his reply to Sri Vineet Agarwal confirmed as follows:

“There are some direct conversations between Ms Radia and the Telecom Minister. In some other conservations, Ms Radia boasts of having helped some of the telecom operators in their efforts to obtain licences/spectrums. Ms Radia has also been in regular touch with Sri Chandolia.” It is interesting to note that Sri RK Chandolia was Raja’s private secretary during the time of spectrum allocation and has since been elevated as an Economic Adviser in the Department of Telecommunication.

After the exposure of the massive corruption of Raja in the Pioneer newspaper on April 28, 2010, the Central Bureau of Investigation DIG Sri Vineet Agarwal has been transferred on the informal orders of Sonia Gandhi (who received her informal orders from Karunanidhi in Chennai!). Some of the opposition parties have demanded the reposting of Sri Vineet Agarwal to his original position in the CBI for continuing the Spectrum Fraud probe.

6. Sri Ashish Abrol in his letter marked “Strictly confidential and top secret” to Sri Vineet Agarwal also stated: “On the basis of specific information received from CBDT, the telephone lines of Ms Nira Radia and some of her associates were put under observation after obtaining permission from the Union Home Secretary. The intercept provides the conversation of the target and associates indicating laundering and structured payoffs, transactions and liaison for projects of telecom, petroleum and also the media.”
7. Sri Asish Abrol confirmed in his letter: “Ms Nira Radia’s companies are involved in consulting in telecom, power, aviation and infrastructure. These murky and shady entities have tried to influence policy changes and decisions of various Government departments to suit the commercial requirements of their clients.”

8. Here is another excerpt from Sri Asish Abrol’s letter: “From these conversations, it appears that Ms Nira Radia might have had some role with regards to the award of telecom licences. In a conversation, she guided a new telecom operator on the need to delay the inflow of funds from the overseas investor and not to give the impression to the Government that there has been any ‘windfall’ profit”.

9. From the conversation details available with The Pioneer, it is understood that Ms Nira Radia was talking about arranging huge money from abroad for Unitech Wireless, which is a major beneficiary in the spectrum scam.

10. Highly-placed sources said the CBI was denied permission by top authorities to interrogate Ms Nira Radia even though the telephone intercepts clearly exposed her role in the scam, which cost an estimated Rs 1,00,000 crore to the exchequer. According to CBI sources, Ms Radia got information about the agency’s moves against her from her vast network in the South and North Blocks and left for London in February to avoid arrest for criminal conspiracy in the spectrum scam. Thus Ms Nira Radia was able to escape from the clutches of the CBI in the same manner as that Italian gangster (close associate and friend of our New Delhi-based Italian ex-escort girl and daughter of an ex-KGB agent and Appointing Authority of our supine surrogate Prime Minister!!) Ottavio Quattrocchi was able to escape from the clutches of the CBI in April 2009 when the Interpol removed the red-corner notice issued against Ottavio Quattrocchi after a request from the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

After the thumping exposure of Spectrum Raja Fraud by The Pioneer newspaper in New Delhi on 28 April 2010, the HEADLINES TODAY TV Channel played the tapes of conversation between the DMK Union Minister Raja, Ms Nira Radia and Ms Kanimozhi D/o Tamil Nadu Chief Minister ‘Kalainger’ Karunanidhi on 5 May 2010. The very next day The New Indian Express presented the following excerpts from the transcript of the conversation between Public Relations firm head Ms Nira Radia had with A Raja and Kanimozhi during the UPA II Ministry Forming Exercise immediately after the General Elections in May 2009.

Raja: My name is cleared?
Nira: Yeah, your case was cleared last night itself. No, what is happening with Daya?
Raja: Textiles or fertilisers?
Nira: Not for Daya though, Azhagiri or Daya only one can come in?
Raja: No, two can come…
Nira: It will be difficult for the leader to justify three family members.
Raja: (laughs) Yeah, but everybody knows…
Nira: No she said that, Kani told me last night, that is what her father told her yesterday, that for him to justify three family members would be very difficult, he recognises that problem…
Raja: Let us see what we can do…let us fight
Kanimozhi: Hello
Nira: PM has already clarified that the deal has not been done. They are still in the middle of discussing it.
Kani: They’ve already promised to give us telecom…but it cannot become that they shift…
Nira: What?
Kani: They have already told us that they will give us telecom. Now it shouldn’t be given to him because he’s going around planting stories.
Nira: He’s planting it on all the channels while you were on the plane.
Kani: Ya I know that.  
Nira: But Kani the PM has just made a statement that I have no problems with Raja and Baalu and they are my esteemed colleagues.  
Kani: He can make a statement. But whoever’s going to come and talk to dad shouldn’t talk otherwise..see what people say outside and what actually they mean is different…and all of us know that in politics.
Nira: Kani there’s feedback from the Congress. They say we recognise that the problem with the DMK is an internal problem. It’s a problem between the family. It’s a problem between their own people. They have given us a list of five people. This is not acceptable to us.
Kani: Ya
Kani: Three and four…
Nira: We appreciate that the dialogue has broken down but it is not for us to get back to them. As far as we are concerned Maran has been calling Ghulam Nabi Azad on the half hour demanding all sorts of things and they have told him that there is no point in you calling us.
Kani: But what is the demand he’s got.
Nira: He has been making the same demands that you give us five portfolios or we will not join or give us railways, otherwise he has also demanded coal and mines. So they are saying as far as we are concerned this is an internal DMK problem. It has nothing to do with the Congress at all. They have taken a decision that it is for Karuna to decide who he wants and who he doesn’t want in the formula that has been provided to him…. but they feel that there are far too many people calling him including Maran.

‘Kalainger’ Karunanidhi, Sir, wouldn’t you want to accuse the Congress Bureau of Investigation and the Income tax Department of being ‘Anti-Dalit’ in the light of the phone-taping of ‘Dalit’ Raja?

Would the tapping and taping of phone conversations of a Union Cabinet Minister have been conducted without the prior approval and consent of the SCAI (Supra Constitutional Authority of India) Sonia Gandhi Madame? So, wouldn’t that make Sonia Gandhi Madame also equally ‘Anti-Dalit’?

To get back to ‘Dalit’ Chakravarti Spectrum Fraud. Soon after, Headlines Today TV Channel played those Spectrum Fraud tapes, Ms Nira Radia moved the Delhi High Court for imposing a permanent stay on the airing of the tapes by Headlines Today TV relating to the recorded conversation in which she was heard lobbying to get A. Raja a berth as telecom minister in the UPA cabinet in May 2009. She alleged that the tapes broadcast by Headlines Today are fabricated and that the conversations between Raja and her never happened. Radia also alleged that if at all her phone conversation was being recorded, it was done in a completely illegal manner and that the broadcast of these tapes was a gross breach of her constitutional right to privacy. After listening to the arguments of Radia’s lawyers, the Delhi High Court observed that the people of India had the right to know the truth in the case, and that the truth can be a defense in such cases. The court also noted that the recordings were done by a government agency against whom no challenge has been filed so far. Thus, the Delhi High Court refused to grant her a stay against Headlines Today over the airing of audio tapes.

Sonia Gandhi and all her extended family, Manmohan Singh, A. Raja, M. Karunanidhi and all the members of the Karunanidhi clan are intimately involved in the spectacular Spectrum Fraud of A. Raja. Two days ago, I had the unique privilege of seeing on the Headlines Today TV this clownishly clumsy Union Minister A. Raja running away from the pressmen at Chennai Airport, very much in the manner of a guilty felon being chased by the police.

Union Telecom Minister A Raja, who is now in the thick of a controversy following the airing of audiotapes relating to his telephonic conversation with public relations firm head Nira Radia, pushed away two television reporters at the Chennai airport on Friday 8-May 2010.

As Raja landed by a flight from New Delhi around 8 pm on 8 May 2010, journalists Priyamvada of Headlines Today and Ramnath of NDTV-Hindu walked up to him and sought his reaction to the airing of the tapes. Raja tried to evade the question saying he had already spoken on that, but the journalists insisted on getting a sound byte. That was when he lost his temper. He pushed both of them and walked away. When they again caught up with him and protested, saying “You cannot treat journalists like this,” Raja’s bodyguards shoved them away.

Before getting into the car, Raja, however, gave his arrogant Ministerial judgement: “You journalists are stupid.” Then a man in safari suit walked up towards the journalists menacingly and asked: “Are you indulging in rowdyism?”

The Madras Union of Journalists (MUJ) has condemned the despicable manhandling of journalists at the Chennai airport. In a statement, MUJ General Secretary D Suresh Kumar said, “It is shocking and shameful that the minister’s supporters did not even spare a lady journalist and rudely pushed her aside, when she posed questions to Raja while discharging her professional duty. The party functionaries accompanying the minister manhandled a couple of other journalists and also showered abuses on them.” The MUJ has demanded an apology from Raja for the incident and action against those who had roughed up the media persons.

The fact of the matter is that in our nasty coalition politics of cold-blooded opportunism today A. Raja is more powerful than the doormat Prime Minster Dr Manmohan Singh and / or his Union Cabinet.  Karunanidhi has had a stranglehold on Sonia Gandhi, since the days of the pre-planned assassination of Rajiv Gandhi by the LTTE mercenaries in May 1991. Consequently A. Raja can continue as the Union Minister, despite committing any number of Frauds of any magnitude, not at the pleasure of the President of India, but at the pleasure of ‘Kalainger’ Mu. Karunanidhi of Tamil Nadu.

                                                                                                   (to be continued)

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