Rahul Gandhi’s Dreams

published on October 15, 2013

“Your dreams are mine”. This is what Rahul Gandhi the Congress’Prime ministerial candidate stated in Rajasthan. Please carefully read the script ‘I too have a dream. Our dream is the country’s dream…Your fight is our fight. I want to crush my dreams and make yours mine he said.

If he opens his mouth he talks nonsense and one shudders to think that he could become the Prime Minister of India. But then there is the media to cover everything with a veneer of encompassing, humility, calm etc.The fact is Rahul Gandhi does not know what he is aiming at and has absolutely no idea of his bearings. His frequent absences from the country-never in the eye of the storm and when there is a crisis he is far from it. His sycophants pus meaning to all this and give their own interpretation thinking that all Indians are fools.

The humility they attribute to him is nothing but a reluctance to call a spade a spade-his absence in times of crisis is nothing but spinelessness and cowardice. Look at what he says ‘we agree, ‘Roads should be built, rail should come and flyovers should be constructed, but along with infra structure, the common man, the poor, the adivasis and the dalits who are hungry and impoverished should be helped……have sufficient food to eat’ It was only recently he said that ‘poverty is a state of mind’. Reveals his poor state of mind.If poverty is a state of mind then why feed the hungry? One should create a state of mindwhich means according to Rahul Gandhi hunger is a psychological problem. There is no empty stomachs-it is a mirage this thing called poverty. What I wonder did he share in Kalvati’s hut-her psychological problem of hunger? This is his perception of hunger. And yet now he talks of the adivasis and the dalits and the hungry.

What a big shamFor votes he is prepared to tell any number of lies. It was the same Rahul Gandhi who talked of democratization of the party. Yet with no qualms of conscience he simply allowed himself to be  lifted up the hierarchical ladder to become the VP of the Party. Nothing he says is put in action. Or he preaches for others but exempts himself and the Family. This is fascism. The Congress spokespersons are well groomed in this fascism and hence they project it on Modi. His visit to Kalvati’s hut was to visualize this ‘State of mind’. Can anyone make a more ridiculous statement than this .He has absolutely no idea of what it is to be poor and what it is to be hungry. When he and his mother simply leave the country either for treatment of undisclosed ailment and he to celebrate his birthday-this 43 year old man tries to bluff his way through by talking of adivasis and dalits and the need to feed them. Look at the durbar they hold and the poor people’s money they so lavishly spend with absolutely no qualms of conscience. But then fascism has a warped conscience if it has one, and there is ‘omerta’-a silence leading to a kind of justice that lives in vulgar lavishness for self and the ‘family’ while showing a hypocritical compassion for the poor which in operation is throwing crumbs from the high table.

The fact is that Rahul Gandhi has never worked hard-has achieved nothing and has not shed a drop of sweat for this country.He is simply lost in the woods and is directionless. But the sycophants who surround him try to interpret all his nonsense into some sense and make it look that he is a great thinker. Thepoint is to even project him as the party’s prime ministerial candidate is out of sheer hopelessness. They have none than the first family and not one dares to show any sign of wanting to achieve something on their own. This is the true face of fascism Rahul Gandhi’s lack of focus, bankruptcy of ideas reveals a poor state of mind. This he projects on the vast multitudes of the hungry people whose votes is crucial for him and the party to be in power.

Hence out of this blankness and rudderless ness he projects it on the hungry people and calls it ‘poverty is a state of mind.What if this was uttered by one of the BJP leaders..or by Modi?Modi is one person the Congress is obsessed with. Not only the Congress but even the media.Itis the internal business of the BJP to project now or never who will lead them in the general elections. To Sushil Kumar Shinde the height of arrogance and fear is depicted when he says that any Tom Dick and Harry can wish to be the PM. So who is Rahul Gandhi-is he Tom or Dick or Harry? Why is the Congress so closed and on blinkers. It cannot see beyond the Nehru Gandhi family any other aspirant for PM’s post. This by itself exposes the fascism that the Party has been entrenched in. And this makes the party least suited for democracy. A mindset that does not open up and realize that in a democracy anyone can aspire to be the PM reveals a closed warped thinking and a negation of democracy.

The moment one talks or the name of Modi comes up one can realize the shivers it sends down the spine of the Congress party. Every so called Congress leade PrevNextr starting fromDigvijyay Singh down the line has some bashing to do. Why so?Look at the way each of them tries to groom Rahul Gandhi-his indecisiveness is called ‘humility’ His lack of knowledge of the country and the people is called ‘encompassing’. His lack of ability to make any on the spot decision is called ‘calm’ .I think the Congress can bring out a new dictionary giving new meanings for all these words. If Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party are concerned with poverty and the need to feed hungry stomachs then why this lavishness on themselves and the whole bureaucracy.When Mrs Sonia Gandhi with such passion spoke on the Food Security bill she acted like a spoilt child. Where is the money-when asked her reply was find It! She could have at least made a plea that the black monies from the tax havens abroad must be brought back-that the political netas must give up their MPLADS and they surely must not so shameless to be served subsidized food in the Parliament canteen. Imagine a cup of tea costs one rupee-a dosa Rs 4,chappti Rupee one. etc Are the MPs the new Poor Rich for them to eat subsidized food?  Look at the MPs how they spend people’s hard earned money.Not one of those including Harish  Mander who weeps for the hungry and who is supposed to have drafted the Food Security Bill had any suggestion as how to get the finances for this-at least partly.

 Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Rahul practice omerta when it comes to the scams and the black money and even the vulgar lavishness of the political netas. This because Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Rahul themselves are guilty of it and dare not point at the MPs because they will not get support.To make things worse the MPs are paid a salary of Rs 80,000per month with no income tax. Why should the MPs be exempted from paying Income tax? This when they have other perks-Batas, free phone calls coming to lakhs, free conveyance-free air rides etc.Itis but just that these MPs are taxed and their subsidized food simply cancelled. It will save some money. It must also be said that they must set the example to others- on the other hand they are insensitive and callous when it comes to spending the tax payers’ money when they do not pay tax. This is simply absurd. Both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi have nothing to say on this issue. It is a big conspiracy against the people but both shed crocodile tears talking of the adivasis and the dalits.

 The Congress and its netas suffer from hubris. Hence the Party will not formally announce RG as its Prime Ministerial candidate-this again to protect him .If they win moderately they will attribute the victory to him. If the Congress loses then it will say that because RG was not formally announced hence it lost. Both ways he is shielded for any mishap and catastrophy.But the Congress must know that eventually hubris leads to nemesis This kind of blind sycophancy (even MMSingh says that he will be happy to work under Rahul Gandhi!)- shutting the Party from reality is going to hurt RG as well as the Congress party. He is not allowed to learn from his mistakes and to grow.The leaders of Congress want us to believe that RG can make no mistakes. While all the time he opens his mouth he reveals the disease he suffers from-foot in the mouth. Mind you he is a 43 year old and yet seems lost for words and for direction. This is the big farce of ‘I want to crushmy dreams and make your dreams mine’.

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