Rahul Gandhi : Playboy Politician ?

via Dr. Vijaya Rajiva published on January 19, 2011

As more details emerge about the secretive Gandhi family (Gandhi by marriage, it must be remembered)  the Indian public must wonder where this is all going . In the recent tragedy in Sabarimala, where a hundred plus Hindu pilgrims died, Rahul Gandhi was advertised by the local Congress in Kerala as visiting the site of the tragedy. No such thing happened. He did visit Kerala but according to the Congress apologists his helicopter could not make it to the site owing to inclement weather.

Now, there are many ways to reach the Sabrimala site and one is clearly the automobile. This option was not taken up. Instead he was taken to a tourist pleasure spot(Kumarakom) and then returned to Delhi. Then, there is the 26/11 tragedy. Reports are that on that fateful night while all of India was mourning Rahul Gandhi spent the night partying at his friend’s wedding.

Is this a pattern ?

Is he merely a young man of 40 or thereabouts having a good time when it is available to him ? Or is he a canny politician who fails each time in his canniness? Afterall, he and patron Digvijay Singh made some foolish remarks about the RSS ( a known nationalist organization which increasingly is being seen by the majority of Indians as a socially dedicated organization) and SIMI a banned anti nationalist organization, as being the same.

And in the Sabarimala situation Rahul could easily have seen that his non visit to Sabarimala would be etched in the minds of Keralites.

The present writer believes that there is an alternative explanation which combines many of the above features. Rahul Gandhi is not an Indian Catholic. Reports are that he still has his Italian passport. So does his mother Sonia Gandhi, it seems. Sonia is an Italian Catholic, not a convert as the Indian catholics are. Indian Catholics do not hold Italian passports if they are citizens of India.

By 325 A.D. with the Nicene Council, Christianity had entrenched itself in Italy. Most of the native population  had been converted. Hence, Sonia has  a long ancestry of Catholic Christianity in her mind set. It is easy for her not to be overly concerned with Hindu pilgrims as Hindus, even though the humanitarian aspect may still be there. Her much publicized visit to Tirupati during the last general election was clearly a ploy. One liberal journalist wrote about it as if it was simply a great political move ! She had been advised to go to the temple by her personal aide Mr. Ahmed and one other senior Congress dignitary. All this is clearly stated in the said journalist’s article.

Rahul and his sister sport the Hindu tilak on their foreheads during election time. Priyanka even made visits to some temples. But their knowledge of Indian history, which prior to the freedom struggle , is largely the struggles and achievements of Hindu India, remain a closed book to them. Not clear if they even know the history of the freedom struggle!

Nor do they want to make an effort to familiarize themselves with it because in a sycophantic Congress today, with many Hindus who also don’t know their history, it does not seem to be important. Liberals and secularists and the Left may also go along with this. To date, theirs has been largely an attempt to suppress the Hindu identity of the country, owing to a misguided ideological mind set. In some cases, simple corruption since the funds keep coming from abroad for encouraging a conversion process.

Neverthless, the fact that Rahul Gandhi is not an Indian Catholic, and that his influential mother is an Italian Catholic does have a bearing on the national question. It is time that the Indian public called them on this question.

(The writer is a Political Philosopher who taught at a Canadian university)

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