One of India’s first ‘ love jihadi’, is dead

via Sree Valsan published on September 29, 2011

Cricketer Mansur Ali Khan, the so-called nawab of a petty pre-Independence principality called Pataudi, is dead.Solely because the dead man was a Muslim, India’s media is showering tons of praise on him, just as it id in the case of the so-called artist M F Husain.

Mansur Mian is being called all sorts of wonderful names by India’s print and TV media.  While he was playing cricket, they had given him the nickname ‘Tiger’ for no particular reason, considering that he was such a poor performer on the playing field.  Now, the media is calling him an elegant and classy player who put Indian cricket on the international map, though the hard fact is he lost most of the matches he captained.  He is also being extolled for his ‘aristocratic’ manners.  Would the media sing his glory had Mansoon Mian been a Hindu? Of course not.  For the Indian media, particularly the English language TV channels, elegance or lack of it simply does not count. What counts is whether the dead man was a Hindu or not. If he was a Hindu, he will either be ignored, no matter what his achievements, or even condemned.  If he was a non-Hindu, particularly if he was a Muslim, he will be praised to the skies.  This has been  standard practice of India’s dhimmi (Islamic slave) media ever since the Nehrus  captured political power in 1947.

Mansur Mian is one of the first well-known ‘love jihadis’ in post-independence India. He ensnared the beautiful Bengali Hindu film actress Sharmila Tagore, said to be a relation of the renowned Nobel Prize-winning poet Rabindranath Tagore.  After marrying Sharmila in defiance of the wishes of her family, Mansur Mian forced her to convert to his desert religion and changed her name to Ayesha Sultana. (The tilak on her forehead of course disappeared after she became a begum).  Three children were born to them,   all of them were given Muslim names (Saba, Soha and Saif ) and presumably raised as Muslims.  

The flow of Hindu girls and women into the homes and harems of India’s invaders continues even now.  ‘Kidnap jihad’, so rampant during the rule of the Mughals, has now been replaced by ‘love jihad’ in India, though kidnap jihad does go on even now in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The somewhat-nationalist ‘Pioneer’ daily newspaper says Mansur Mian, after he was made captain of the Indian national cricket team,  even compelled his team mates to speak in either English or Urdu, the mongrel  language of the Muslims of north India.

Should Hindu India praise or condemn such a man?


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