Pakistan and USA share common goals – against Afghanistan and India

via K Vijayan published on May 28, 2011

Hilarious Clean Chit to Pakistan – Agencies; 28-5-11

Hilary giving a ‘clean chit’ to Top Pakis’ involvement in providing “Safe Havens” for Osama and other globally recognised terrorists does not leave us stunned. After all she is the Number Two Head of a State that is an exemplar of Good Christian Hypocrisy.

Start with the “In God We Trust” on their Dollar Notes – stamped on the back-side though.

Or try to reconcile their Guantanamo with their preaching Human Rights at India.

Or their invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan with their sanctimonious talk of sovereignty of nations.

Or their track record of unqualified material, monetary, and worse, Military support to Muhammedan and Christian Tyrants all over the world, even as they pass up no chance to denigrate democratic and truly secular Hindu India, Hindus, Hinduthva.

Hilary praises Pakistan for its “contributions” to the War on Terror. Such insouciance, and modesty! How can India ever forget that it is all those billions of US$ in cash and Armamaments that kept Pakistan enthused and going repeatedly at India? And how it is only America breathing heavily down our necks and tugging at the coat-strings of bought-up Indian Leaders that has prevented Pakistan being crushed to a pulp by our troops in wars starting from the First Kashmir Invasion staged by Pakistan.

Why, even third-rate Manhattan school-marms can throw a Hindu diplomat’s teen-age daughter to the Police wolves on wrong charges, and neither the American Police, nor the school-marms, nor Noballs Obama, nor Ball-Breaker Hilary has the courtesy to offer an apology even, three months after the incident.

But they will bed Paki Terrorists who kick their arses, and take their money for doing it.

After all, as Hilary confirms, Pakistan and USA share common goals – against Afghanistan and India.

Ever since Paki Jihadis started hitting out at Hilary’s Homeland she is trying to duck out from the war she started in Afghanistan and Pakistan, mollify enraged jihadi feelings, and save some well-smeared face.

And Obama has repeatedly proved that he is only a Nobelled Uncle Tom.

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