Politicans should not decide our fate, We the people should decide the fate of politicans

via GSK Menon published on December 6, 2008

Newspapers and TV channels are all full of debates for a new
Federal Investigating Agency. Do we really need one ? Think how many
are there now in the field – there is the State Police, CRPF, CISF,
RPF, ITBP, BSF, Kashmir Rifles, Assam Rifles, Rapid Action Force, India
Battalion, Coast Guard, Customs and a host of Intelligence Agencies
like IB, RAW, DRI, Enforcement Bureau etc. Why do we need more for what
purpose ? The problem is that except for the State Police all the other
agencies are totally powerless. This is because of our concept of LAW
& ORDER, which enables only the State Police to  investigate and
file a complaint under the IPC. This is what gives the State Police its
brute power, it can choose to file an FIR or not depending on its sweet
will and pleasure. This is what that needs to be changed. Give all
agencies the power to investigate and file complaints under the IPC.
People will have a choice that excessive power is
not concentrated in one particular force.

Next, why are we demanding so many terrorists like Dawood and 
Azhar Mehmood to be handed over to India, to give them Biriyani ? These
fellows will prove a heavy burden for our politicans. No trial will be
done. No sentence will be implemented and all our institutions will be
under constant threat. Let these fellows be wherever they are. We dont
have a single political leader to fight them.
Next, the Mumbai mayhem revealed how weak our security is. It is
time to revamp our security and Police from top to toe. The best never
get selected, only the corrupt and servile keep rising. This rubbish
system has to stop. For every promotion there has to be a screening and
interview. Now IPS officers are simply getting promoted without any
check on their performance. It is not enough if they simply borrow all
military trappings. Let them also adopt Army fitness system for
promotions, system of court martial, and transfer all over India. This
will change their profile for better.
Last, make it a statutory injunction that no bureaucrat will get
posted to any gubernatorial post after retirement. All government
officers after sixty should not be employed in any government set up
like CAT, CIC, Tribunals etc. Sixty should be the cut off age. Give
room for youngsters. So also for politicans. After sixty no
constitutional post for anyone.
Let us all unitedly fight to reform. Politicans should not decide
our fate, the people should decide the fate of politicans and

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