Our Motherland must be safeguarded at all costs

via Courtesy:GSK Menon published on June 17, 2010

Kashmir problem is an artificial creation of certain separatist gangs, Pakistan, and funded by Anti – India Muslim nations. Kashmir has been a part and parcel of Bharat since time immemorial. Even the very word “Kashmir” owes its origin to Rishi Kashyap. Kashmiris were Hindus once upon a time. By sheer historical accident they got converted to Islam by the Islamic hordes which ravaged the sub-continent for centuries. As a result of continuous rapes, abductions and inter racial breeding a different generation has emerged. But can it erase your Hindu past or the claim of Bharat over Kashmir ?
The violence in Kashmir and Gaza are similar in their visuals. Mobs of fanatics roaming the streets and directing their bigotry against a DOCILE INDIAN ARMY. Kashmir does not need any reason to get violent, every week some petty issue is blown out of proportion and large scale violence is activated, all sorts of phoney human rights activists enter into the fray and create bedlam. See the similarity in Kashmir violence and Gaza violence, huge groups of youths are out on the streets within seconds to engineer violence. The Army, Politicans, Courts are now terrified of PRESS TERRORISM perpetrated by so called journalists and reporters.
Another question that needs to be answered is if the Army is being called for containing internal violence, then what for are we maintaining CRPF, ITBP, BSF, State Police, CISF etc ? Each organisation is having duplicated functions, training establishments, top heavy hierarchies manned by IPS officers. Not a single IPS officer is available to lead these forces for any mission. They all prefer to relax in their air conditioned cabins at Delhi or in state capitals. In every state there are over a dozen IG’s, ADGP’s all sporting military insignias, for what purpose ? Their conduct during the Bombay blasts was deplorable, all the so called top brass literally went into hiding ! In fact they should have been summarily dismissed.
P.Chidambaram visualises himself as a dhoti clad General. He is unable to make the Police function because of our ridiculous concept of “law & order ” which is treated as a State subject. This concept of “law & order ” is the biggest hurdle our country is facing today. The State Police for political reasons will not act, and  the Central forces cannot interfere because it is a State matter. This sort of perverted functioning has ruined the internal peace of this country. If this concept is redefined there will be substantial improvement in the internal security. Powers under the Indian Penal Code which only the State Police can exercise should be granted to all Para-Military central forces, Forest Department, Customs & Central Excise Department, Income Tax, Enforcement Directorate, DRI, CEIB, NCB, etc so that this  sole monopoly in investigating IPC offences is divested from the State Police. This will enable our Courts to have a free hand in naming any enforcement agency to investigate, file charge – sheets and prosecute offenders for any IPC crime.
My heart goes out to those poor Army Jawans in Kashmir who have to face the wrath of the Pakis, terrorists, militants, cunning & selfish & petty minded politicians both in Kashmir and at the Centre, separatist Kashmiris, and worst of all get arrested by the Kashmir Police on trumped up charges ranging from rape to murder.
Kashmir is not at all a problem. Tiny Bangladesh has demonstrated that by changing the demographic profile how the entire scenario can be changed. Just turn a blind eye and allow Keralites, Tamilians, Biharis, U.P. people, and of course Bangladeshis to flood Kashmir.  Kashmir will change and cool down.

The motherland must be safeguarded at all costs, there are educated Indians who care two hoots for Human rights and Rights of Kashmiri Jihadi’s, I am one of them. The first and only concern is to keep the country intact, all other considerations are secondary.

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