Only Modi! Why not Sonia, Farook, Karuna & Buddha?

via HARAN.B.R published on December 8, 2007

The Issue called “Hate Speech”: –

The Gujarat Chief Minister Mr.Narendra Modi, stung by Sonia’s attack, on the 1st of December, of calling him “Merchant of religion & death”, gave her a befitting reply during his election campaign on the 4 th of December, in Gujarat. As he wanted to deliberate on the rampant terrorism in our country under the Congress led UPA government, he took the cases of Afzal Guru and Shorabbuidin. He charged Congress for dilly dallying on Afzal’s hanging order given by the Supreme Court, and cited the example of Shorabuddin for, how such terror elements like him are responsible for terror attacks. When he asked the crowd, how one must deal with such a terror element, the crowd replied, “He must be killed” for which Modi has been alleged to have said, “he got what he deserved” or “That’s what I did. I did what was necessary” or “Well that’s it”. During his speech, as per the media reports, he has not mentioned “Hindus” or “Muslims”. But, when the entire national media made a top headline story saying, “Modi justifies Shorab killing” by deliberately misinterpreting his speech, he clarified his position and also said that Mrs.Sonia had provoked him to talk about terrorism, while he has been campaigning purely on development & achievements. He also reminded the media that, his government had already submitted to the Court of Law that Shorabuddin had been killed and subsequently the state police officers have also been arrested. He had also said that he had never supported fake encounters.

Repercussions of the issue: –

While the mainstream media went overboard repeatedly on this story, the self-styled activist Ms.Teesta Setalvad petitioned the Election commission on the 5th of December to take action against Mr.Modi for his “hate speech” on the grounds that, he has incited communal violence, misused religion for political ends, etc. Having received the complaint, the Election Commission had issued a show-cause notice to Mr.Modi on Thursday the 6th asking him to reply by Saturday the 8th.

In the meantime, Senior Lawyer Mr.K.T.Tulsi, who has been representing the Gujarat government in the Shorabuddin case, had said that he would withdraw from the case if Mr. Modi did not apologize for his remarks. It is a wonder that, Mr.Tulsi had not shown this “moral” standards, when he was representing Ms.Jayalalitha and TN government against Pujya Shree Kanchi Sankaracharyas! Now, he had been replaced by Advocate Ranjit Kumar.

Another Senior Lawyer Mr.Booshan had filed a petition at the Supreme Court for reinvestigation of all “encounter deaths”. Shorabuddin’s brother had also approached SC for shifting the Shorabuddin cae from Gujarat. Another self-styled activist Mr.Javed Akhtar had also petitioned SC for taking action against Mr.Modi. All these petitions are likely to be heard by the SC on Monday the 10th.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in an election rally in Ahmedabad had said, “Modi is dividing the people on communal lines and creating an atmosphere of fear in the state and the law & order situation is not good”. He had said that Mr.Modi is telling lies and making false claims on the development of the state, while Mrs. Sonia contradicted him by saying that the development in Gujarat is because of central funding. Referring to Shorabuddin case, the Prime Minister had said, “People are being killed without any reasons”. What about the thousands of innocent people, who were killed by the likes of Shorabuddin? It is an irony that the nation’s Prime Minister is publicly making statements in support of a known criminal and a terror suspect. But, what else can we expect from some one, who lost his sleep over the plight of the family of a terror suspect?

The former CM of Madhya Pradesh Mr.Digvijay Singh had aid, “Modi must be tried in the international court of law”. Why an international court for an internal issue? Does it not show that Mr.Digvijay Singh doesn’t have any respect for our Constitution and Judiciary? He had also said in the ‘Election Manifesto’ releasing ceremony on the 3rd of December, “Hindus have Hindu terrorism to counter Muslim terrorism. Gujarat is a state, which unleashes Hindu terrorism”. He must answer the people in general and the Hindu majority in particular, which Hindu organization is indulging in terror acts, that too in the name of religion? He can never answer this question and hence legal actions must be taken against him.

BJP leader Mr.Adwani had shot off a letter to the Election Commission to take note of the petitions given to it on the 2nd of December regarding Mrs.Sonia’s speech at an election rally, where in, she called the BJP leaders as “Merchants of religion & death”. Mr.Adwani asked, “Why the EC had not issued show-cause notice to Mrs.Sonia?” Mr.Adwani said that the EC must not be partial and that it should be neutral. He felt that the EC should not have double standards.

The Left front, for its part, had also petitioned the EC to refrain Mr.Modi from contesting elections. As the Congress, UPA partners, Left front, mainstream media and the secular brigade are all firing against Mr.Modi from all sides, making much ado about nothing, that too in support of a terrorist, it becomes imperative for us to analyze some of the talks & statements of a few other leaders, in order to make a genuine comparison and arrive at a conclusion on who deserves prosecution, Mr.Modi or others.

Mrs.Sonia Gandhi: –

Congress President Mrs.Sonia, every time when she addresses election rallies, always talks about Hindu majority with contempt, and names the Hindu leaders as “Communalists” & “fundamentalists”. Even during the recent UP Assembly elections, she had written a personal letter to thousands of Muslim clerics and leaders saying, “help me generously to fight against communalism (read majority Hindus), so that, I can build a society of your dreams”. In the same way, on 2nd of December at an election rally in Gujarat, she had said, “The Gujarat government is being run by leaders who are liars, dishonest and merchants of religion & death”. It is an arrogant and uncivilized statement meant to whip up communal passion. She had also made disparaging remarks about RSS & VHP many times in the past, with an aim of capturing Muslim votes. When the MP government issued an order allowing the state government staff to participate in RSS meetings, she immediately shot off a letter to the then President Dr.Kalam, making damaging remarks about the grand old organization, which strives hard to uphold the culture & heritage of our nation. Throughout her political life and particularly in the last three years, she had utilized every opportunity to ridicule Hindu community and its leaders, sometimes even at the rallies of other communities.

If these kinds of speeches and writings do not deserve legal actions, then what kind of a speech deserve?

Dr.Farook Abdullah: –

“Go ahead, Hang him! Face the consequences. The country will go up in flames. The harmony between Hindus & Muslims would be destroyed. The Judges, who ordered the hanging, would be murdered”! These were the statements of National Conference leader Mr.Farook Abdullah, while advocating clemency for dreaded terrorist Mohammad Afzal Guru, in the parliament attack case. This statement even amounts to blackmailing & threatening the establishment & the judiciary and it also invites contempt of Court! He was also supported by Chief Minister Azad and PDP leader Mehabooba Mufti . These leaders have supported a terrorist, who had masterminded the attack on our Parliament, which is the heart of our democracy and got away with it! Why & How? Because they are “secular” politicians belonging to the minority community! If the statement of Dr.Abdullah doesn’t deserve legal actions, then what can we say about it?

Very recently, Dr.Farook Abdullah dropped another bomb shell in his characteristic style. That is, he said, “I regret Kashmir’s accession to India. I cannot stand by the Army”. Can such words come out of a truly nationalist leader? Is it enough to have the word ‘national’ only in the name of the party? Nationalism & Patriotism must be in one’s blood and only then the heart would feel & mind would think on those lines, and such feeling & thinking only would come out in the form of words. Jammu & Kashmir are an integral part of our country and who is Dr. Farook Abdullah to deny that? At the time of independence & the unfortunate partition, millions of Hindus were living in Jammu & Kashmir and only later on, they were ethnically cleansed by the Islamic terrorists. Now, Dr.Abdullah talks as if J & K belongs only to Muslims!

Previously he supported terrorists who attacked our Parliament and now he insults the Army, Nation and our Constitution. Who deserves legal actions, Dr.Abdullah or Mr.Modi?

Mr.M.Karunanidhi & other Dravidian Leaders: –

People, who are surprised at the war of words between Congress & BJP, must come to “Dravida Nadu” (Tamil Nadu) and see the ugly level of mud slinging done by the Dravidian Leaders. The Congress, BJP and other state leaders cannot match even 10% of the Dravidian leaders’ vocabulary & word power. Let us look at some of the (un)quotable quotes.

First and foremost is our Chief Minister Mr.M.Karunanidhi who said, “Who is Rama? Does he exist? Was he an engineer to build this bridge? If so, in which engineering college he studied? Ramayana is a myth and Rama is an imaginative character”. He said these words in massively organized public meetings in Salem & Erode. He did not stop with that. When the entire nation erupted like a volcano the next day over his anti-Ram remarks, he reiterated his statements again in Chennai with arrogance. Later on, he went on to deliberate on Valmiki Ramayana and said “Rama was a drunkard. Valmiki had written about Rama’s drinking habits”. This incited violence and two persons were burnt to death inside a bus by anti-social elements in the outskirts of Bangalore and his daughter’s house in Bangalore was also attacked. Then, His party cadres led by a State Cabinet Minister, Chennai City Mayor and a few MLAs, attacked the BJP / VHP / Hindu Munnani offices and residential buildings through out the state in many places and ransacked them. Then they announced, “The cadres belonging to Sangh organizations will not be allowed to walk on the streets, alive!”

Then after a long gap, when Senior Journalist and Chief Editor of Indian Express Mr.Shekar Guptha interviewed him in the ‘Walk the Talk’ program for NDTV, he again reiterated the same statements with gumption. This time he deliberated on Thulsi Das Ramayana and aid, “Thulsi Das had written that Seetha was the younger sister of Rama”. All these statements were made by him when the SSCP issue is subjudice. He had also said, “Communal Hindus and Aryans are attempting to spoil the benefits of the Tamils by attacking the SSCP through invoking religious hatred in the name of Rama, Ramayana & Rama Sethu”.

Many times in the past, Mr.Karunanidhi and his colleagues have made scathing attack on Hindus, Hindu Gods, Hindu religion, Hindu culture, Hindu Temples & Traditions.

Can Mr.Modi’s statement stand in front of these “golden” & “secular” words of Mr.Karunanidhi? Who deserves legal actions, Mr.Modi or Mr.Karunanidhi?

With regards to Tamil Nadu, it is not only Mr.Karunanidhi but also his alliance partners, who indulged in insulting Lord Rama and hurting the sentiments of Hindus, particularly while campaigning for the much hyped Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project. Dravidar Kazhagam President Mr.K.Veeramani said, “We will burn Ramayana & Bagwad Gita”! Viduthalai Chiruthai Katchi (VCK) Chief Mr.Thirumavalavan said, “There is nothing wrong in ‘blasting’ the mythical Rama Sethu for the benefit of the Tamils”. These leaders repeat their statements in every meeting on SSCP. Are all these words ‘secular’? Are these leaders not fit for legal actions? No one will bother, because, these leaders are secular!

On Thursday the 6th, TMMK Secretary Mr.Jawahirullah said, while addressing a gathering of Muslims on Babri anniversary, “If Modi comes to Tamil Nadu (he is likely to visit Chennai for the anniversary function of Mr.Cho.Ramaswamy’s weekly magazine ‘Thuglak’) he will not go back to Gujarat alive!” What sort of a statement is this, sermon on non-violence or inciting violence? No action will be taken against him, because, he is a Muslim!

When the Srilankan Air Force bombarded a LTTE hide out, in which the former militant and political chief S.P.Tamilselvan got killed, almost all the Tamil leaders expressed sympathy & condolence and organized processions & demonstrations publicly in many places. DK president Mr.Veeramani, PMK president Dr.Ramadass, VCK president Mr.Thirumavalavan, MDMK president Mr.Vaiko and TNM leader Mr.Nedumaran have all openly supported the LTTE while mourning the death of the LTTE leader Tamilselvan. DMK president Mr.Karunanidhi went one step ahead and wrote an ‘elegy’ eulogizing the militant leader. Organizations like VCK, DK and Periyar Dravida Kazhagam pasted wall posters throughout the state in support of LTTE, in condolence for the militant’s death. LTTE is a terrorist organization responsible for many terror activities on our soil including the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and it is a banned organization. But, all these Dravidian leaders had the gumption to openly support the organization, and no one bothered, because, everything was done in the name of “Tamil and Tamil Blood”!

Mr.Buddhadeb Battacharjee:-

West Bengal Chief Minister Mr.Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee, while addressing a gathering of Muslims to mark the Babri demolition anniversary, had said, “Rama is a figment of a poet’s imagination and Rama Sethu is a natural formation under the sea”. He had also said, “The Sethusamudram project was being opposed by the Sangh Parivar on religious grounds, but it was vital for the economic development of the region”. When SSCP is connected with Tamil Nadu, why should he talk about it at a gathering of Kolkata Muslims, who are in no way concerned about it ? He went on to question the existence of Lord Rama! How can Buddha ridicule a Hindu God in a Muslim gathering? Is it right on his part to make such a malicious statement in a meeting of minorities? Is it not an ugly & stinking ‘secular’ exercise of vote begging? Those who are crowing & harping on Mr.Modi’s general talk on terrorism are keeping quiet now. Why? Does not Buddha deserve prosecution? Nobody will bother, because, he is a “secular leftist”!

Relevant Legal Procedures: –

By the above said actions, these leaders have rendered themselves liable to be prosecuted for various offences, such as defamation of Mr.Modi, insult to religion, treason etc. They have to be made to pay the price for defaming Hindus, Hindu Gods, Hindu Religion, Hindu Epics and talking against the interests of the Nation and its constitution. They would have to be disqualified from the present political & governmental status. They have to be disenfranchised for a minimum period of six years. Their parties must be derecognized.

Section 295A of the Indian Penal Code provides that whoever deliberately and with a malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of an class of citizens of India, by words (spoken/written) or by signs and visible representations, insults or attempts to insult the religion or the religious beliefs of that class shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of up to 3 years with or without fine. Section 298 provides that any person who utters any word or sound or gesture with a deliberate intent to wound the religious feelings of any person is punishable with imprisonment for a term of up to 1 year with or without fine.

Section 499 of the IPC deals with defamation, that is, publication of any imputation with intent to injure the reputation of any person. The imputations made by these leaders against Mr. Modi and towards the Hindu religion and the various collections of persons and identifiable groups/bodies of devotees practicing the Hindu faith, would per se fall under the mischief of Section 499 and would be punishable.

Unfortunately, the powers-that-be which are charged with the enforcement of law are themselves the offenders in this case. It is therefore imperative that the Courts of Law which are the last recourse of justice and fair play in this country have to suo motu assume a pro-active role and take cognizance of such statements and punish the guilty, who are presently emboldened by their power and position and the docility of the Hindu Nation. They seem to have scant regard for the Indian Constitution.

The Anti-Climax: –

The Congress party conveyed through the media that Sonia’s statements were not intended towards Mr.Modi, but the officers of Gujarat government. When the BJP came in full support of Mr.Modi and defended him and when Mr.Adwani shot off a letter to the EC and later on when Mr.Modi requested the EC for the extension of deadline for his reply from 11 am to 5.30 pm, the Congress Party thought that Mr.Modi and the BJP were caught on the wrong foot. Emboldened by this thought, the party again changed its stand and conveyed through the media that Sonia’s statement ‘merchant of death’ was intended towards Mr.Modi and that the party stands by her statement.

Mr.Modi, in his reply based on the press clippings and CD issued by the Election Commission, had categorically brought to the notice of the EC that the concerned statements (hate speech) reported by the press were totally different from the speech shown in the CD. He had clarified to the EC that he is entitled to freedom of speech, especially to reply to the offending charges and malicious campaign made by his political opponents in the electoral market and requested that the EC would give him that freedom in order to conduct a “free & fair” election. He had also justified his speech on terrorism, which was the result of the provocation by Sonia calling him the merchant of death, by quoting relevant statistics and facts. Finally, while denying the charges in their entirety, he had requested the EC to withdraw its notice. In course of his reply, he had also reminded the EC about the complaints given by BJP against the speeches of Sonia & Digvijay Singh, which has made the EC to ask for the relevant reports on Sonia & Digvijay Singh from the Chief Electoral Officer. Now, the Congress, which committed that it stands by the statement of Sonia, is actually caught on the wrong foot!

Now, the Election Commission is duty bound not only to withdraw the notice against Mr.Modi, but also to reprimand Mrs.sonia for her uncivilized statement, which has violated the moral code of conduct. The campaigning for the first phase of elections ends tomorrow and Mr.Modi seems to be the clear winner and many more dramas may unfold during the campaigning for the second phase due to the never ending stupidity of the “secular brigade”. So, keep watching Gujarat!

The so-called “secularism” being practiced in this country is nothing but “Anti-Hinduism” and the people of this Great Nation must understand the hypocrisy of the so called “secular Politicians” and the “secular media”. This great land of Sanatana Dharma will withstand all kinds of Adharmic onslaughts and conquer them and Dharma will prevail for ever!

Vandemataram! Jai Hind! Bharat Matha ki Jai!

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