Phony Root Cause Theories of Jihadi Terrorism, Naxalism, Anarchism and Crime

via Dr Babu Suseelan published on October 9, 2009

Bogus secularists, corrupt political leaders, Marxist anarchists and alienated academicians and anti national media are busy spreading phony root cause theories to justify Jihadi terrorism, Marxist Anarchism, subversive activities and deadly criminal behavior. Every state in India is infected with anarchists and subversive groups financed, supported and directed by foreign intelligence agencies. Bodo revolutionaries, Naga Rebel groups, Kashmir Islamic liberation front, Peoples war group, Maoist anarchists, Jharkhand Mukti Morha, SIMI, Islamic front, SIMI, and several criminal gangs are killing people at free will. Social development, national integration, social justice and employment creation are not their goal. They want to destabilize India and destroy our Hindu social fabric. Our intelligent agencies are weak and meek. Media and third rate academicians are engaged in psychological warfare to misguide the public with meaningless root cause theories.
Jihadis, Maoists, Marxist Anarchists, Naga Rebels are common criminals and deviants with  criminal thinking. They spread death and destruction without fear, guilt, remorse or empathy for the victims. Poverty, lack of education, environmental conditions, lack of opportunities have nothing to do with Jihaadi terrorism, Maoist violence, Anarchist arson, and Naxalite bombings. They are common criminals selected, trained and deployed by their pay masters to destroy Hindutva and dismantle India.
Special preferences, appeasement, and financial handout to violent Jihadis and anarchists will not work. The rush to support and surrender to violent Muslim demand will create more problems for the country. Terrorism, crime and bombing are committed by people who lack a sense of personal responsibility. They are common, educated people who choose to commit mass murder and violent crimes. Special privileges, quota system and financial handout undermine responsibility and national integration.
Marxist academicians, bogus secular political leaders and the mindless media have been telling us that social conditions alone are responsible for Jihadi terrorism to criminal behavior. According to them these deviant people are not responsible for their deadly behavior. Our society is responsible for their ant-social actions. Jihadi terrorism, Maoist violence and mass murder happen in India because the elected officials permit them to commit terrorism against innocent people.Jihadis and subversive groups commit mass murder, bombing and crimes where other poor people would not.
Many motives are cited for Jihadi terrorism from Islamic sanctification to revenge for Hindus. But one thing ties to Jihadis together. Muslims love death, martyrdom and violence, where as Hindus love life. Muslims are pleased to kill their real or imagined enemies. The Koran contains numerous verses promoting terrorism against infidels (kafirs) and provide a divine regard for those who kill kafirs.  Islam, rather than social conditions that inspire Jihadis for terrorism, bombing, arson and violence. Mass murder and terrorism is one of the expression of Islamic rage. Since the Koran and Hadith encourage Muslims to seek martyrdom, further economic assistance, appeasement and surrender will not work. There are no quick fixes, but Hindus can initiate long-term plans to contain, control and prevent such crime against humanity.
The bogus statements issued by phony leaders on social cause as the reason for crime is not based on sociological analysis. They are typical product of faulty thinking, the intellectual bankruptcy, irrational and immoral principles. In a country where bogus secularism is promoted as a panacea for all social evils, it is not difficult to find political leaders indicate the public with Phony Root cause Theories of Jihadi terrorism and violence by subversive groups. Sachar committee report, Mandel commission report and several national and state polices are based on this phony social cause theory.
Indian society tolerate these criminals and they act based on phony root cause theories. Jihadi terrorists and Marxist anarchists are not vvictims of poverty or social circumstances. They are human beings who choose to commit crimes. Blaming society provides terrorists with justification for further criminal activity. These terrorists are not poor or uneducated or not victims of circumstances. Their sense of justice and social development is insincere and bogus.
These antisocial deviant groups should be cornered, contained and a force continuum shall be applied to protect the society from these mass murderers. In other countries where the government is concerned with safety and security for the people, act swiftly  to contain and wipe out terrorist groups. Members of the Black Panther Groups (USA) Symphonies Liberation Army (USA), FLNA (USA), Tapamarus (Argentina) Badder Meinhof Terrorist Group (Germany) Red Brigade (Italy) Bosque Terrorists (Spain) IRA (Britain) Islamic Black September Group ( Middle East) were identified and gunned down one by one and the countries are safe and and secure from these evil forces.
Our mindless media, secular education system and Marxist deconstruction of our thinking have demoralized our collective will to search, seek and destroy these deadly criminals.The country will be safe and secure and can march ahead with proud and prosperity and people can live in peace if we can wipe out these deadly viruses with firm will and determination. If not now, when?

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