Playing victims!

via News Today Editorial published on August 30, 2008

Many untoward incidents have unfolded in Orissa during the last one-week. In the aftermath of the well-planned brutal murder of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswathi by Christian terrorists, a few Churches and Christian prayer houses have been attacked and burnt to ashes. Without condoning the violence it could be said that they were an emotional spur-of-the-moment retaliation of the cadres allegedly belonging to the VHP and Bajrangdal.


Meanwhile, close on the heels of the interference from the Vatican City through Pope’s statement condemning only the retaliatory attacks on Churches, the Italian government has summoned the Indian Ambassador to register its protests against the alleged atrocities on Christian community in Orissa. The Italian government has even said that it would take up the matter with the European Union to debate and pass resolutions. This action by the Italian government smacks of arrogance and it is time for the Indian government to remind itself of the strong reprimands received by the Tamil NaduChief Minister from the Malaysian government for expressing concern on its harassment of ethnic Indians in Malaysia. New Delhi should summon ‘courage’ to ask Italy to mind its business. But going by its general pusillanimity, the UPA government, which maintained a stoic silence without supporting the TN Chief Minister then and even during the summoning of Indian Ambassador by the Vatican in the wake of the anti-conversion law, passed by the Rajasthan Assembly, can be expected to not open its mouth now. At any rate, this government’s Italian connection is only too obvious!                             


The Prime Minister also has called the retaliatory attacks on Christians a ‘national shame’ when a delegation of Christian leaders have met him. He has assured them that the government would help the state government in containing the violence and to bring the culprits to book. In this context, it must be noted that the Prime Minister has not condemned or even said a word about the dastardly murder of the Hindu Swamiji and his disciples on the day of Krishna Jayanthi. It can also be recalled that how he lost his sleep over the plight of Islamic terror suspects, while he goes to sleep after ceremonially condemning their terror acts. Also the Catholic educational institutions, which thrive on government’s money and the money contributed by the majority Hindu students, have threatened to close the educational institutions and have even closed them on Friday as a token protest. But, the central government has not bothered to condemn this blatant blackmailing, which is also against the fundamental right of the students enshrined in the Constitution, by the Christian community.


In the meantime, the Congress party and the Union government have said that they would prefer a CBI probe on the attacks of Christians in Orissa. Both the party and the government have said that they could not compromise the country’s ‘image’ and ‘commitment’ to ‘secularism’! Time and again they have proved that pandering to minorities and ignoring the majority is ‘secularism’ and probably that is why they have not bothered to look into the brutal murder of the Hindu Swamiji. The government has even gone to the extent of equating Bajrangdal with SIMI and is contemplating a ban on it as per media reports. It seems to have failed to note that, while the actions of Bajrangdal are retaliatory in nature, the actions of SIMI and its terrorism and the upcoming Christian terrorists and their evangelisation are premeditated.


The recurrence of communal violence in Orissa has prompted many media houses to resort to investigative journalism resulting in pouring in of confirmed reports on the huge business of evangelisation and the involvement of many NGOs and foreign institutions in that ugly business, which has been carried out with the help of financial help from abroad. The Orissa government itself maintains details of foreign contributions to the tune of millions of dollars to the NGOs like Orissa Fellowship Ministry, Cuttack Roman Catholic Diocese, Indian Evangelical Association, Brethren in Christ Church, East India Mission and Joypore Evangelical Lutheran church, etc. All these NGOs, which claim to work in the sectors of education and health care, cleverly utilise these funds for ‘harvesting souls’. The latest addition to this strategy is the ‘AIDS’ awareness campaign, which gets millions of dollars from organisations like Bill Gates Foundation, etc. But, the central government doesn’t seem to be worried about all these nefarious activities, as it is concerned about its ‘image’ and ‘commitment’ to the so-called secularism.


A close and deep analysis of the history of Islamic terrorism and Christian evangelisation in India shows that both plan their strategies, perpetrate them meticulously and then play victimhood with the help of the so-called human rights organisations and the voluble minority commissions. In the bargain, the actual victim, that is the majority community, suffers from unlimited persecution, thanks to the pseudo-secularists of India.


If Islamic terrorism and Christian terrorism are diseases, the root cause of those diseases is ‘Secularism‘ and India can get cured of its diseases by getting rid of the root cause.  

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