Professionals in Nation Building

via HK Correspondent published on April 1, 2008

“Nations are not built; they are evolved by constant efforts of millions of people over the years” Ram Madhavji.


In a seminar organizing by IT-Milan Sakha of Kolkata on the topic “Professionals in nation building“, Ram Madhavji addressed a gathering of 250+ professionals told that “nation can’t be build but it can be re-constructed”. Preferred to speak in English by telling the incident of Shrinivas Shastri’s England visit on 1944 which proved that Indian can do mastery on different languages very fast.


He told that Professionals are focused. They don’t have time for the even pretty entertainment. Giving Story of frog from the article written by Shashi Tharoor (UN) in TOI (30th March) he told that Indian IT people are well respected globally because of their talents. Bill Gates in 1999 in India commented “I came to pay my respect and gratitude to young Indian Engineer”.


When Clinton met IK Gujral: Clinton commented, “Indians are amazing, they owns half of the silicon Valley”. While speaking on the topic of Nation building he told “Nations are not built; they are evolved by constant efforts of millions of people over the years. We have to do national reconstruction.

On parent’s outlook to the young generation:


A Lebanese poet Khalil Jibral says, “Your children are not yours; they are son and daughter of Life longing time, They came through you but not from you, You can give them your love, but not your thought”.


Effect of foreign influences is cutting our roots. We are becoming materialistic and godless. We need to accept the good things of foreign with discipline. Swami Vivekananda says, ” Hold your one hand tight and keep all the value system, bring them close to your heart and stretch your other hand to west, collect as much good things you can.” Dharma is the sole of Bharat; Religion is the life of our country.


Substances of external values have collective sub consciousness of our country. We have to recreate/ rebuild these cultures by organized efforts. We are the biggest democracy but not the best one. It must be transformed into the intellectual democracy. Create NGO, go to people. Mahatma Gandhi says, “India will become great if the last man of India become great and have food to eat”.
Managers along with professionals must indulge in these sorts of stuffs to rebuild the nation.


IT people are unique holding the spirituality in the heart and moving towards rebuilding the society …………… Anirban Ganguly



While speaking as the chief guest young scholar and head of Aurobindo institute of culture of Kolkata chapter Sri Anirban Ganguly said
IT people are unique. They are working in latest and best technology. At the same time they uphold the values of Bharat. Professions can think about the ideas of Swami Vivekananda and Rishi Aurobindo….


Our identity has to be safeguard.


Our idea is to aryanizing, spiritualizing the India.


Rishi Aurobindo’s idea:


Imitating Toto is another form of slavery.


We shall review the west from Indian stand point of view.


We being intellectual have to widen our roots through Mantra, Yoga and Sadhana.


We need integration of Indian civilization under modern culture. 

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