Rahul Gandhi’s Spiritual Malignancy and Flight from Reality

published on December 19, 2010
Dr. Babu Suseelan

Indian Politicians often say stupid things, issue dumbest statements, make ridiculous sound bites and idiotic gaffs.  Congress leaders like Rahul Gandhi, Arjun Singh, Digvijaya Singh, Chidambaram, Sonia Maino, are now in desperation to find lime light making stupid comments to make Hindus and India looking bad.

Recent released “Wilkileaks” is full of fascinating reports on inept Sonia Maino’s arrogance, ignorance of India, and her maroon son Rahul Gandhi’s statement which proves his cognitive disorder.

If we were to conduct an opinion poll and ask Hindus to name the one basic root cause of his idiotic statement, we would get various answers. If we were to ask, “What—in a single-word accounts for his erroneous statement on Hindus?” people might reply:

The Congress party leaders might be suffering from Ignorance, prejudice, mistakes, selfishness, intellectual paralysis, lack of sensitivity, carelessness, cognitive disorder and pro-Jihadi sentiment. All these answers would be true. All these elements, and many others, lead to his idiotic statements and Congress party’s antipathy towards Hindus and Hindu organizations.

Hindus around the world should condemn Rahul’s remarks “that Hindus could pose a “bigger threat” to democratic countries than the Jihadi terrorist group Lashker-e-Toiba, Taliban or al-Queada”.  Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party General Secretary made such a foolish statement to the American Ambassador to India Timothy Roemer. Such irresponsible remark and unwanted attack on Hindus by Congress leaders in India show that the anti national Congress party is too quick to fault Hindus for Jihadi terrorism, Maoist violence, coercive religious conversion, and corruption in India. Rahul Gandhi has nothing to say about Pakistan Army sponsoring terrorism in India, ISI sponsored Lashkar –e-Toiba Jihadi terrorist attacks in Kashmir and Mumbai. Rahul’s mind could never comprehend or understand deadly forces of Taliban and al-Qaeda supported by Pakistan fermenting trouble against India’s interests.

This latest round of attack against Hindus once again shows how ridiculous the Congress party’s misstatements and their proclivity for insulting peace loving Hindus. Rahul’s statement on Hindus and his attitudes on RSS reflect a sick mindset and is part of a long standing tradition from Nehru onwards of blaming things for almost everything that goes wrong in India.

There had been anti Hindu prejudice of varying degrees of intensity in Congress policies for a long time. These Hindu prejudice and pro Muslims policy  has resulted in Jihadi terrorist bombing of moving passenger trains, and killing innocent people in Mumbai, Varanasi, New Delhi, Kerala, and Kashmir. The Congress Party is quick in blaming the victims. It is politically incorrect in India to blame Muslims for terrorism.  Indian government, controlled by the uneducated, Italian catholic Sonia Maino, at all levels has adopted political correctness and the fact is so strong. For the anti national, anti Hindu Congress Party, political correctness is an ideology that always classifies terrorist Muslims and violent Maoists as victims and Hindus victims as aggressors. How far they could continue with false political correctness, irrational Muslim appeasement and Blame Game of Hindus?

Mass murder, ethnic cleansing, and terrorism are terrible, awful things. Such extraordinary events happened in India several times. These events prove Congress party’s indifference, passivity, deliberate ignorance, purposeful avoidance and hostility towards Hindus.

In 1947-48, millions of Hindus were murdered or driven out from Pakistan, and Bangladesh by Muslims, and their property confiscated by Islamists. During Indira Gandhi’s assassination, thousands of Sikhs were massacred by the Congress criminals in New Delhi. The jihadis and congress criminals cracked all Indian civilized norms, revealed primitive death instincts in the form of hysteria and indulged in death and destruction.

We have no history to prove that the Congress Party showing any acts of compassion, generosity, courage and sacrifice in these Jihadi and Congress criminal made calamities. Looking principally at recent terrorist attack in Kashmir, Mumbai, Bangalore, Varanasi, Kerala and New Delhi, the Congress government behaved poorly. The heroes of these disasters were not the Congress government, or police or official workers. IT was RSS and VHP volunteers, caught up in the event, who organized themselves to do what is needed. RSS and VHP volunteers were altruistic and engaged in caring for the victims.

In the wake of the expulsion of Hindus from Kashmir, in which thousands of Kashmir HINDUS became homeless and forced to live in filthy refugees camps in their own country. In all these Muslim made tragedies, the Congress government and party leaders were sleepy and in a slumber. The Congress leaders were gleefully attending Ishtar Parties and eating decaying flesh with Jihadi leaders. In fact, these anti-national politicians lost the moral authority through corruption, looting public funds and make insulting remarks about peace loving nationalist RSS and Hindus. The Rahul Gandhi and his phony secular leaders want to control majority Hindus, to tear people apart, and to satisfy their hunger for power and money by blinding people to prevent them from seeing their dark evil practices. Congress leader’s goal is to steal, kill and destroy Hindus and India.

There is no treatment for uneducated Sonia’s intellectual paralysis or for her prodigal son Rahul Gandhi’s attention deficit and cognitive disorder. The Congress Party and Rahul’s ability to protect our culture, promote our interest, and preserve our sacred spirituality is limited. Yet their ability to cause harm is great.  

People who run on empty cone head can only bankrupt the country and our future.

It is time for Hindus to make a sober assessment of what is going on in India in the name of bogus secularism and Muslim appeasement. Do Hindus have to elect such morally bankrupt, corrupt Congress Party leaders into Power?

In order to secure India’s interests and sacred culture, India needs strong nationalist leaders with mission, vision and pro-Hindu strategies.

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