PM – ‘PRIME MINISTER’ by default! or ‘PATHETIC MAN’ at fault!

via B.R.HARAN published on October 8, 2006

The governance of a nation can be broadly divided in to two parts as “Internal Affairs” & “External Affairs”. The person, who holds the top slot in governance, in our case it is the Prime Minister, must be capable to address, approach, plan & execute the affairs of the nation, both internally & externally. It is an open secret that Mr. Manmohan Singh took the mantle of the post of Prime Minister by default. In other words, he is a chosen Prime Minister and not an elected Prime Minister. But then, one would have thought that he would do a better job than Mr. Deve Gouda or Mr. I.K.Gujral. Unfortunately, when we analyze his performance for the last 30 months, we do not get an encouraging picture at all.


Internal Affairs


As far as the internal affairs are concerned, the growing trend of our economy is the only achievement, but the other related sectors like Disinvestments & FDI have taken a beating because of the interference of the Left front & other regional parties. 


Despite being an economist & having a like minded person as the finance minister, Manmohan Singh could not contain his UPA allies and assert his authority. He is also not able to control the senior colleagues such as Arjun Singh & Pranab Mukherjee, who function as per their whims & fancy, directly reporting to the Super Prime Minister Sonia. Even the junior ministers like Maran, Lalu & Ramadoss seem to be out of his control and have their own style of functioning.


The national security is in shambles and the bomb blasts, terror attacks, & naxal attacks have become a very frequent affair in rest of the country, while in Kashmir, it is raining grenades almost every day. There are many things such as ‘oil for food’ scam, Quattrocchi episode, dismissals of Goa, Jarkhand & Bihar governments, etc, which seem to have happened without his knowledge, but with the direct blessings of Sonia.


The other policies are generally focused on minority appeasement and the game of vote bank politics. But, at every given opportunity, he never forgets to tell the people to judge him by his “actions”, and unfortunately, all his actions have ended up in a miserable failure.


External Affairs


Probably because of too much of interference in the internal affairs, of late, he has been concentrating more on external affairs trying to make his mark. Let us take four foreign policy initiatives of the recent past and see the performance. 


 Firstly, the Indo-US nuclear agreement has been giving a confused picture since the beginning, as decisions were taken unilaterally without taking the main opposition (BJP), main supporter (Left front) and the parliament as a whole, into confidence. Now, it has come to a stage that, even the Bush administration, which was pretending to be clear in its approach in the beginning, is found to be confused finding it very difficult to convince the democrats. The result is, the passage of the deal is under question.


Secondly, the candidature of Shashi Tharoor for the UN Secretary General post, is again a unilateral decision made without adequate homework, resulting in a national shame on the point that, even the Asian countries including friendly neighbors, not withstanding US & China, have not supported us. This could have been avoided had we opted not to field a candidate for the UN top slot.


 Thirdly, the Havana handshake & the declaration of “joint mechanism” is a big blunder. If the statement of the Prime Minister terming the “perpetrator” itself as a “victim” of terror smacks of immaturity & inexperience, accepting for a joint mechanism with a ‘back-stabber’ & ‘lier’ like Musharaff , that too being aware of  ISI’s role in Mumbai blasts, is a crime.


Finally, the ” Nepal policy”, which was allowed by Manmohan to be completely handled by the “Commies”, resulted in a disaster for both Nepal & India. In the bargain, the only “Hindu” country has lost its identity and worse, has come under the control of Roguish Maoists due to the conspiracy of Indian Communists. The Doctor, who is supposedly ‘strong’ in economics, has shown that he is ‘weak’ in external / foreign affairs. His foreign policy advisers have let him down very badly and all these four initiatives have come out as good examples for how a policy ‘should not’ be conceived & executed.


The ‘Prime Minister’ by default looks like a ‘Pathetic Man’ always at fault. One hopes, by this time the people would have realized the danger being faced by the nation because of the bad & unhealthy combination of “Congress-Communists” in governance. May GOD save this great nation! Vande Mataram!

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