Politics of Hatred by the Left in the Name of Dalit Politics

By Sunil Ambekar, ABVP National Organising Secretary published on January 28, 2016

The suicide of the young student Rohith Vemula is indeed sad and a serious incident, but then this should not be construed as a battle between the dalits and the non-dalits, notwithstanding the so-called progressive agenda of the leftists. In reality, this is actually a part of the broader anti-nationalist agenda of the leftists to sow the seeds of inharmony and destroy the very fabric of liberalism and democracy that has been the hallmark of this civilization. At present, the leftists are trying to consolidate their hold on the educational institutions of the country and in the process inculcate the venomous ideas of inharmony and sectarianism in the minds of the young and impressionable students.

Deploying students for every sort of anti-nationalist activity has been a long-standing, hallowed tradition of the left. Leftists of every shade, including Maoists are trying to forge an anti-nationalist conspiracy and thus bring this very nation and the nationalists who are trying to uphold the glorious legacy of this wonderful civilization to their nations.

However, fortunately today’s youth have seen through the fake progressivism of the left and so they have rejected the politics of hatred of the left, warts and all. To expose this fake progressive agenda of the left, a nationalist organization like ABVP has been constantly soldiering on. Its precisely because of ABVP’s nationalist work, creative campus activism and unflinching dedication for student welfare, social welfare and national welfare, students have given a wide berth to leftist ideals.

Thus, given the fact that their support base is fast-dwindling, the left in a bid to capture power has taken recourse to violent means. This has indubitably struggle between the anti-nationalist, embattled left and the nationalist organizations like ABVP. The battle has reached its last stage where anti-nationalist forces are soon going to be a nihility and having understood this fact they are now trying to indulge in spreading vicious canards about ABVP.

Provoking the youth against democratic ideals has been a second nature to the left. It started way back in 1980 when leftist organisations compelled astray youth and villagers of the nation in antinational activities. From that time onwards, the left has been trying to divide the nation in the name of radicalism/ leftism.

Because of the strong opposition of ABVP in campuses and their strong belief in constitution of India, left organisation could not succeed in their endeavour. ABVP has always been a non-violent organization, never ever resorting to any violent means even in the face of extreme violence from the leftists. When 39 activists of ABVP were been killed by the left, ABVP never ever allowed the concept of violence to figure in its vocabulary given its strong and unflinching faith in the Indian Constitution.

Because of ABVP’s age-old crusade to secure the rights of the dalits and the underprivileged, the so-called left-Dalit ideology has been set at nought. To this end, ABVP’s work, especially in Andhra Pradesh And Telangana where ABVP has long run pro-nationalist and equality campaigns for dalits has been a grand success.

So the embattled left in its efforts to salvage the last vestiges of its dying reputation has gone for a new ruse and that is to appropriate the legacy of Ambedkar. The country has always been a strong supporter of Ambedkarite movements given Ambedkar’s concern for the underprivileged and the downtrodden classes.

But these leftists try to misappropriate the legacy of Ambedkar by trying to destroy the very constitution that he had framed. These disgruntled lefties try to potray Ambedkar, by way of their anti-nationalist activities, as one of their own, when in reality, Ambedkar has never compromised on the issue of national security, given his unstinted love and dedication for the nation.

So what transpires is that these frustrated lefties are now trying to spread venom on each and every instance like making patent their irreverence for the national flag and openly voicing their support for people like Yakub Menon. These leftist has not only support Yakub Menon but also support his activities. What comes as a jolt of surprise for any sane-minded individual is the fervour with which the lefties try to portray Yakub as a hero rather than a turncoat and an anti-national. In fact, these lefties have organized movements in memory of Yakub and has coined the slogan: “How many Yakub you will kill, Because Every household will produce Yakub.” And several types of anti-nationalist activities has been run under the banner of ASA (Ambedkarite Student Association).



Rohith was himself the member of this association.Its about time that we gave some serious thought to the fact that how far is blaming ABVP for the suicide justified.

Leftists are trying to obfuscate the whole issue and make it more murkier by trying to portray Rohith as a Dalit and Susheel, the ABVP activist as a non-Dalit, and trying to present the issue as a battle between Dalits and non-Dalits. The ABVP contends that Rohit belongs to the Vadera community and certificates which claim that he is a Dalit are false. Both students belong to the backward category.

While Susheel is from the Munuru-Kapu community, Rohith is from the Vadera community. So, the claim of this being an atrocity by non-Dalits against Dalits is a conspiracy of communists. It rather shameful that leftists are playing politics over the suicide of a student. We all know that Dalit movements are always nonviolent, and that they always support peaceful debates.

But the ASA (Ambedkar Students Association), which is operated by leftists, is unfortunately following the path of violence. They organised an attack on ABVP activist Susheel Kumar when he opposed anti-national activities of ASA.Susheel was seriously injured and its a balatant and sedulously fabricated story by the lefties that he did not have any injury. This was why he had complained to the university administration the administration had suspended ASA students. But due to pressure from ASA and leftists, the university administration has given relief to them.

The ABVP has always opposed atrocities against Dalits and from the outset, it has struggled to protect the rights of the SC/ST communities. For securing equal rights of SC/STs, ABVP has done a nationwide survey of SC/ST hostels. It has raised its voice against problems of hostels and approached the Supreme Court in this regard. ABVP believes that reservations for tribals, Dalits and those who got reservation as mandated by the Mandal Commission, are a historical necessity of society, and the ABVP advocates for same. It is continuously doing different social services in this regard. It is important to explain that the ABVP does not have any reservations against Dalit movements and its trying to fulfil the dream of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar to eliminate discrimination in Hindu society.

The ABVP is working to ensure that there is no inequality in society and social harmony prevails. The ABVP and the RSS always remember Dr Ambedkar in their morning prayers, celebrate 6 December as Social Harmony Day, and 14 April as the birth anniversary of Dr.Ambedkar.

The ABVP is not anti-Dalit in any way. It has been part of a mass movement for changing the name of Marathwada University to Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University . After a discussion with ABVP, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra had changed the name of the university in the presence of Shri Sharad Pawar and Shri Prakash Javadekar.

It is well-known that Dr. Babasaheb Ambekar never supported anti-national thought. Amedakarite movements are always imbued with the values of patriotism and nonviolence. That is why other organizations which are working in the Hyderabad Central University like Dalit Student Union (DSU) also criticized the ASA’s acts of supporting Yakub Menon on its Facebook post. Leftists are spreading lies in educational campuses by misusing the name of Dr. Babasaheb Amedkar.

We, as the citizens of this country, need to start a pro-active debate in campuses and society on how many poor persons and Dalit students will become victim of these conspiracies by leftist forces. Its common knowledge that the Amebedkarite crusade for Dalit rights has always been a non-violent one.

But in reality what we see is a contrarian picture where the people from the backward communities are been compelled to part their non-violent ways and tread the path of violence, courtesy of the ultra-leftist group ASA .And so it was precisely in his efforts to stymie the dastardly and violent designs of these left-wing groups that ABVP activist Sushil was been mercilessly beaten up so much so that he had to be hospitalised. It was around 1:30 in the night reportedly that Sushil was called allegedly to voice his grievances regarding the activities of the ASA. Now its here that a question lurks in the minds of every sane person- why was Sushil called up at around 1:30 in the night to force him to pen an apology because if Sushil was been subversive enough then the matter could have been easily brought to the notice of the security personnel during the working hours and settled in the presence of the security personnel. But because ASA people knew that Sushil was clean and if the matter had come to the notice of the security personnel, then their existence would be under a cloud; thus, the ASA, seething with an un-assuaged sense of hatred and jealousy, viciously assaulted Sushil and this lead him to be hospitalised in a private hospital (Archana Hospital, Hyderbad).

Again to dissemble their attack on Sushil the ASA people had fabricated a story that Sushil was actually admitted to the hospital for an Appendix operation. In this regard, let it be made clear for good and all that since Sushil was so viciously attacked in his stomach area that because of that only Sushil suffered an Appendix attack and thus he had to come under the scalpel for an Appendix operation. For the record, this fact of Appendix operation as well as the other injuries sustained by Sushil has been testified by the doctor who had operated on Sushil on the TV as well as evident from the documents supplied by the hospital.So in view of the so-called sordid turn of events,the university administration had decided to rusticate the students embroiled in such a heinous act.

In this regard, let it be also said that the rustication of the very ASA members who had attacked Sushil was not due to orders from any minister because under the given circumstances been a people’s representative and also given the fact that it had happened in his constituency, its rather natural that its incumbent upon the concerned MP to bring it to the notice of the concerned ministry and this is well within the ambit of the constitutional provisions.

Thus, any efforts to potray the incident of penning a letter to the concerned ministry by the MP of that very area as a political ploy is nothing but utterly preposterous.The need of the hour is compassion for the bereaved family members of the deceased students but by contraries, our politicians like Rahul Gandhi studiedly chose to play politics with it by voicing arguments, ludicrously bereft of any logicwhatsoever. The question that immediately springs to our mind that has people like Rahul Gandhi ever made any efforts to find out how many innovcent tribal have been mercilessly massacred by the Naxalites or Maoists. Why hasn’t been the SC/ST provisions not been implemented in the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU).

Do these self-styled liberal politicians know how many ABVP activists have been killed at the hands of the Maoists. And by voicing his support in favour of the ASA, yes the very same ASA that chose to extol Yakub Menon, does it imply that Rahul Gandhi is also extolling Yakub as a martyr and if its transpires to be so then its highly condemnable tosay the least.

After the students were been rusticated by the university, the Sushil’s mother chose to take legal recourse for which the court served notice on the very students who had assaulted Sushil. This eventuated in the suspension of the five students who had assaulted Sushil in a manner that no harm ever comes to their careers. Thus, it beggars belief that any politician or MP could be held responsible for the death of a particular student.

Alongside, what is all the more suspicious is the manner in which Rohit’s death letter has been worded- it smacks of the doings of his close friends. What was close friend doing at the time when the suicide had happened. This isssue has to be subjected to closer scrutiny. What becomes obvious from this is that the ultra-left student groups are a dabhand in victimizing the innocent, gullible students and this has been a recurrent feature of their modus operandi thus eventuating in the sad demise of the career and sometimes, as in this case, the lives of the students. Such a crass mentality of the leftists where they would not give a second thought while playing politics with the lives of the deceased students. Thus, in the current times, the battle between the nationalist and anti-nationalist forces does not have any place for suicides, because this is a just a battle of ideologies and such dastardly ploy to malign the reputation of the nationalists and the nation at large.

So the need of the hour is to ferret out the truth as to what were Rohit’s comrades doing at the time the incident occured. To add weight to their mean anti-nationalist acts, these left groups are trying to appropriate the legacy of Babasaheb Ambedkar when, in reality, their very acts of violence goes against the grain of Babsaheb’s legacy.

So ABVP thinks that its high time that such acts needs to be exposed and resisted in whatever way possible. And it was Babasaheb at the VishwaBuddha Sammelan organised at Kathmandu in 20thNovember, 1956 who said that as long as Lord Buddha lives in the minds of the Dalits and the underprivileged, everyone should follow in their footsteps as well as there is no need for the implementation of Marxism or any sort of socialist rule.

In fact, Babasahebb had furthermore warned his followers to keep away from such pernicious ideologies like Marxism and this stands in sharp contarst to the current times when the Maoists are trying to appropriate or misappropriate the legacy of Ambedkar. This very dictum of Ambedkar regarding socialism been a pernicious ideology does even create contradictions in the minds of the very leftists and it was the result of such contradictions that caused caused Charu Mazumdar to commit suicide. Thus its incumbent on all responsible citizens to expose such anti-nationalist activities.

Intriguingly enough, these very politicians and so-called progressive-minded social workers were nowhere when in 2007 at the very HCU suspended several ABVP activists like Manidas (SC), Tapan Kumar Billori (OBC) and others because that very issue would never float their progressive boat. Thus, we find several people like Professor Kanchan Ilaiah (OBC), Prof Hargopal (Brahman), Prof Kamal Mitra Chenoy and his wife Anuradha Chenoy relentlessly and hypocritically traducing the very foundations of democracy in the name of liberalism and progressivsim and in the process trying to embitter the young minds against the very concept of democracy and liberalism.

Thus, its with this intention in mind to expose the fake liberalism of these so-called progressives that ABVP calls upon all the citizens of this country, particularly the youth to come foward and following in the ideals of the persons like Swami Vivekananda, Dr. Ambedkar carve out an inclusive agenda that would involve the poor, the dalits and the underprivileged and thus help us to realise the nationalist ideals of Babsaheb on his 125th birth anniversary.

By Sunil Ambekar, ABVP National Organising Secretary

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