Our Large hearted Government!

published on March 14, 2013

‘House for Pratibha Patil expands from 2,906 sq.ft to 6000 sq ft’ How large hearted is the government when it comes to shower lavishness on these netas? Why does Pratibha Patil deserve this lavishness and large heartedness of the government? Can anyone explain? Like nobody’s business rules are violated. When the President’s Pension Rules cites that if a former President is provided accommodation on a leased property ‘the living area should not exceed 2000 sq ft Why then an exception was made for Mrs Patil.Are rules structured to be broken?

Is Pratibha Patil one who is BPL and has  no house of her own? What extraordinary feats did she perform as a President for the Minister of Urban Development to grant her this largess? What is remembered of  Pratibha Patil was that she was the  most insensitive callous President we ever had when it came to spending money and incurring large sums of expenditure on her holidaying with her extended family. She made it a point to visit the maximum number of countries. I wonder what these visits of hers earned for India-political goodwill ?It is a shame for a poor country like ours to shower such largess on her at the cost of people’s hard earned money.

What is noticeable is that when it comes to spending money from the public exchequer the government is very  large hearted Unaccountability,insensitivity and lack of a sense of austerity and no direction and firmness on the part of the people who are responsible for such corruption and corrupt practices. It is a deception of the people.

The same thing can be said of others also. For example Pranab’s son-Abhijit Mukherjee is a first time MP and is entitled only to a much smaller accommodation than the one now he occupies -13, Talkatora Road-the official bungalow of his father. One wonders what reason had the House Committee to bestow on him this bonanza. This cannot continue. It all started from the Nehru Gandhi family.

On what logical reason does Mrs Sonia Gandhi reside in No 10 Janpath. It was the former Prime Minister-Rajiv Gandhi’s residence. And as such it should have been handed back to the government for allocation and not made an heirloom- or an ancestral property. Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s ancestral house is in Italy-not here in India and as such as an MP she cannot lay a claim to No 10 Janpath Road.

The same can be said of Priyanka Vadra.How is she entitled to a government bungalow? Security reasons were cited.But she has enough money to engage the best security services.While her husband Vadra is acquiring land Priyanka can be cocooned in the best security service the world’s best money can buy.Why are these people who have amassed so much wealth and land still living on the people and their hard earned money? Is it not shameful? One would think twice before spending someone’s money; but not these heartless and corrupt people. Is the public exchequer their personal kitty? The Congress party should dip into its own kitty to provide for its leaders,daughter, and son-in-law  suitable accommodation. It is not the business of the common people to provide such to these leaders at such enormous costs. ‘Money does not grow on trees’ these people have forgotten. It is the sweat and hard toil of the common people who live without proper accommodation on roadsides,and on platforms.It is the blood money of those who elk out a living-it is the hard labor of the poor farmers, the headload workers and the miners that the public exchequer is filled with…a small percentage of course from the rich.(Even the tax money of lakhs of crores of Hasan Ali Khan has been written off by the ever generous government- on what basis one wonders).

But what gives this political class the right to spend such money of the public exchequer on themselves. What ensures them this right?  It is nothing short of looting people. But these people are shameless and have no qualms to spend other people’s sweat money. Some where the line must be drawn .I am sure these are not the only cases-Renuka Chowdry-Mani Shankar Iyer when they were no more MPs did not vacate their official residences but stuck on till they became MPs. Is there no accountability or rules to discipline these netas?Is the poor of the country to be looted directly and indirectly through almost every aspect of the life style of the political class?

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