Opportunist Academicians Assault on Hinduttva

via VSK-New Delhi published on March 16, 2006

The way Romila Thapar and Michael Witzel have criticized the proposal of California State Board of Education (CSBE) to teach Rama, Krishna, Ramayan and Mahabharat in text books, in an article published in the Times of India, New Delhi on March 9, 2006, reveals the anti-Hindutva attitude of the two careerists. Since their malicious propaganda stopped the Indian politicians and socalled historians from teaching Hindu history including the epics and the great heroes like Rama and Krishna in the Indian text books, the Romila Thapars’ and Michael Witzels’ hearts are burning to note that their academic dictatorship has failed to prevail on the politicians of America where Hindus are not so stupids as we are in India. Such career seeker scholars who question the very existence of the heroes of humanity, like Rama and Krishna, live in fools paradise. They should ask them-selves as to why only their interpretation of Indian history should be taught world over? Agreed, their collaboration with the violence seeker Marxists and fundamentalist Islamists has been terrorising the common Indian Hindus for long, but now since the assertive Hindutva refuses to tolerate the intolerance of the terrorists posing as scholars, the Hindu heroes must get a place in Indian text books also. What exactly causes pain in the stomachs of Romila Thapar and Michael Witzel in noting that the “American Hindutva lobby is very closely allied to its parent, the RSS” is not known. They must know that it is not only the Hindus of more than one hundred countries who are allied to RSS. Every right thinking person of any pursuance, if he or she is honest, knows in his or her heart that RSS stands for patriotism, freedom and true secularism, indeed for true democracy. Opposing the CBSE move to update the text books is nothing short of intellectual terrorism, even worse than the terrorist attacks on temple and Parliament. It is the anti-Hindu attitude of the so called secularists which gives solace to Nazism, racism, Marxism, fundamentalism and, indeed, terrorism. An honest study and teaching in text books of the characters of Rama and Krishna would make a terrorism free world. Mankind has already tasted the violence seeker religionists’ rules and their approach to divide humanity. Time has now come, when not only California, but the whole world must ignore the society breaker careerists posing as scholars and teach Hindutva in detail in text books to redeem peace and progress for mankind. The world must know that the so called secularist scholars are more fatal than the armed terrorists.




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