Pro-Masjid and Anti-Ram Janmabhoomi Historians- Stand Exposed as a pack of Shenanigans

published on October 9, 2010


Coming close on the heels of the historic verdict that upheld the fact that a massive Hindu Temple structure stood at the disputed site at Ayodhya and was razed to the ground by the Mogul Invader Babur, and a mosque structure built against Islamic tenets- is the shocking expose of the nature of the ‘independent experts’ who went full throttle sowing doubts about what a long accepted historical fact.

They supported by a hysterical media bent  upon inflating the anger and ire of Muslims in India and world kept up the shouts and shriek at every turn of this tragic episode in India’s history, that there was no such Temple of ram at Ayodhya.

They had been offering their’ expert opinions’ in every forum and airing their denial of the findings of a team of Court directed and inaugurated fact finding diggings and Researchers and Japanese and other foreign Archaeologists who used ground penetrating Radars to confirm that a massive Temple structure existed below the Masjid built above it using the remains of the destroyed Temple, including stone pillars bases and motifs.

This confused even the moderate Muslims in coming to any accommodation with the Hindus, who have no such place of worship more holier, and being their Mecca and the so called masjed of Babur, being in disuse over 4 decades.

This callous Goebellian Negationism of Islamic iconoclasm and historic wrongs done to Hindus during their centuries rule of India, helped the Fundamentalists to persuade the Muslim masses on such distorted truths and embark on a misadventure of confrontationist, to deny the Ram temple.

The fallout was a meteoric rise of Hindu reactionism, that vitiated the country’s peace and pace of development by widespread rioting and civil strife, which inturn lead to a vicious cycle of jihad strikes that sparked the State wide anti-Muslim riots, when 52 kar sevaks or volunteers bound to Ayodhya were locked up in the compartments and burnt alive by Islamic radicals, when the train crossed a Islamic radicalist stronghold town of Godhra in Gujarat.
 In short, all the violence and mayhem caused by the terrorist outfit Indian Mujahedeen could be blamed upon this secularist tribe who’s most despicable and callous disregard to truths and facts made the job of recruiting young and impressionable Muslim youth into terrorist vendetta against Hindus so much easier.

A balanced and upfront truthful presentation would have helped the moderate Muslims to not only have amiably settled the dispute out of court as well as not caused the above vicious cycles of more Jihad provocations and counter provocations and retaliations.

The Times of India has reported the shocking revelations of the nature of this tribe of irresponsible and pathological liars- unearthed by none other than the sitting Judge at the Trial.
They came in for severe criticism by the Court, in its verdict.

The Waqf Board that stood in the way of any peaceful settlement between Hindus and Muslims, and the babri Masjid Action Committee had both stood on the basis of such ‘expert’s opinion’ that no Temple of Ram stood and what was there was only a mosque- whose petition was dismissed.

Justice Agarwal who conducted a lengthy cross- examination of these ‘experts’ and subjected them to pointed queries expertise, background and the basis upon which they had concluded that no temple existed but a mosque-

The findings were startling!

The Times reports how ‘To the Court’s astonishment, some who had written signed articles and issued pamphlets, were withering under scrutiny and and the judge said –they displayed an “ostrich like attitude”.Well that would apply by the same token and if not more to the ‘secular ghazis’ in media and politicos as well, who had been fuelling this fire and instigating the Muslim masses.

Underlined by the judge were-Suvira Jaiswal who deposed- “Whatever knowledge I gained with respect to disputed site is based on Newspaper rep [orts or what others told”
Thats rich! And these were the likes the Television channels paraded and newspapers invited to render ‘expert opinions’ on such a sensitive dispute to worsen the dispute.

This gem of a lady also casually admitted under oath, how she gained the confident conclusion that no Ram Temple existed there or Masjid alone was the case-On basis of discussions with medieval history expert in my department” .How many Muslim youths believing in the injustice of Hindus asking their masjid, went to rampage and clash with the Ram Rath yatra? How many lives, both Muslim and Hindu were lost?

Here is another brilliant and authoritative figure of Indian history, Supriya Verma-
She had the gall to challenge the Archeological Survey of India’s excavations done that already revealed the historic event of a Ram temple in existence on the disputed ground-
Here is what was made her cocksure that no temple existed- She had not read the ground penetration Radar survey report that made the Court order for the excavations!So you conclude that these excavations were uncalled for, and must be stopped based on what? On another ‘eminent historian par excellence’ Shireen.F.Ratnagar-under whom she did her Phd thesis. Yes indeed !

This Shireen has her expertise deriving from having written an ‘introduction’ to the book by another distinguished  historian who also deposed arguing no ram temple but only Masjid.
Hold your breath- for all such gusto, she admitted- she had no absolutely no field expertise in archaeology.

No wonder, with such ‘eminent historians and their unassailable assertions, flouted in the media that is habitually and chronically anti-Hindu, the Waqf Board set itself for huge disappointment when its case was thrown out as without locus standi.

The honourable Judge admitted though- ‘normally courts do not make adverse comments on the deposition of the witness and suffice it to consider whether it is credible or not, but we find it difficult to resist ourselves in particular case considering the sensitivity and nature of dispute and also the reckless and irresponsible kind of statements…”

Well that was the judgement of history that would be for this entire tribe of professional sophists and Goebellians calling themselves champions and vanguards of the peculiar Indian version of Secularism. The learned Judge also pointed out- ‘opinions had been offered without making a proper investigation, research or study in the subject.

The Judge also felt startled by the contradictory statements, and quite puzzled and how when Suraj Bhan’s entire weight of evidence on babri Masjid was countered by Shirn Musavi another ‘eminent historian’ who had persuaded gullible Muslims to present as an expert- rose to contradict the evidence by saying-“he was an Archaeologist and not a medieval history specialist”

The Judge pointed how such bogus historians and ‘experts’ – instead of helping in making a cordial atmosphere it tends to create more complications, conflict and controversy “.
The fact of the matter is, it is much more unsmiling than that- the entire so called Indian version of secularism, and its adherents, have blood in their hands, having stoked the vicious cycle of confrontaionalism with the Hindu community, of those who would have perhaps seen the truthful narrative of Indian history and the historic wrongs of Islamic rule to Hindus, and would have readily accommodated their grievances and moved on.

Instead two precious decades of confrontation based on the agent provocateurs twisted tales, and a lot of blood spilt in a forest fire stoked by such shenanigans of perverted secular humanism, with visceral hatred for truth and Hindus in particular and their truly humanistic and Universalist ethos.   

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