Quality Vs Quantity in our daily life

via Gokul published on July 2, 2011

I find myself often discussing about the quality of life of our parents and grand parents and I often wonder if we are more happier for all the extra things or items that we have today. The older generation did not have much possessions, but for sure, they had more peace, better health, more satisfaction and more happiness. They diid not have all the cars, gadgets, electronics and fast food but still I feel that they were far more happy , healthy, lively and far more humane. I have always found quantity as inversly proportional to quality. The more quantity we have , the lesser the quality. Unfortunately we live in an age of quantity where the need for more and more is more and more valid and acceptable.

The media and social pressures shapes our need for more and constantly bombards us with the notion that larger, faster, and more are often synonymous with better. We are told that we need to find more time, more possessions, and more love and more of everything to be truly happy. The middle class think about a second home and second car. The rich plan to build a home and keep a car in every possible exotic location and city of the world. The fact is that he or she may not be able to live or spend some quality time in a second home. They keep counting their possessions and are always busy keeping the relatives and property predators away, till the time, they drop dead.

A smaller quantity of anything that is high in quality will almost always be more satisfying. A single piece of our most favourite chocolate or a simple lunch / dinner made and served with love, can satisfy us more than a feast of hundred different items. Similarly, one fulfilling experience can eclipse many empty moments strung together. A good conversation with a person of high wisdom is much more sastisfying and enriching than all the useless, worthless chatter we have with so many, everyday.

It is not the quantity of time that matters, but the quality that we experience during each moment. Every minute is an opportunity to love ourself and others, develop confidence and self-respect, and exhibit courage. Ultimately, quality can make life sweeter. When we focus on quality, all our life experiences can be meaningful. A modest portion of good, healthy food can nourish and satisfy us on multiple levels and, when organically grown, nourish the earth as well. Likewise, a few hours of deep, restful slumber will leave us feeling more refreshed tand energetic han a night of frequently interrupted sleep. A few minutes spent with a good friend or family catching up on the important details about family, work, or community can carry more meaning than hours spent on crowded and noisy disco or bar.

Often, in the pursuit of quantity we cheat ourselves of quality. . But faced with the choice between a single, heartfelt grin and a lifetime of empty smiles, most would, no doubt, choose the former. Ultimately, it is not how much we live or have or do but what we make of each moment that counts. Quality is what brings in true happiness and abundance in our lives.

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