Orissa violence – Disturbing Questions

via GSK Menon published on January 4, 2008

The Orissa violence has received much attention in the press & TV. It has been reported by all Press agencies that there are around 900 odd Churches in Kandhmal area, yes 900, which appears to be a phenomenal number ! If all the 900 Churches are doing humanitarian and social work, that area should like paradise now, but the pictures we see on TV do not indicate anything like that. Then what are 900 odd churches doing there ? Certain disturbing questions arise.

1) What is the cost for constructing 900 odd churches ? Even if we put a very low price tag of Rs.10 – 15 lakhs, it comes to an astounding figure !

2) Where did all this money come from ?

3) Have these funds come from foreign sources or from local ones ?

4) Are all these funds routed through banking channels or is it through Havala ?

5) Next, take the manpower requirement – one Padre for each church means nine hundred Padres. What about their assistants, even two assistants will make it 1800 employees. What about their salary ? Obviously these churches are not doing business, then who is footing the salaries ?

6) How many vehicles have been deployed by these churches ?

7) What is the total cost for these, even if we compute 1 vehicle for every two churches, that too is a big amount. ?

8) What about fuel/driver/maintenance ? Where is the money coming from ?

9) It appears from the Press reports that the top hierarchy of the Church is being run by Keralite priests. How and why did the Orissa government permit people from outside the state to come and disturb the social fabric of Kandhmal ?

10) How many foreign Missionaries are functioning apart from Keralites ?

11) Which are the foreign nationalities in maximum in Orissa ?

12) Why is the state government permitting these alien nationals to disturb the peace and harmony of Orissa ?

13) Why are foreign Missionaries interested in Orissa ? Orissa is the key place in our Missile Program. All missile installations, key testing facilities and monitoring bases are located there.

14) Which country is suspicious and concerned about our Missile program ? Apart from Pakistan it is Australia. The Australians are very wary of our Missile program. What better way than to flood the place with Missionaries or are they spies ?

15) In the guise of social work free access is there everywhere, you can meet anyone, go to any place. How easy to stroll around sensitive installations and collect sensitive data !

16) Alternatively, are the local Evangelists doubling up as spies and sending sensitive information abroad ?

17) Or, was the violence generated by the local Missionaries to extort more funds by creating a sympathy wave in the name of riots ?

18) Has the Income Tax Department/Enforcement Directorate any idea as to how much money is pouring in and from what sources and who is receiving them ?

These are very disturbing questions and there should be a public enquiry.

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