Pseudo – Hindutva

via Dharma published on July 16, 2008

When the term pseudo-secularists came into the media there was a sudden
urge to quote the word or phrase in every context and out of context,
more often.

Pseudo-secularism simply means non-secular habits
followed by individuals, groups or even the State in the face of
declared Secular agenda. Or in other words simple double standards when
it comes to mixing the affairs of the state and certain religions and

This word is mostly used by the rightist organizations in India
while describing their foes the Congress and the leftist. For years the
Congress has been following a policy of minority appeasement and have
been advocating for the rights of the Muslims and Christians in the
country giving a feeling that they have been badly treated by the 58%
Hindus of the country.

But its the Hindus I want to talk about today.

I would
prefer to coin the term , ‘Pseudo- Hinduvadis’ ( PH ) today for you.
the PH has been bothering me for a very long time now. But it  has
never come to the point of actually writing about them. Who are they?

A different spectrum of PH exists when it comes to the hindutva
struggle to establish Ram Rajya in India. These people like the other
hinduvadis agree in principle about the fact that the Hindus are fast
becoming a extinct in their own land and that their culture is being
shredded to pieces by the new generation atheists and missionary work.
But the difference being they want to be eating the fruits of the hard
fought results without wetting their own hands !!

They exists on many levels. They could be intellectuals and they
could be the foot soldier. But this syndrome of talking about a
Hindutva struggle and they not standing up to the challenge when it
actually comes, is fast catching up. It has spread its roots in the
political form of the BJP where Hindutva pops up during the election
mode alone. The intellectuals give us lecture for hours and hours and
express their opinions on various issues and matters, as long as its
within their secure zone of comfort and home. But if you further ask
them to come down to the masses and explain their point of view, then
it becomes a matter that needs to be reconsidered. Another set takes
every opportunity that comes his way to criticize and cut to pieces the
people who actually maintain the fabric of ground level work in the
organizations. Every minute mistake is evaluated and projected as major
drawback that further weakens the Hindu population. But what have the
PH’s done? Have they they actually put the effort to organize the
Hindus? Have they practically seen if their thoughts and opinions have
an impact on the Hindu society?

Have come across many PH who project themselves as strong Hindutva
supporters but attack the Sangh activists at every opportunity they
get. Have they actually taken an effort to work with the sangh from
within the ranks and feel the difficulties that are experienced in the
one hour shakha? Even the Sangh has its own set of PH’s within their
ranks.  The PH who often speak about the inability of the hinduvadis to
have their own media turn a blind eye when it comes to helping the
existing publications and media option alive !!! The PH who wants to
have the activists take life for a life in their fight against the
communists and the jehadis turn a blind eye to the plight of the family
that loses the bread winner in this war. They simply term them as
causalities in a long struggle.

The PH wants to be in the forefront of spearheading a Hindu
renaissance by remote control from his home. So my advice to them is if
you can’t actually break a sweat for the cause of Hindutva you might
rightly keep to you homes like the countless other Hindus who won’t
even bat an eyelid if another Hindu is killed or cares a damn if the
Hindu culture and religion flows down the drain. We are much better off
without disturbances and advices from you.

Time to rethink ourselves, on which side of the fence do we sit?

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