Pity the Nation that is silent about its anarchist antinational fifth column

via Aron published on October 29, 2010

Pity that world over, all Nations have set limits to freedom of speech and expression and have legislated against misuse of its liberties to the advantage of its enemies.

Fifth columnist Arundhati Roy has  as usual lacking any creative talents has been clamouring for sensationalism and been showing herself off as a fearless champion of minorities and the underdog, has gone over the board, making insane insinuations against the Indian state and its security forces, and completely ignoring the plight of minority communities in a rabidly Islamist Valley, and not a word about the occupation of Kashmir’s territories by Pakistan- which is today the most despised terrorist militarist state run on American corporate largesse.

“I write this from Srinagar, Kashmir. I said what millions of people here say every day. I said what I, as well as other commentators have written and said for years,” she said in a statement on Tuesday.

This above statement means she has no grasp of the fact that Kashmir is not the same as Kashmir Valley, which alone has predominantly Muslim populace, among whom again not all reflect the same secessionist project of Pakistan’s expansionism.

 “Anybody who cares to read the transcripts of my speeches will see that they were fundamentally a call for justice. I spoke about justice for the people of Kashmir who live under one of the most brutal military occupations in the world,” she had said.

And what about justice for the Hindu minorities of the valley? Do we find that anywhere in that statement? Any word about the ethnic cleansing there? The mass murders and rapes of Hindu pundit community? Their exodus?

The United States Congress has passed several resolutions on this and the United Nations too has acknowledged this as a human Rights violation and a serious issue pending resolution.
What did this daft lady talk about this? – That the Panun Kashmir is a fake organisation!

Well, neither the UN nor the U.S congress views them as anything other than the leadership of an internally displaced people- and nothing fake about the Pundits.

While the faking of a rape and the ripping open of the abdomen of a pregnant Muslim woman, which was exposed and then acknowledged by her own self as a dirty lie and concoction, was by Arundhati Roy!

Pity the nation that lets Liars and fakers of causes to strut around as self-appointed keepers of its conscience.

The fake activist must have been discredited and never allowed to voice serious issues, but alas…in India is one such pitiable nation where they are in constant demand to pillory and deride the Nation and its lovers- the past time of a self alienated and self hating media.

Not a word about the justice for Kashmiri community’s decimation systematically under the Pakistani occupation- where no elections were ever held, no special status, no sheik Abdullah’s, no protection against demographic invasion there by Punjabi land mafias and Afghan Pathan tribes.

That should be a queer sense of justice indeed. Which is terrified of separatist and jihadist guns that would gun her down if she should open her mouth about it and use the same language?
That she herself says- I said what I, as well as other commentators have written and said for years,”-

Now how that is possible under the most brutal military occupation to make such a statement from Srinagar, and a nation that would jail you for sedition- ?

The cowardly witch is no writer but a spiter of all things National and all things sacred particularly to the Hindus.

Her communalism has no ambit to cover the Islamization of the Kashmir valley, nor the scope to include mass murders of the Jihadist and their raping sprees.

Imperial colonialism is fast being replaced by corporate colonialism and Kashmir is would have to make a choice whether or not they wanted the Indian oppression to be replaced by a future corporate oppression of the local masses,’ she has said in the Delhi ‘Whither Kashmir ‘ meet of the Separatists.

Whatever that dim-witted allegation of a corporate colonialism means, which is just a rehash of neo-colonialism of earlier Leftist anti-Americanism, and anti-free enterprise, there was not a hint about the shariat based oppressive Islamo-fascist dispensation that Kashmiri jihadist outfits have been advocating- the Talibanisque Mullah state styled after the Iranian Ayotollacracy.

Instead a sermon on what had already been decided by them- Your struggle has increased the consciousness in India about the oppression you face, but you must decide what type of society you have in mind once you are allowed to decide your future,’

Now that Kashmir is foreseen as having seceded the dumb attention seeker has no idea whatsoever what has been happening in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, nor what the stand of the participators are towards the Pakistani occupation  of the Kashmir valley.

So where arises the even the question of the deciding anything at all? To see the depravity and idiocy of her own mind- she needs just to go to Pak occupied Kashmir and hear the voices of the millions of Kashmir’s there-A tale of gradual demographic reengineering, with Punjabi and Pakhtoon people resettled by the Pakistani militarist state over the decades, and as a result of which native ethnic Kashmir is are now a minority.

 All this while, India never allowed fellow Indians under special status clause, to buy land or resettle in Kashmir. While Muslim Kashmir valley conducted the worst ever pogroms in this century against Hindus and Sikhs that forced them to flee en masse in terror.

Pity that rank village idiots with absolutely no intellectual depth have been parading around as activists and allowed to bad mouth the victims and slander the Indian nation that had not only given them a fair and free elections to this date, something Pakistanis nor Pak occupied Kashmiris never had for themselves, but taken on oneself the dirty job of fostering the reactionary forces of Isalmo-fascism that seeks to uphold Pakistani Military feudalist hegemony.

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