Protest against Sonia Maino-Rebuttal on Media Coverage and Malhotra’s blabberings

via published on October 4, 2007

By Sekhar Vemula

“Pro Hindu fanatics are protesting against Sonias visit” says NDTV and IANS (Indo Asian News Service). The volunteer whom they interviewed asked later on what basis they are saying the protest is Pro-Hindutva, the NDTV reporter mentioned that he was still inquiring in India and IANS reporter admitted a mistake. They had little to say, when they were asked why they did not write a single point on the reasons for protest given in the flyer and website. When the volunteer wrote a feedback to NDTV online, they did not include the comments. 
What is the integrity of these journalists and the media owners? The journalists have become bread winners doing what their masters dictate by selling away their integrity. Indian journalism has become dangerous propaganda machine with little news value.


Now, Indian National Overseas Congress President Malhotra says, People who are planning protest against Sonia are nothing but fanatics who cannot live together with different religious or ethnic groups. It is more important to look into the intent of an individual rather than religion or nationalism, continues Mr. Malhotra.

Mr. Malhotra is answering the very reason for our protest without recognizing it. Yes, the intent of individual is more important and that is what this protest about. India gave the best of the world to Ms. Sonia but what did the country get back is the question. In spite of verifiable records of the extent of looting of India by her, India is spending many millions of dollars for her and her children security. What is the intent in her sudden love for India? Mr. Malhotra did not care to answer or challenge even one of the many serious allegations made against Ms. Sonia. All of these allegations are old, and many were filed in the court, different commissions appointed by congress itself pointed to the culpability of Ms. Sonia from the time she entered India.

Madeline Albright and Colin Powell were born in foreign countries, but can we doubt their patriotism? Just because they were not born here does not make them less American,” Malhotra said. Mr. Malhotra misses it again. US, Italy and many countries has the son of soil rule for the highest position. Ms. Sonia is exercising highest power without responsibility and that is most dangerous to the politic of the country. With regards to foreigner issue, Mr. Malhotra can help himself read Mahatma Gandhis history. In spite of CF Andrews lived with Gandhi ji for 30 years and had strong desire to take part in freedom movement, Gandhi ji clearly disallowed him saying that this is Indians issue and has to be fought and won by Indians. If Indian forefathers have imagined that this situation would occur, they would have clearly disallowed any foreigner exercising the kind of power Ms. Sonia is exercising.

And more says Mr. Malhotra. “All these religious bigots and zealots care for nothing else but religion and country of origin, and we in the Indian National Congress are totally against that because our party stands of secularism. Congress is nothing but pan Indian,” he added. What does he know about the people organizing the protest to make such an allegation? He says his party stands for secularism. Is the burning of 3000 Sikhs alive the result of Secularism? None of the congress stalwarts who incited mobs were ever prosecuted. Is that the result of secularism? Pro-terrorist policies for the sake of vote banks has resulted in number of deaths in India just next to Iraq in last three years since Sonia came to rule. Is this what secularism is?

It is true that many groups join the protest with their own agendas and thoughts but to categorize this protest as pro-Hindutva is completely baseless. Many of organizers have read Gandhi ji very well and have deep respect for him. Ms. Sonia’s crusade against Hinduism is certainly one of the aspects of the protest against her. Let us understand what Mr. Malhotra meant by Hindutva. If Hindus oppose their destruction, then they are Hindutva or fundamentalists. Ms. Sonia is attempting to stand on International pedestal championing Mahatma Gandhi who is the very embodiment of Hinduism. Where is Mahatma Gandhi ji without Hinduism, Bhagavad Gita and Rama Nama? What is Ms. Sonia’s record on religious conversion which Gandhi ji called the deadliest poison that ever sapped the fountain of truth. Would Gandhi ji approve the brazen destruction of Rama Sethu held sacred by billion Hindus?

As a writer of this article and one of the organizers of the protest, I have read several books on Gandhi ji and have a CD that has voluminous writings of Gandhi ji in Harijan and others. My closest friend until college is an Indian Christian and my most revered teacher is a Catholic teacher. After reading Gandhi ji’s autobiography on how he went close to death than drink milk, I have become a Vegan (no animal products) and have tried many of Gandhian principles like eating food without salt. This is in spite of several health problems.

Mr. Malhotra, please do not judge others. Talk about facts and challenge them and be a hero. Once truth is compromised, everyone will eventually suffer. The people in power whose coat tails you are hanging will discard you like piece of garbage once your usability to them is over.


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