Pseudo Secularism Islamic Terrorism!

via HARAN.B.R published on November 29, 2007

India has been a soft target for the Pakistan and Bangladesh based terror-outfits for quite some time. While Jihad on India has been the focus and main agenda of the Islamic terrorists, Kashmir, Babri demolition and Gujarat riots have become convenient reasons for the so-called liberals, secularists and rights activists to justify the actions of the Muslim terrorists and fundamentalists. The pseudo-secular politicians, who fight with one another for garnering the Muslim vote-banks, do not show the will & sincerity to put an end to this rapidly increasing menace called Islamic terrorism.

The successive Congress leaders, right from Gandhiji followed by Nehru to Sonia and Manmohan, have been continuing the legacy of “Muslim appeasement” focusing on their vote bank. As the congress lost its footholds in many states over a period of time since independence, the regional parties, which gained and captured power, have also not been far behind the Congress in Muslim appeasement. This vote-begging attitude of these pseudo-secular parties paved the way for the uprising of Muslim fundamentalists to proceed with their religious agendas through their clerics, who have been always successful in their bargains with political parties.

The politicians, in their greed for power, adopted divisive policies to divide the Hindu majority along caste & class lines, while at the same time, they concentrated on capturing the minority vote banks in bulk, by cajoling their religious heads, whose directions are followed and obeyed by the community. The successive pseudo-secular governments started suppressing the rights of the majority community, while giving undue privileges to the minorities. On one hand, the governments interfered in the religious freedom of majority and on the other hand, they stayed away from the religious functioning of minorities.

The governments allowed the minority community to have a separate personal law instead of ensuring a common civil code despite directions from the Supreme Court based on our Constitution. The official machineries remained as mute spectators even when the minority community took the law into its hands for protesting against the incidents, which happened outside the country like Danish cartoons, US’s Iraq invasion, Saddam hanging, Bangladeshi author Taslima’s books release & her stay in India, etc. Lack of will to curtail the mushrooming of madrasas, lack of control over the growth of fundamentalist organizations like SIMI, NDF, AL UMMA, MNP, etc have emboldened the local jihadi elements to connive with foreign terrorists, resulting in frequent terror attacks on our soil.

With the advent of UPA, an opportunistic alliance of minority appeasing pseudo secular parties, Islamic terrorism has increased in manifolds to a great extent, and the situation has gone beyond control, that the jihadis have started striking at will in trains, buses, markets, malls, temples, mosques, theatres and even courts. The only places, which are left untouched, are police stations!

The long and snail paced investigation processes, lack of courage to get into the Muslim dominated areas and make them cooperate with the investigation, unnecessarily yielding to the pressure tactics and secular threats of the so-called intellectuals, liberals and rights activists, the long delay in judicial processes and the absence of a stringent law like POTA, have all weakened the police forces, intelligence agencies and law enforcers.

After the recent UP blasts, when the opposition leader L.K.Adwani demanded information regarding the status of investigation of the various blasts that have occurred in the last three years, and having accepted to give them, the Home Minister Shivraj Patil had just given the available details of only the latest UP blasts. While refusing to bring in a stringent law like POTA, he had assured (!?) the parliament that the PM would convene a CMs meet on the subject The Prime Minister had convened a CMs meet only last year with the same agenda for the same purpose and ironically, the number of terror attacks have increased since then! It is also shocking to know from the Home Minister that, the states have refused the idea of having a Federal Investigating Agency in the guise that the Center would enter their jurisdiction! How ridiculous! If at all there is no need for a federal investigating agency, then there must be perfect coordination between central & state intelligence & investigative agencies! It is a sad & unfortunate fact that such coordination is absolutely not there at all! We can’t have a stringent law like POTA; we cannot have a Federal Investigating Agency; we cannot ensure perfect coordination between central and state intelligence; why should we have government and ministers then? What the hell the CMs meet will serve, especially when we have CMs, who sing elegy for slain terrorists, demand mercy for terrorists waiting to be hanged, engage terrorists in peace talks instead of crushing them? One need not be surprised, if this government enacts POTA, that is, “Protection of Terrorists Act”!

We have a government, which scrapped the most essential law like POTA, on the first day it took office; we have a Prime Minister, who loses sleep on the plight of the family of terrorists and terror suspects; we have a Home Minister, who doesn’t even have a clue on what, when, where, why and how such attacks are happening; we have a Minister of state for Home, exclusively for visiting the places of attacks and for making statements; we have another Minister of state for Home appointed just to satisfy an alliance partner and who doesn’t know anything and is doing nothing; we have a National Security Advisor, who every now and then, lists the susceptible targets of terror attacks, creating panic in the minds of the people; we have an extra constitutional authority, which remote controls the governments and official machineries and makes them subservient and ineffective just to keep the nation divided on communal lines; we have a big brigade of writers, columnists, intellectuals, liberals, rights activists, artists and NGOs, who are bent upon destructing the nation by supporting the terrorists and justifying their actions in the name of secularism; we have a large section of mainstream media, both print & electronic, irresponsibly projecting the Army, Police and the Hindu social organizations as villains & perpetrators, and, the terrorists & their abettors as heroes & victims! In this kind of a hostile atmosphere prevailing within the country, all the right thinking citizens must realize their responsibility to unite and raise against pseudo-secularism & vote bank politics, so that, the menace of terrorism is crushed for ever!

This article has a sign “” in its title, which denotes “Directly Proportional”. That is, “Pseudo-secularism is directly proportional to Islamic Terrorism”! Both keep on ascending and the nation can smile only when they start descending. Till such time keep praying!

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